Bright eye makeup does not necessarily look defiant, it is harmonious and effective.

Beautiful bright makeup 2022 for brown, blue, green eyes: step by step instructions with photo examples

The popular image of a shy girl who prefers not to stand out from the crowd is a thing of the past. Today, all the gurus of the beauty industry encourage women to express themselves with the help of bright colors and a variety of details in makeup. Iridescent colors of shadows, sparkles and inconceivable decorating elements that could not be imagined before the eyes of a beauty are in fashion.

Bright eye makeup does not necessarily look defiant, it is harmonious and effective.

trendy eye makeup ideas

Not every woman can afford to go to work with shades of blue, green and yellow, but why not experiment on the weekend and try to find a balance between eccentric and cute. Especially such an innovative approach to makeup will be interesting for mom and daughter.

When creating a bright make-up on the eyelids, you can use any palette of colors.

Modern youth is not afraid of bright details, and a woman of age will help her young lady master the norms of balance and correctly apply shadows, draw eyeliners and apply mascara.

Bright makeup on the eyes is considered the best way for a woman to express herself.

A few ideas from trendsetters in the beauty industry can come in handy and if you bring them to life on your face, you can feel like the most beautiful and unforgettable woman in the world.

When choosing a color palette for bright makeup, you need to consider eye color.

Bright smokey eye on the eyelids

The choice of bright shadows in the store is often treated with caution, thinking in what situation they can be applied. Modern fashion allows women a lot and why not embody a bold image at a party with friends or at home gatherings, loved ones will appreciate it.

Brightness and eccentricity in eye makeup always attracts attention.

Try to combine the tricolor in the form of blue, yellow and green on the eyelids or create a clear border between the emerald and blue hue, not everyone decides on such a bold experiment and therefore it will look unforgettable. Of course, you will have to get used to your new image a little, but it’s worth it.

A wide color palette on the eyelids is the trend of modern eye makeup.

If too bright colors do not exactly fit the type of appearance, then you can “play” with tones of the same color. For example, blue or green, they are so diverse that you can make your makeup extraordinary and at the same time not lose a sense of proportion.

Monochrome makeup on the eyes can look spectacular and bright if you “play” with tones.

When performing bright eye makeup, the main thing is to correctly place accents.

Creative and bright eye art makeup

For several seasons in a row, saturated colors of green, blue and red have been considered trend colors, with which you can create a mono-makeup or turn on your imagination and draw on the eyelids what no one else has.

Bright eye makeup can be created on the verge of the impossible, but it looks impressive

Art can be incomprehensible and bewitching, incomprehensible or easy to perceive on a subconscious level. Therefore, take as an idea what is closer, inspires and boldly draw it on your eyelids.

Eye makeup art is a whole art, and it will not go unnoticed at a party

Of course, you don’t go to work with such makeup, but it’s quite possible to visit a party or a creative exhibition nearby. Bold decisions have always been appreciated in elite circles.

The beauty industry often offers women striking images.

Unusual bright eyeliners

Extraordinary solutions always attract attention and the best way to express yourself is to create makeup on your face that goes beyond the usual.

Unusual bright arrows on the eyes can be easily done on your own, and do different makeup every day

The trend is to create an accent on the lower eyelid, instead of the upper one, where you can apply a little pastel shade. And below, transform your eyes with a bright print in the form of eyeliner with shadows or a soft pencil with iridescent particles.

A bright accent on the lower eyelid will make the makeup special

If you are not ready for a too bold look, then draw a double eyeliner on the upper eyelid just above the level of the eyelashes in black. You can give free rein to your imagination and create small smooth lines in front of your eyes or bring out a “fox eye”, which will make the image mysterious and attractive.

Bright eyeliners are considered the trend of the season

Fox eyeliner is back in fashion from the 70s and 80s of the last century

Eyeliner makeup with a bright pencil: detail in color

If daily makeup, as a rule, is created using soft shadows, black pencil and mascara, then for a party you can change in two minutes, without washing off the old and putting on a new make-up. Add blue, red or green to the lash area, and with one swipe, you can change your everyday look into something extraordinary.

By adding a little color to your everyday eye makeup, you can safely go to a party.

And if a bright detail also shimmers in the light, then this will add festivity to life and good mood.

With a little experimentation, you can create a unique makeup

This makeup will also appeal to women who want to make eyelash extensions. With the help of different colors, you can make the look languid or bold, the main thing is to choose your own palette, and this is found only through experiments with your appearance.

Bright makeup can be created only on the lower eyelid

Bright eyeliner pencil in shades of “metallic”

It can be simple and familiar lines or graphics on the upper eyelid. The overflows created by the liner can transform any look and make it more expressive.

Bright eyeliners in metallic color can be worn in everyday life

Shiny eyeliner can completely frame the eyes, including the inner corner, or be located only on the upper eyelid. The length of the lines depends only on your courage and readiness for transformation.

Metallic eye makeup will transform the look of any woman

Bright color

Makeup with wide bright eyeliners

Such makeup was worn in the twentieth century, and it returns to the beauty catwalks again. Wide eyeliner can be done in classic black or made bright with liquid shadows, but it is worth noting that such a make-up is not suitable for all women.

Bright wide eyeliners make a woman's look mysterious

If you have large facial features, then it is better to limit yourself to thin lines around the eyes. Also, wide eyeliners will look out of place if eyelash extensions are done, which does not allow the use of mascara, then it is better to choose a transformation method using a shiny liner.

Wide bright eyeliners look great in eye makeup, but not for every woman

Wide eyeliners are often combined with bright shiny shadows in eye makeup.

Eye makeup with bright eyelashes

Such a detail of the image is quite acceptable in everyday life. If we are talking about makeup for a party or a festive event, then you can not limit yourself in the number of flowers on the hairs, but also complement the image with sparkles and rhinestones.

For festive events, colored eyelashes are often complemented with rhinestones and beads.

For going to work, an excellent solution would be to build up multi-colored cilia in one color in the corners of the eyes or alternating with black classics, then you get a tint effect that will be appropriate in any situation.

Colored eyelashes in the corners of the eyes can be worn in everyday life

If the situation allows, then you can do makeup with bright cilia.

Unusual eye makeup with a bright accent on the folds of the eyelids

In contrast to the classic use of shadows, more and more often at fashion shows we are presented with models with an unusual make-up. With the help of a bright-colored liner, you can make a feathered eyeliner on the crease of the upper eyelid.

A bright highlight of the crease on the eyelids is considered a trend in makeup among trendsetters.

And if you add such a line-arc with multi-colored shadows, you get a beautiful make-up that will comply with all the canons of fashion.

Highlighting the crease on the upper eyelid allows you to visually enlarge the eyes

How to create bright makeup before your eyes: useful tips

If you decide to bring to life one of the extraordinary images, then you should use the recommendations of makeup artists so that the makeup is preserved for the whole evening and does not look vulgar. The eyes are the main “weapon” of a woman, and it is precisely the right colors, tones and details that will help make the look attractive and unforgettable.

Bright eye makeup will require the owner of a perfect sense of proportion

What experienced makeup artists advise on creating bright eye makeup:

  • Rule the selected tone for the face. The base should not be too dark, it is advisable to use a cream and powder a couple of tones lighter than the skin, only then you can create the desired image.
Even skin color on the face will create the right focus on the eyes of a woman

  • Disguise dark circles under the eyes. Nothing should distract attention from the bright colors on the eyelids, so it is better to highlight the traces of lack of sleep and fatigue with a concealer.
When performing bright eye makeup, mask all skin imperfections

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