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Banana hair mask recipes

Banana hair masks: benefits, recipes

The fragrant aroma of banana and its delicate texture explain the perfect taste of a tropical fruit. But it is useful not only as a source of tryptophan protein, which in the process of digestion and metabolism turns into serotonin, the “happiness hormone”. Banana can also be used to restore the natural beauty of hair.

Benefits of banana for hair

The benefits of banana masks

Banana pulp is rich in methylated phenol. tocopherol or vitamin E. Its main effect is a regenerating and protective effect on the deep structures of the hair, due to which it recovers much more actively and faster. A high percentage of tocopherol, as well as vitamins A, C, B was found not only in the pulp, but also in the white part of the banana peel, so it is also used for masks.

Also, the beneficial properties of tropical fruit include:

  • The presence of zinc, potassium, iron and manganese, which have an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • High starch content that reduces excess sebum (sebum) production without clogging pores;
  • The niacin (vitamin PP) present in the chemical composition of banana fruit pulp helps to slow down hair loss;
  • Banana is a natural natural moisturizer. Masks with an ingredient in the form of a banana perfectly refresh the withered skin of the face, but for dry, weakened hair, their use will bring a similar effect. The very fibrous structure of banana pulp has a soothing and softening effect on the scalp.

Regular consumption of a banana for food and the use of its pulp for external topical use helps restore hair that is exposed to the destructive effects of external factors (UV radiation, temperature changes, lack of air humidity, etc.).

Application methods

Ways to use a banana

Making hair masks from the pulp is not the only way to use a banana to treat and restore the scalp. The fruit can be used both externally and internally.. In the second case, we are talking about eating a banana. Banana fruit pulp contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, but especially valuable for hair and keratin production, in particular, are potassium and manganese. The presence of the second trace element in banana pulp helps the body absorb calcium, which has a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

Adding banana pulp to nourishing and moisturizing masks is the main way to use the fruit for hair benefits.. Additional ingredients included in the composition of such masks with a banana can be different: honey, vegetable oils (olive, burdock, rapeseed, coconut, castor, etc.), fermented milk products, cinnamon and other spices, ethers.

It is not recommended to add a banana to shampoos, conditioners and hair balms, as is customary to prepare other masks (for example, on egg yolk or cognac). Banana has the ability to quickly dry out and thicken, which will not bring the desired result to improve the appearance of the hair.

Another way to effectively use an exotic fruit for hair treatment involves banana peel mask. To do this, the skin of the fetus is boiled and the resulting decoction is added to the composition for rinsing the hair. You can also scrape off the soft layer from the inside of the banana peel with a spoon and use it to rub into the hair roots. Banana skins are full of minerals and antioxidants that help restore scalp health, so don’t ignore this method of using bananas as a hair treatment ingredient.

Features of the preparation and use of banana masks

Making a banana mask

Banana masks have a stimulating effect, restore shine to hair and stimulate their growth. In order for the use of the mask to bring the maximum effect, we recommend that you follow certain rules in the process of their preparation. There are few conditions, but some of them are specific:

  • To mix the nutritional composition, take only ripe, fully ripened banana fruits that do not have signs of spoilage and decay;
  • To knead the mask, use only the amount of ingredient that you need now. The banana mask cannot be stored in the refrigerator and reused, it must be fresh;
  • The fruit mixture is applied to clean, slightly damp hair. They may be dry, but do not apply a banana mask to oily, greasy hair;
  • Banana mask has the ability to quickly darken and dry out (this is a normal reaction to exposure to oxygen). Therefore, during the procedure, do not be too lazy to wrap your hair with a film or put on a plastic cap;
  • Compositions based on banana gruel are washed off with warm, but not hot water. In principle, it is undesirable to use high-temperature water for washing your hair: it stimulates excess production of sebum, and the hair quickly gets dirty;
  • When preparing banana gruel, grind the fruit very carefully so that there are no lumps in the mask. If this is not done, it will be difficult to comb out the remnants of the banana mask from the hair. We recommend using a plastic grater, but a blender is best;
  • When applying a banana mask, always start from the roots, distributing the composition along the entire length of the strands. For convenience, take a comb with rare teeth;
  • To make the banana mask wash off easily, before preparing and applying it, first hold the balm on your hair (1 – 2 minutes), then rinse with water. They will be better moisturized, so that the mask does not dry out too quickly.

Banana hair masks should be used 1-2 times a week, the minimum duration of the course of restorative procedures is 1 – 1.5 months. Then you can take a break so that the addictive effect does not develop, and after 2-3 weeks, repeat the entire course from the beginning.

To strengthen hair

Hair growth masks

Banana hair masks help strengthen curls and restore healthy turgor to them, without which the hair looks drooping and dull. Also, this natural composition is an excellent remedy for hair loss.

For example, to strengthen the structure of the hair and, at the same time, rid it of oily sheen, it is suitable for cooking whole banana and kefir mask. Take one ripe banana, wash it but do not peel it. Grind the fruit in a blender and add natural yogurt or 1% fat kefir to the mass. Squeeze half a lemon into the mixture and, mixing it with a spoon with other ingredients, apply to your hair. They must be clean and dry (an exception is made for this mask). After washing your hair after an hour, you will notice how quickly your hair began to shine.

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