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Basic care cosmetics for face and hair: list

Basic face and hair care products for the modern woman

Today there is such a variety of cosmetics that it is extremely difficult to understand which one is necessary without outside help. That is why there are beauty professions, as a makeup artist-consultant, ready to analyze your cosmetic bag. Or a stylist who will not only style your hair, but also select products for home care.

Of course, such consultations cost a lot of money, because it is fashionable and in demand. That is why we have compiled for you a list of the main cosmetics for personal care, which today are considered the most popular and effective.

Top home hair care products

Hair is a powerful weapon in the hands of every woman, so taking care of it is a must, regardless of its length.

Of course, First of all, you need a good shampoo and conditioner.. Choose the best products that are suitable for your hair type. We take into account:

  • structure (curly or not);
  • condition (weakened, dyed, natural, brittle, etc.);
  • color (it is especially important to carefully select shampoo for blondes).

In addition to shampoo and balm, women need several hair care products, otherwise it will be difficult to keep them in good condition. And the color is quickly washed off if you do not use special protection.

Thermal protection for hair

Thermal protection for hair - top 3 popular sprays
Thermal protection for hair – top 3 popular sprays

First of all, every woman should have on the shelf such a modern tool as thermal protection for hair. This is usually a spray or cream that is applied to damp curls before blow-drying.

The spray performs such important functions as:

  • protection against hot air currents;
  • preservation of gloss, elasticity;
  • color retention (styling with a hot hairdryer, tongs and ironing contributes to the rapid loss of artificial pigment).

Leave-In Spray Conditioner

Hair conditioner
Hair conditioner – Top 3 products

Another useful hair product that every girl should buy is a spray conditioner. Usually it is indelible and is applied to the hair after washing, but before thermal protection. The conditioner facilitates combing, does not allow hair to be tangled, retains a sufficient amount of moisture in them. As a result, the strands remain smooth and silky.

Tip oil

Oil for hair ends - top 3
Oil for hair ends – top 3

Quite often, ladies complain about split ends of their hair. It seems to many that a haircut should solve the problem, but in reality nothing cardinal happens to the state of the hair. after a visit to the master in the salon

The reason is that the strands need to be restored, and not just cut. It is also important to properly care for curls at home. Any oil (linseed, coconut, castor, etc.) applied in a small amount to the ends will help make them smooth, silky and manageable.

Top modern skin care products

No matter how beautiful the hair is, it is important for a woman to have elastic facial skin, because it is she who is her calling card. Of course, it is worth periodically visiting a beautician, because modern hardware and injection procedures can get rid of any kind of wrinkles and flaws.

But at home, you also need to take care of your skin. If you don’t really understand creams, you can buy a lot of extra stuff. so here is a list of the most necessary of what is popular today.


Eye Patches

Someone considers patches advertised nonsense. In fact, their positive effect on the skin of the face has long been proven. They relieve puffiness, fight dark circles under the eyes, help smooth out small mimic wrinkles, give the face a fresh and rested look.

How to glue patches

You can attach patches not only under the eyes, but also on the forehead, nasolabial folds, and chin. It all depends on the state of which zone needs to be corrected.

Patches are, in a way, urgent help when you need to put yourself in order as soon as possible, get rid of traces of fatigue and lack of sleep. We wear them for no more than 15-20 minutes, then proceed to applying makeup. The skin looks rested and fresh.

Sheet face mask

Sheet masks

Another way to “recover” and look fresh is to use sheet masks. There is a huge selection of such cosmetic products. They differ in composition, so we choose based on the effect that you want to achieve.

Sheet masks can be used both in the morning and in the evening, after removing makeup. In both cases, they help to relax and improve skin condition.


Face Serum

In the past, every woman carefully chose a moisturizer for her face. Serums have taken its place today. These are special beauty products, the composition of which inspires confidence, because there are various active ingredients.

If after applying the serum the skin is not sufficiently moisturized, it is worth applying a day or night cream.

Shower gel

washing with water

Removing makeup is an important step in skin care. Do not use ordinary soap for this or neglect subsequent moisturizing. Also, do not forget that micellar water, which many women use to remove makeup, also needs to be washed off.

Today, experts recommend using a foam or gel for deep cleansing of the skin. It is these modern means that prevent aging, maintain the firmness and elasticity of the dermis. Micellar water can be used as a supplement after deep cleansing. Then it is washed off with water and serum is applied.

Top makeup products

Sedokova without makeup photo

After skin care, you can start applying makeup. Of course, every woman has a list of her favorite makeup products. But we also collected the main positions to exclude, for example, primer, which is not always necessary. Or highlighterwhich can be easily replaced with mother-of-pearl shadows.

  • Ink. If there is no allergy to mascara, of course, it is better to use it, because it gives charm, openness and attractiveness to the look.
  • Shadow palette. It is best to have an eyeshadow palette with neutral shades in brown tones. These will never go out of fashion and are suitable for creating all types of makeup – daytime, evening, festive. The main thing is to shade them well.
  • Lipstick. It is better to have several to alternate shades.
  • Tone tool. The foundation should be thick enough to hide flaws, as well as match the color.
  • concealer is not just a fashionable novelty, but a really useful cosmetic product. The concealer is applied to the area under the eyes over the foundation. It covers dark circles and gives a fresh look to the eyes.
  • Blush. Do not rush to change the usual blush for a bronzer. Better to stay true to what has been used for years.
  • Eyebrow styling gel. Another novelty on the list, which is simply necessary for the modern…

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