Balls in the lips after hyaluronic acid: causes, treatment

Why did balls appear after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid?

Lip augmentation is a long-standing trend in contour plastic surgery, thanks to which thousands of girls have found the cherished lip shape. Augmentation with hyaluronic acid is considered a safe procedure. Nevertheless, there are cases when, for a number of reasons, complications arise that are difficult to get rid of. One of these side effects is the formation of balls and seals in the skin of the lips.

Reasons for the appearance of balls

Ball on lip after augmentation

Every girl dreams of perfect lips. Hyaluronic acid augmentation is a popular procedure that has a number of attractive benefits.

Hyaluronic acid is part of the epithelium, connective tissue and skin. With a lack of substance, the dermis begins to age. Scientists have come up with a way to restore the level of acid in the body – to deliver from the outside.

Acid is no longer extracted from rooster combs or fish eyes. In the last century, they learned to get it artificially, which expanded the scope.

Hyaluronic acid injections can not only enlarge the lips, but also smooth out wrinkles and moisturize the skin.

Before lip augmentation, it is better to be examined by a doctor for contraindications. Many do not follow this rule, getting lumps and balls in the skin in return. If wounds, scratches or herpes are visible on the lips, the beautician himself will say that the procedure should be postponed. In the presence of infectious diseases, menstrual cycle or pregnancy, you must report yourself. Otherwise, complications may arise.

Consequences of unsuccessful lip augmentation

There are different causes of balls in lips after augmentation. These include:

  • Surface prick. Insufficient depth of injection of the gel can cause seals. Also, the reason may be the special structure of the lips, which did not allow the acid to descend to a sufficient depth;
  • Rejection of the drug. Every body reacts differently to fillers. In rare cases, rejection may occur;
  • Wrong care. Often, clients neglect the recommendations of a specialist, and then try to shift their blame. It is important to ensure proper skin care “before” and “after” the procedure, as well as forget about bad habits for a short time;
  • Poor quality product. Even if the hyaluronic acid ampoule is opened in front of the client, this does not guarantee its 100% quality. Sometimes even in expensive beauty salons, drugs can turn out to be fake;
  • Anesthetics. In order for the procedure to be painless, the skin is treated with an anesthetic before injection. There is also an anesthetic in the filler itself. In the presence of individual intolerance to the composition of the anesthetic, an allergic reaction may occur;
  • Taking medication. Some medications can be uncomfortable, so it’s best to tell your beautician about the medications you’re taking.

You can get rid of lumps using professional and home methods. Before starting treatment, you should consult with a cosmetologist. Only he can determine the cause of the appearance of balls and give practical advice on how to eliminate them.

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How to get rid of lumps?


There are many ways to get rid of lumps in the lips. At home method You can get rid of seals within 7-10 days. Usually, if after one to two weeks the side effect does not disappear, then you need to contact a professional who will advise the desired method.

At home, massage and gymnastics will help get rid of the balls. Strengthening is aimed at uniform distribution of hyaluronic acid in the skin. They are easy to make and don’t take much time.

In severe cases, gymnastics and massage are not enough, so more drastic measures have to be used. A cosmetologist may advise you to get rid of the filler by surgery, injection or ultrasound.

home methods

Light lip massage

If you notice that 5-6 days after lip augmentation, side effects do not subside and the balls remain in place, then it’s time to go to a specialist. The first thing he will advise you – massage and gymnastics.

Gymnastics for the lips is designed to evenly distribute the injected drug over the area of ​​​​the lips and restore the shape. This method includes three exercises:

  • First: to perform, you need to gently close your lips and move them to the right and left;
  • Second: you need to clearly pronounce vowel sounds, while moving your lips as much as possible;
  • Third: you need to draw more air into the lungs and blow it out, folding your lips into a tube.

Exercise should be performed 1-2 minutes several times a day. The more often you do it, the sooner the result will come.

Lip massage with fingers

If gymnastics is not enough, then they resort to massage for help. It is made using different items. You can use your own toothbrush, ice or your fingers. It is best to use all three methods, alternating between them:

  • Rub your lips with a soft brush. This will be an additional help in the distribution of hyaluronic acid. Also, a light massage will increase blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Ice is a great help during rehabilitation after an increase. Freeze a decoction of chamomile, sage or calendula and rub your lips with it 2 times a day;
  • Apply pressure to lips to distribute localized excess. Remember that lip massage should not be done for several days after the increase, especially in the first 24 hours. Even a slight physical impact on the lips in the early days can lead to migration and deformation of the filler;

If pain begins to appear during the massage, then the procedure is performed incorrectly. Movements should be soft and smooth and not cause discomfort. With the correct implementation of the recommendations without complications, the balls disappear after 7-10 days.

professional methods

Professional methods for removing lumps after lip augmentation

Most often, the balls disappear after homework. gymnastics and massage, otherwise it is the turn of the beautician to deal with the problem. It is best to contact the master who performed the increase, as he can determine the specific cause.

To professional methods removal of balls after enlargement include:

  • Application of hardware cosmetology. With the help of ultrasound and Darsonval, metabolic processes can be significantly accelerated, which will allow you to quickly remove gel clots. This method is prescribed if there is no inflammation, fibrosis or hemorrhage on the skin;
  • Additional filler installation. This method has a masking character and is effective for slight asymmetry of the lips. There is a risk of pushing the gel to the surface with the formation of new …

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