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Banana face mask for wrinkles and skin around gas

Banana face masks at home

Banana face mask at home – how to make
Some modern beauties resort to the help of beauty salons, but today we will talk about home beauty recipes for facial skin care (folk guide). How to make them (cooking at home), how to use them correctly and expert reviews.

Banana face mask at home

This soft and tasty exotic fruit has a lot of indications and useful properties:

  • group vitamins PP, A, B, D, E – nourish and saturate with the necessary elements;
  • fibers – moisturize and help maintain youthattach elasticity and straighten fine wrinklesand also helps in the fight against age spots (freckles).

banana practically does not cause allergies and contraindications.


How to use a banana mask correctly – step by step instructions

Beautician advice:

  • Any composition based on bananashould be used fresh, the rest of the finished mass can be stored in a dark place, for example, in a refrigerator no more than three days.
  • Natural cosmetic product prepared at home should be applied/applied for clean, degreased skin (wash or wipe with lotion).
  • Keep – no more than half an hour and at least 15 minutes.
  • Wipe skin after use mild lotion. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use a cream (nourishing or moisturizing).
  • Apply the composition prepared at home light massaging movements.
  • You should not do the procedures daily, it is better to do them with intensity in 1-2 days.
  • Be sure to consider skin type.


Anti wrinkle banana mask

The most simple mask for the face from a banana incl. for age (from 40 years) from wrinkles consists of the fetus itself. You can use mashed potatoes (preferably a little overripe, but not spoiled fruit).


For dry skin

It is recommended to add fatty componentsfor example, a suitable option: avocado, cream, sour cream (any fermented milk product), egg yolk, with gelatin, starch or even olive or rice oil. You can use any two components, or combine the composition of several.


For oily skin – composition description

Part for oily skin ingredients that have a drying effect should be added. It can be: lemon (use juice) orange / tangerine, flour etc. Best Recipe:

  • banana base (slurry);
  • honey;
  • lemon (use juice).

Not recommended for use around the eyes.


Banana face mask for aging skin

For aging and/or problematic skin We recommend anti-aging recipe:

  • base (pulp);
  • turmeric – 1 table. spoon;
  • wheat oil (from germs) – 2 tbsp.

Can be used with gelatin.

How to make a banana mask for combination and aging skin

Universal Recipe for any type:

  • the foundation;
  • yogurt.

For the best lifting effect (smooth wrinkles) can be added honey. Can also be applied to the area around the eyes.


How to make a banana mask at home

A one-time procedure will not show a real effect, especially with problematic or aging skin (from wrinkles), therefore regular use is recommended and it is better if the procedures are alternated. You can see the difference in condition on your photo (it’s convenient and appropriate to take them before and after).


Rejuvenating face mask

You will need:

  • the foundation;
  • boiled potatoes in their skins;
  • protein.

Can be used around the eyes and/or to reduce wrinkles.

For the skin around the eyes

You will need:

  • banana base;
  • yolk;
  • sour cream (1/2 tbsp).

Banana face and neck recipes

For any typeincl. problematic peel is perfect. The inside is soft rub into the skin (face, neck, décolleté, hands, around the eyes, etc.). After application, the skin becomes smooth, silky, acquires more healthy and youthful looking (helps to get rid of wrinkles).

Banana face mask at home: recipes

We recommend homemade beauty products recipes that you can prepare and use at home.

Anti-acne remedy


  • basis;
  • yeast – 1.2 tsp;
  • milk – 1 tbsp.

Yeast soak in warm milk for 10-15 minutes, then mix with the base and use. May be used daily. Helpful in clearing blackheads, acne, wrinkles, etc..

Face mask with banana and honey

You can use the above two components or add sour cream (for dry), or apple (for oily) or dilute honey. Also matches well starch (can be potato or corn) or with coffee extract. All ingredients should be used in approximately equal amounts.

Banana mask with gelatin

Pre-insist gelatin in water (1 part gelatin and three parts water), then mix with basis. Great for age (from wrinkles). It is recommended to prepare before use.


Banana and oatmeal for skin

This option is effective as masks, or scrub for any type, for example, for age-related wrinkles. In the first option, it is recommended to pre-soak the flakes in water or milk.

Egg face mask

Option for any type, incl. for age (get rid of wrinkles): boiled yolk grind with half fruit and gently apply to the skin. Can be applied a raw egg: protein (for oily), yolk (for dry), with honey (nutritious, for all types, incl. for age (from wrinkles)).

Banana and cottage cheese for the face

It is also recommended to add honey or sour cream. But even in their pure form, these two products give an ideal result. Fits for any type, incl. for age (from wrinkles).

Banana Face Mask Reviews

According to cosmetologists one can note the beneficial effect of the fetus / fruit on the human skin, which is confirmed by the admiring reviews of the …

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