Rooney Mara with a simple tail

Beautiful, easy and simple hairstyles for medium hair for every day in 2022 (with photo examples)

Women’s styling is a complex design, the creation of which takes a lot of time for the performer. Modern women of fashion cannot afford to spend tens of minutes styling their hair, so they are looking for more practical options. The masters of our salon will tell you how to make beautiful, light and simple hairstyles for medium hair for every day.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles with tails for medium length hair

The tail is a convenient styling, which is often used on shoulder-length hair and below. Many consider the hairstyle banal and very simple. Small changes in technique can bring fresh notes to the image.

  • Ponytail

Hair is collected in a strict, smooth styling. It is convenient to use a soft rubber band as a fixative. A thin strand is pulled out of the hairstyle, wrapped around the ponytail, the tip is hidden under the hairpin. If the curl is pre-braided into a pigtail, you will get a beautiful volumetric texture.

Rooney Mara with a simple tail

Salon masters advise to fix the broken hair with a hairpin. The accessory to match the hair is not visible, so the styling looks harmonious. Naughty curls should be lightly sprinkled with varnish, fixing in the tail. Too curly hairs are best pre-aligned with an iron.

Easy low ponytail hairstyle for every day

  • Tail without elastic

An elegant, simple and light hairstyle for medium hair can be done without an elastic band. The technique is a bit like “Malvinka”.

Easy hairstyle for medium hair

The hairs from the crown and sides are separated, divided into strands and pulled together. The top curl is wrapped around the ponytail. The styling is fixed from below with a thin hairpin to match the fashionista’s hair.

  • Braided tail

A beautiful, simple hairstyle for medium hair can be easily done in a couple of minutes. Curls are collected in a classic ponytail.

Simple hairstyle for every day with elastic bands

The area at the top gum is wrapped with a curl. The hair is divided into two strands, which are slightly twisted with a tourniquet. The structure is grasped in three places with soft rubber bands.

  • wavy tail

A beautiful, light and simple hairstyle for medium hair visually resembles the “dragon” technique, but without complex weaving. To create a styling, you need thin elastic bands (“invisible”).

Hairstyle with elastic bands for medium hair for every day


  1. Curls are divided into strands. The hair is pre-combed thoroughly.
  2. Fixation of the upper curls. Curls, divided into two, are collected in a ponytail with an elastic band.
  3. Fastening elements over the ears. Double strands are connected to the ends from the upper tail.

The number of segments depends on the thickness and length of the hair. In the classic version – 5 sections, but if you wish, you can do more. The curls are pulled together with an elastic band, increasing the thickness of each part.

Easy styling with elastic bands on medium length hair

The finished beautiful, light and simple hairstyle should be textured. The length and volume of the styling depends on the original hair of the fashionista. If the hair is too thin, then we recommend slightly combing the curls at the crown and back of the head. Broken hairs should be fixed with varnish.

  • Knotted tail

A knotted ponytail is a beautiful, easy and simple hairstyle for medium hair that can be used every day. Practical, elegant styling, like a French manicure, will be a universal solution for any style. The option is perfect for fashionistas with even curls.

A knot in the hair is perfect for medium hair as a daily hairstyle.

For curly young ladies, curls are pre-aligned. The hair is carefully combed, divided into 3 strands. The large middle part is fastened with elastic bands to the lower ponytail. The side curls are tied together, the ends are hidden under the hair, fixed with hairpins.

  • side tail

For beauties with thick, even hair, salon masters recommend making a side ponytail. A beautiful, light and simple hairstyle is suitable for both a daily look and an evening bow. The hair is carefully combed, divided into 2 parts along the side parting.

Beautiful and simple side ponytail hairstyle step by step

Curls on one side are tied into a strong ponytail. The remaining hair is divided into 3 strands, which are twisted into voluminous bundles and fixed in the gum zone. Hair should not be knocked out of the design. Laying for reliability is sprayed with varnish.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair with pigtails

Light, beautiful and simple hairstyles for medium hair can be made from braids. There is a huge variety of weaving techniques that allow you to get a stylish, original look. Styling is appropriate for every day and for an evening out.

  • Nest

Gently comb the hair, divide the hair into two parts. Pigtails are woven from both sides, loose at the head and dense at the ends. The blanks are alternately connected to each other with the help of invisibility. Laying resembles a basket, but upside down.

Nest hair weaving technique

Pigtail styling is also suitable as a hairstyle for every day on medium hair.


Simple and feminine hairstyles for medium length hair

Braids for medium length hair for every day

  • Greek hairstyle

The option is ideal for young ladies with thick hair, the length of which reaches the shoulders. Carefully combed curls are braided into braids from the temples and parting. Strands from the free zone are twisted into a light, not tight bundle, passed under weaving.

Beautiful and feminine Greek hairstyle for medium length hair

Curls are fixed with invisibility and varnish. A beautiful, light and simple hairstyle in the Greek style will be a great option for the evening and for every day.

Variant of the Greek hairstyle with plaits

The styling can be transformed by making more weaves or adding decor. The design has a complex texture, so decorations are used in doses.

Beautiful hairstyle

  • spiral spikelet

The “spikelet” technique, even in the classic version, looks elegant. A beautiful, light and simple hairstyle for medium hair is woven in the usual way, but leads from the crown to the opposite temple.


At the end of the procedure, the structure is looped and fixed with invisibility. The styling is combined with an asymmetrical bang.

Algorithm for weaving a spikelet on medium length hair

Original hairstyle back view: spiral

  • With loose curls

A beautiful, light and simple hairstyle for medium hair in finished form resembles “Malvina”. Creating styling, remove curls from the face. Curls are carefully combed. In the upper part of the head, strands are separated, from which loose pigtails are woven or bundles are twisted.

Hairstyle on medium hair

The elements are interconnected with a thin rubber band or invisible. In the classic version, there are 2 braids that go either from the temples or from the forehead.


Fashionable women with thick hair can be combined by creating a volumetric weaving in the upper part of the head. The lower hair is twisted into curls or straightened, as in a square.



Variants of simple everyday hairstyles for medium hair with an elongated bob

The classic long bob is easy to transform into different beautiful, simple hairstyles. To get a fresh styling, it is enough to slightly curl the curls, change the location of the parting or make a “Malvinka”.

Bob hairstyles for every day on medium hair

If there is no time at all, then medium-length hair is lightly combed at the crown, nape and folded back. The design is fixed with varnish. The option is in harmony with the evening and daytime look.

Such a different bob hairstyle

Bored bangs in an elongated bean can be removed. The hair is combed, a thin cloth bandage or hoop is put on the head. The strands of the forelock are wrapped with fingers under the accessory. You need to start from the parting, smoothly passing over the entire forehead. The lower curls are collected in bundles, pinned at the bottom.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles for “bunches” and “buns” for medium length hair

Beautiful and easy to…

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