Fashionable women's haircuts

Beautiful women’s haircuts in 2022 with photo examples

Choosing the right haircut is an art. Hairdressers and stylists, choosing the right hairstyle, can transform the image of the client beyond recognition. We offer this article to understand the current trends in this industry.

Fashionable women's haircuts

Women's haircut for short hair

Popular and stylish women’s haircut Kare

The popularity of this haircut does not fade over the years. She is able to favorably show the density and shine of the hair. Kare allows you to do a variety of styling and hairstyles, which helps the girl to change the image at will. Haircut does not require special care.

Haircut Kare with lush styling

Specialists periodically supplement the hairstyle with new elements. This is how a graduated square, a square on a leg, an elongated square (the front strands are longer than the back of the head), a square with an oval contour, and others were born.

Haircut Kare with a hat for a woman

Kare allows you to add volume even to thin hair.

To do this, apply graduation and thinning.

  • Graduation is a method in which the inside of the hairstyle is longer than the outside. The ends of the hair lie on top of each other.
  • Thinning is done with special scissors or a razor. This method not only adds volume, but also helps to remove roughness in the haircut. The transition of the lines becomes smooth, and the hair more lush.
Elongated graduated caret

Romantic haircut for women Page

One of the most beautiful and romantic women’s haircuts. She is associated with tenderness and French charm. A girl with a page haircut is hard to miss.

This is the perfect haircut for beauties with thin and sparse hair. The page is able to give a good volume and splendor to any hair.

Options for women's haircut page

This haircut has the following characteristics:

  • The length of the curls comes from the middle of the ear to the shoulder area.
  • The bangs have a clear line. Often it is made straight (French bangs).
  • The shape is similar to a hat. All edges have a clear line.

Feminine haircut

Combines simple style and femininity. Depending on the length of the haircut, it suits girls with different face shapes. The grading applied to this hairstyle helps to create pomp and leave the desired length of the hair.

Women's hairstyle cap

The cap is easy to put on and easy to keep in shape. It can become the basis for a rather spectacular styling for ceremonial exits.

Modern and trendy bob haircut for women

This haircut has undergone significant changes over the years. Modern fashion dictates bold notes in appearance. To add an image of recklessness, just ruffle the curls on top or go to bed with wet hair.

bob haircut options

This styling option will add romance to the image: comb all the hair back, then gently release some of it on the face for a beautiful frame.

Depending on the shape of the face and height, it is better to choose a haircut based on the following recommendations:

  • A square face will look beautiful with oblique ragged bangs.
  • For owners of magnificent forms and short stature, it is better to do a smooth styling in the temple area, and ruffle the head of hair at the top, making a good volume.
  • Tall girls should choose a bob with medium length hair.
  • If you have curly or difficult to style curls, make the bob a ladder.
Bob haircut with long oblique bangs

Delicate and popular women’s haircut Sesson

For decades, Cesson has been one of the favorite haircuts for women. Its popularity is due to its excellent ability to hide many flaws in the shape of the head.

The haircut looks gentle and feminine: long hair at the back of the head, bangs and side curls beautifully frame the face. Specialists during work use the technique of graduation, which allows you to give extra volume to the hair.

Sesson haircut options

Sesson is suitable for all types of face, but it is worth considering some features:

  • Girls with an elongated face are better to choose a thick bang.
  • Ugly ears are easily covered with side hair of the desired length.
  • A round face goes well with sharp or oblique bangs.

Beautiful and fashionable women’s bob haircut

This women’s haircut has not gone out of fashion for many years. Hairdressers periodically bring their ideas to it, improving the hairstyle from year to year. Bob-car does not require special care and styling, keeps its shape perfectly and does not bring inconvenience to its owners.

Haircut for women bob-car

Haircut is suitable for those who have:

  • Round face and pointed chin.
  • Unruly, thin, wavy hair.

Unusual anti-aging haircut for women Pixie

One of the favorite hairstyles of modern fashionistas. It gives the face a rejuvenating effect. Pixie looks sexy and unusual due to recklessness.

When choosing pixies, keep in mind that:

  • If a girl has a massive chin, it is worth putting a beautiful mess on the top of her head. Such styling will divert attention to the hair.
  • With a round face, it is desirable to make a haircut with an asymmetric oblique bangs.
Pixie haircut for women

Recently, pixies with thick bangs and a voluminous crown are gaining popularity. This hairstyle looks great with a business look. If desired, you can make an option for a party out of it, if you give your hair carelessness.

Beautiful and fashionable women’s haircut Gavroche

Bold retro style never goes out of style. A haircut is especially suitable for extraordinary natures.

Gavrosh haircut for girls

Gavroche is a combination of boyish style and some randomness.

  • Suitable for any image and type of face.
  • Good for women with an active lifestyle.

Feminine haircut under the boy Garcon

Boyish style gives girls a special femininity. He seems to bring courage and mischief to the image. Depending on the styling, the owner of such a haircut can easily combine it with a business suit or a festive outfit.

A business lady is more suitable for an elongated haircut, so as not to look defiant.

Haircut garcon for women

The hairstyle looks great on the owners:

  • Fine facial features.
  • Long neck.
  • Small to medium height with a slender build.

If you want to give the image a more avant-garde style, use grunge styling. This option resembles wind-blown hair.

Garcon haircut options for women

Beautiful and most feminine haircut Cascade

One of the most feminine haircuts that has not gone out of fashion for years. It is ideal for curly hair, the waves have smooth, beautiful transitions. Straight curls are just as natural and easy to fit into the hair. The hair in the cascade is cut from the top of the head down.

Women's haircut cascade

Consider several options for this haircut:

  • Ragged – the transitions look noticeable due to the large number of steps on the hair.
  • Double – the first layers begin to be cut off from the very top of the head.
  • Graduated – each strand is cut at a certain angle.
  • Cascade with smooth transitions – thinning tools are used or layering is done.
Haircut cascade for a woman with a round face

Women’s haircut for any type of face Aurora

One of those haircuts that suits every face type.

Aurora haircut

Aurora is a combination of several characteristics:

  • Waves cascade down from the crown area.
  • The hat is made voluminous, rounded.
  • The length of the hair covers the neck, it can reach the shoulder blades.
Haircut for girls

Haircut Ladder to revive the female image


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