Arrows for eyes with two tails

Beautiful makeup with arrows 2022: for brown, blue, green eyes (with photo examples)

Makeup with arrows helps to hide imperfections, refresh the look. When choosing the type of arrows, one should take into account the features of the face and the shape of the eyes. Neat and even will help to visually remove bags under the eyes or make the look fresher. There are many options that you can draw. In addition, they can be drawn using different means.

Arrows for eyes with two tails

The main types of arrows for eye makeup

Which arrows to choose for application depends on various factors.

So, you can select arrows such as:

  • basic;
  • long;
  • half;
  • with two tails;
  • arrows – aircraft wings;
  • wide;
  • Arabic;
  • feline;
  • graphic;
  • shaded.

1. Basic arrows are considered the most practical and simple to implement. The name of the basic arrows reflects the essence of their application. They can be drawn very quickly using a special pencil.

Eye makeup with basic arrows

To do this, you need to draw a pencil along the contour of the growth of eyelashes and leave a small tail. This completes the process of applying basic makeup.

2. Long arrows elongate the eyes. They can be drawn both wide and narrow. However, as makeup artists note, thin arrows look neater than wide ones.

Makeup with long arrows

3. Half arrows often draw from the middle of the century, and not from the corner of the century. They are suitable for girls with close-set eyes, as they help to move the eyes away from each other. This type of makeup can be applied to festive events or dates.

Half arrows for eye makeup

4. A more complex version of the arrows – with two tails – there are many benefits. Makeup with such arrows can be applied before a date, a festive evening or an informal meeting. Drawing such arrows, you can apply not one, but two tips. More experienced in drawing arrows apply not two, but three arrows to the eyes.

Arrows with two tails in makeup

The name of the arrow conveys its resemblance to an airplane wing. This makeup element is shaped like an airplane wing.

Airplane wing arrow in eye makeup

It should be applied in several stages: first, outline straight lines, outlining the contours, and then paint part of the eyelid within the contour. According to makeup artists, winged arrows can be chosen by women with impending eyelids.

The process of drawing an arrow-wing

Arrows with tips of medium length on the eyes

5. Broad arrows help to emphasize the eyes, give the look expressiveness and brightness. Wide arrows are not combined with long tails. The part extending beyond the eyelid should be of medium length so as not to reduce the eyes too much.

Makeup with wide arrows

6. Arabic arrows suitable for evening, festive make-up. They will make the image more vivid. For drawing arrows, you can use a pencil or gel eyeliner.

Eye makeup with Arabic arrows

They can circle the entire contour of the eyes, including the contour of the eyelashes. The arrow itself should be drawn from the tip of the eyes. It can be made a little feathered.

Arabic arrows in eye makeup

Oriental makeup with Arabic arrows

7. Cat arrows should be drawn from the corner of the eye, clearly drawing the contours of the eyelashes. They need to be made wider as you draw.

Cat arrows in makeup

Such arrows most often turn out to be of medium width. A distinctive feature of the arrow is a large bend in the line. The end of the arrow should tend to the end of the eyebrow.

Eye makeup with cat arrows

8. A hallmark of graphic arrows – bright and unusual colors, curves of lines, no restrictions in drawing arrows.

Makeup with white graphic arrows

Bright graphic arrows on the eyes

Graphic arrows in eye makeup

9. Shaded arrows can be applied with soft pencils with natural carbon black and minerals in the composition.

Shaded purple arrows in makeup

Makeup with blurry arrows is considered very natural and natural.

Eye makeup with feathered blue arrows

How to do eye makeup with arrows: step by step instructions

  1. Using a special pencil, you can apply arrows of the desired length and color to your eyes.
Tattoo Liner Gel Eye Pencil

  1. To draw, for example, graphic arrows, you can draw a moving eyelid with a pencil, trying to make the line more accurate and even. This method of eyeliner will help to enlarge the eyes and make the look more expressive.
  2. To make the image more complete, you can complement the arrows with a palette of shadows. The unpainted part of the moving eyelid can be painted over with shadows of any suitable color. For example, for daytime makeup, you can choose light shades (peach, pink, and others). An evening look can be complemented by bright shadows that will be combined with the color and shape of the eyes.
  3. You can also emphasize the lips using muted shades of lipstick. Many girls use lipstick with a matte effect.

How to draw arrows with shadows

The process of drawing arrows with shadows can be described as follows:

  1. Apply the product to the brush. When applying dry shadows, the brush can be slightly wetted with water. Draw a line along the upper contour of the eyelashes, to the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Draw a line from the corner of the eye to the temple, outlining the lower outline of the arrow.
  3. Draw the upper part of the arrow from the outer corner of the eye, slightly retreating from it.
  4. Color the resulting triangle inside the outline.

Makeup products for beautiful arrows

  • Eyeliner-marker – one of the most popular cosmetics. It is often used by girls who apply arrows for the first time. Eyeliners with special thin ends and applicators allow you to make lines smoother and clearer.

Often these eyeliners are available in several colors. Liquid eyeliner is used by professional makeup artists. This type of eyeliner has a rather thin applicator, which allows you to apply a liquid product on your eyelids without any problems. After application, you must wait for the makeup to dry.

Liner-marker for eye makeup with arrows

Eyeliner is available in the form of small jars, sometimes complete with a brush. However, most often such a brush has to be bought separately. Even though eyeliner can provide more vibrant color, it’s not as easy to use. Therefore, it is better for beginners not to use eyeliner in makeup.

  • kayal pencil used to apply natural, soft arrows. Makeup applied with kajal is considered to be quite waterproof. In addition, using shadows, you can apply feathered arrows.
Blue kajal pencil for eye makeup

The cosmetic product is applied along the lash line in a dense layer. Kayal differs from a regular pencil in that it has a different texture, more creamy and softer. It glides over the skin more easily, so they often fail the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Shades of kajal eyeliner with arrows

When working with a kajal pencil, you can not press hard on the eyelid, since the tool leaves lines even with light pressure. For this reason, such a pencil is especially popular when drawing wide arrows.

Makeup with arrows on the eyes: tips for beginners

  • According to experts, beginners can use a pencil to draw arrows. A pencil, and especially a kajal, will make makeup natural and natural.
  • To complement the arrows with halftones, you can use shadows. To simplify the task, you can apply shadows with a brush with a short pile and an oblique tip.
  • To make the arrow more even, you can draw it with tape. To do this, you can cut a piece of tape up to 2 cm long and stick it to the eye to form an angle. Using the tape as a guide, you can start drawing the arrow. After finishing…

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