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Beauty procedures that you should not do before the holidays

8 beauty procedures that you should not do before the summer vacation

On vacation, you want to look great. Someone for a long time before the rest begins to prepare for it: sign up for a gym, go on a diet, visit a beautician to do various beauty procedures that improve skin condition. But there are those who put things off until the last minute.

We collected recommendations from cosmetologists and beauty masters about which of the procedures should not be done before the holidays. Some don’t make sense and money will be wasted, others are downright dangerous.

Permanent makeup

Girl with permanent eyebrow makeup

From the very morning to look amazing: to have eyebrows, beautiful arrows or a delicate shade of lipstick on the lips is the dream of many women. True, it is worth signing up for a permanent makeup procedure at least 2 weeks before the vacation, and preferably 4.

After permanent makeup, crusts form, which are not recommended to be wetted and torn off. It is also important to protect the area on which the master worked from direct ultraviolet rays. Agree, it is extremely difficult to comply with all these conditions on vacation. Therefore, it is better to reschedule the recording so as not to cause discomfort to yourself and get the desired result, and not dull arrows and gray eyebrows (fresh permanent makeup loses color when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time).

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Hair toning

Henna toning: before and after result

Hair tinting differs from standard hair coloring in many ways. For instance:

  • Gentle dyes are used;
  • You can remove an unwanted shade, but you won’t be able to paint over gray hair;
  • Toning does not drastically change the color, but only gives the desired shade or hides the unwanted one.

Hair masters assure that toning does not make sense before a trip to the sea, as salt water quickly washes out the composition, and ultraviolet rays change the shade. It is recommended to tint your hair after the holidays – this allows you to make them smoother and restore after aggressive exposure.

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eyelash extension

eyelash extension before and after photos

Many girls do eyelash extensions before the holidays so as not to waste time on makeup. On the one hand, this is a reasonable decision, but on the other hand, it is an irrational waste of money, since after the seaside resort everything will have to be redone. Salt water has a negative effect on such a beauty procedure: the glue softens and the cilia fall out.

By the way, beauty masters recommend, on the contrary, to give up eyelashes during the holidays and give your eyes a good rest.

Lamination, botox, keratin hair straightening

Botox for hair

Procedures for changing the structure of the hair, such as Botox, keratin straightening and lamination, are extremely popular today. They have a number of differences, since they are performed using various tools and cosmetic compositions. However, the result after them is similar: silky, smooth hair that does not require additional straightening with a hair dryer or ironing.

The effect after Botox, keratin and lamination persists differently for everyone – on average it is 1-3 months. But if you visit a seaside resort during this time, the smoothness and silkiness will disappear almost immediately. Salt water actively leaches not only hair dye, but also other compounds.

By the waysea salt is found in most scalp peels, which are used for thorough cleansing.

A detailed review of peelings for the scalp HERE.

Eyebrow and eyelash lamination

Eyebrow botox before and after

The procedure of lamination of eyebrows and eyelashes is in demand today. It helps to stimulate growth, soften hairs, make them smoother and more manageable.

Lamination is carried out in three stages. The effect after the procedure lasts for 2-4 weeks. Before the sea, it is better not to do lamination, since the compositions will be washed off after 2-3 baths. Save money and visit the master after the rest.

How eyebrow lamination is performed is described in detail in THIS ARTICLE.

From light cosmetic manipulations with hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, let’s move on to more serious cosmetic procedures 👇.

Removal of neoplasms

Mole removal

Experts strongly do not recommend removing papillomas, warts and moles before traveling to a hot resort.

Laser removal or any other technique involves trauma to the skin. Aggressive ultraviolet rays that hit these areas of the body immediately after the procedure can provoke the appearance of pigmentation. There is also a high chance of scarring.

The optimal time to remove neoplasms before vacation is 3-4 weeks.

All types of peels

Typical reaction to peeling

Procedures involving skin injury, such as: chemical peeling, mechanical dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, should be excluded before going to the sea. Such beauty manipulations with the body lead to damage to the upper layer of the epidermis. This can cause pigmentation, peeling, wrinkles.

Laser and photoepilation

Laser Hair Removal

Of course, everyone wants to go to the sea with perfectly smooth skin, but laser and photo epilation will not work. Firstly, not a single session is required to get rid of unwanted hair with such methods. And, secondly, it also leads to injury to the upper layer of the epidermis, which is undesirable when exposed to open ultraviolet rays.

What to do? Sugaring, regular waxing or using a razor.

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