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Basic bag: signs of a bag that fits everything

A bag that fits everything: key features

Of course, a real fashionista should have more than one or two bags in her wardrobe. The right accessory for any look is what makes a woman truly stylish. But after all, not everyone can afford to buy a new bag several times a year in order to comply with fashion trends. This is what the basic models are for – they do not lose their relevance for several seasons, helping to save.

What models of bags are considered basic?

Leather folder bag
Bag folder leather photo
shopping bag
Wicker bag for summer photo
Huge bag
Bright bag folder
Cloud bag with chain
Strap phone bag
Baguette bag for every day
Black baguette bag with chain

A basic bag is an accessory that has certain characteristics. No, this is not necessarily a black rectangular bag, and certainly not the model that has become the most popular in a particular season. In the second case, we are talking about trends that, as you know, lose their relevance very quickly. Therefore, if the purchase of a new accessory is not included in the immediate plans, it is not worth buying a trendy green baguette mini bag (it became a real hit in the summer of 2021).

Basic bag – this is a model that fits any look, becomes a neutral and complementary element, does not divert all attention from itself, allowing clothes to be “main”.

Sign 1: simple form

When choosing a versatile bag, you need to pay special attention to the shape: the simpler the better. Rectangle and square are what you need. Other geometric shapes – a circle, a rhombus, an oval, etc., are not related to the basic ones. These are more complex models of bags, periodically acquiring and losing relevance.

Choosing a fashion bag
The first model has right angles, has no decor, made of leather / The second model has no clear geometric shape.

Sign 2: lack of decor

Buckles, patches, decorative elements, a fabric belt – all this helps the bag look unusual, stand out from the others. However, it is these decorative elements that make the bag fashionable or outdated. If you don’t want to worry after a season because the accessory with stripes and buckles has lost its relevance, initially choose the “empty” option.

Examples of small fashion bags
The first bag has no decor, except for the logo / The second is “decorated” with metal elements

By the way, bags with fabric straps are especially popular this season. This is exactly the case when you can combine the base and the trend. We choose a basic accessory with a removable strap and replace it with a trendy fabric one. As soon as the fashion for such passes, we will return to the place of the “native” leather.

Sign 3: any color

Many women mistakenly believe that the basic thing or accessory is something black, white, beige. In fact, the base can be of any color, the main thing is that there is no print. Therefore, if you want to have a red bag, choose it, but just remember about the simple and lack of decor.

Examples of fashion bags
The first option – plain / The second – with a print

An ordinary square with short handles and a long strap is an accessory for all occasions.

Feature 4: leather

Fashion bags examples
First – leather / Second – material

A basic bag is an accessory that we plan to wear for a long time and often, so it’s better to choose a high-quality model made of leather. Of course, you can give preference to eco-leather, but such a product has a shorter service life.

So, the basic bag should be made of leather, since any other material carries a style load. For example, a black product made of fabric or varnished cannot be called universal. For some outfits, despite the correct geometric shape, they will not fit.

On a note: timeless bags will always have the simplest form, which does not refer them to trends or anti-trends.

A bag that does not fit a down jacket
Jacket bag
Wrong bag for a down jacket
How to wear a blue bag in winter
Red bag accent look

Fabretti bag

Black tote bag
Waist bag for phone
Fashion transparent bag
Wicker bag for summer

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