Winter colored jacket in noble grape tones with inlay

beautiful pedicure

In a well-groomed, stylish lady, everything must be perfect, including the legs. To bring the heels, fingers and nails in order will help a session of care and processing with an experienced nail master. The developed individual design will make you feel at your best, proudly demonstrating a beautiful, unusual pedicure.

  Winter colored jacket in noble grape tones with inlay

To shine this season, you should get acquainted with the fashion trends of next year in more detail.

Fuchsia ombre pedicure

Beautiful pedicure 2022: fashion trends of the season

Popular trends for 2022 allow beautiful ladies to choose the design to their liking. Some of the fashion ideas smoothly moved from past seasons without losing their relevance. There are also unusual novelties that will interest fashionistas of all ages.

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Gorgeous french pedicure

French is in demand in all variations:

  • classic, with a neutral base and a white “smile” line;
  • using bright or pastel colored varnishes;
  • with glitter stretch, type-setting free edge;
  • decorated with a variety of stones, rhinestones;
  • combined with stickers, hand-painted, highlighted holes.
Fashionable pedicure with a colored jacket and decor

You can freely combine different techniques and shades, achieving an ideal and unique result.

Classic white french pedicure with rhinestones

Unusual, attractive vacation jacket

Non-standard pedicure color combinations

Increasingly popular are multicolored designs in which bright colors are used randomly. It’s time to discard the generally accepted conventions and restrictions, and enjoy a truly unusual, creative pedicure!

Fashionable summer pedicure using the sweet bloom technique

Bright design with geometry and color tints

Fashionable multi-colored stripes for the summer season

Monochrome Pedicure Solutions – Stylish Elegance 2022

Elegant, stylish pedicure ideas for every day never lose their relevance. Depending on the age and personal preferences of the woman, these can be deep, noble shades or delicate pastel colors. Matting coatings are especially in demand in combination with “marble”, “Cat’s eye”, “broken glass” or stamping.

Coating with solid dark red gel polish with glitter

Dark turquoise pedicure using magnetic gel polish

Beautiful matte summer design in pink with stamping

Stylish design with olive gel polish and glittery accents

Marine theme in pedicure

Delightful ideas for a holiday mood are given by the marine theme.

Beautiful pedicure with white

It can be:

  • abstract waves and foam decor;
  • stickers, entire artistic scenes with stunning detail related to the sea and recreation;
  • separate recognizable elements – shells, helms and anchors, starfish and corals.
Unusual nautical design with streaks and stars

The aquarium design looks interesting in combination with drawings or voluminous accessories.

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Fact about pedicure

In 1868, Eduard Gerlach from Germany created a special foot ointment. She effectively relieved fatigue after hiking, working on her feet. This is how the eponymous line of pedicure products was born.

Watercolor pedicure stains – the trend of 2022

One of the leading trends of the year is abstract, blurry drawings in water technology.


A variety of variations are used as a background and additional colors, from soft weightless, almost transparent, to bright contrast, using saturated, acidic varnishes.

Design of a pedicure by the sea with stains in watercolor technique and accent nails with glitter

Fascinating ombre style in pedicure 2022

Surprisingly elegant, unique ombre or gradient technique does not go out of fashion. Simple in execution, it makes the design really unique.

Beautiful ombre pedicure for summer vacation

Today it is permissible to use any shades, including those that were previously considered incompatible.

Soft peach and sunny summer ombre

Bright gradient stripes

Universal geometry in pedicure – on the crest of popularity in 2022

Drawings from geometric shapes steadfastly stay at the top of the popularity rating.

Plain top with triangular holes and rhinestones

They provide great features:

  • perfectly combined with minimalist design, monochrome coatings and negative space;
  • geometry can be combined with French and moon techniques, in a variety of styles;
  • multi-colored, broken figures in the Color Block technique give a wonderful, festive mood, and fit perfectly into bright summer outfits.
geometric gradient in pedicure

Geometric patterns are made using paints, foil and rhinestone inlays, as well as figured kamifubuki.

Abstract, light geometry on the toes

Exclusive pedicure with nail art

Drawings on the nails help to make wonderful, charming designs. They can be catchy, gently romantic or concise.

Fashionable floral design in universal style

Most often, the thumb is used to apply the image – due to the significant area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe marigold, it opens up a great field for experimentation. But, you can also use other fingers.

Delicate spring painting in a floral theme

In demand: floristry; universal geometry and abstract patterns; thematic drawings and inscriptions.

Gorgeous New Year's nail art on the nails

Jeweled Pedicure – Festive Design for Any Season 2022

Getting an elegant, festive design is very easy: just use different types of decorations.

Beautiful plain pedicure with kamifubuki

The decor goes well with watercolors, stamping and stickers. They can emphasize pedicure in any known technique.

Turquoise design with foil

Interesting nail design with lilac edging, large crystal and watercolor pattern

Photo collection of fashionable pedicures 2022 from leading designers and masters for inspiration

Gorgeous pedicure with rubbing

Author's design in red and white colors using dots

Beautiful, bright summer pedicure

Classic French pedicure with silver casting

Blue pedicure in a marine theme

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