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Beauty professions that are losing popularity

Beauty professions that are losing popularity

The beauty industry does not stand still. Every year in beauty salons there are more and more professionsbecause the demands of women are growing. True, against the background of new products, obsolete options also appear. We tell you which beauty professions it is better not to learn if you only plan to join the ranks of masters.

Generalist hairdresser

Wedding hairstyle for caret

Previously, in order to acquire the profession of “hairdresser” it was necessary, on average, to unlearn 6 months to get a diploma. At the end of such courses, the specialist knew and put into practice several men’s and women’s haircuts, mastered the basics of color and a couple of evening hairstyles. In fact, this is the minimum knowledge that does not allow you to feel comfortable when working with a client.

Beautiful hairstyle with curls for long hair

What to do?

Previously, such masters went to the hairdresser closest to the house to hone their skills and develop speed.

Hairstyle with side bangs

Today, this approach to the profession is considered a failure. Nobody wants to learn how to cut or dye on it, especially for money. Therefore, it is recommended to initially choose a narrower specialization and study during the same 6 months in more depth in one direction. For example, only men’s or women’s haircuts, only hairstyles, coloring, etc.


Makeup with red lipstick

Makeup artist is a great profession, which has recently lost its relevance. There are several reasons:

  • the availability of courses and online master classes that allow women and girls to quickly learn the basics of make-up and do it on their own at a professional level;
  • fashion for naturalness, which in principle reduces the need for makeup;
  • desire to do makeup and hair at the same time.

Makeup with an emphasis on lips

Since the first two points do not raise questions, let us dwell on the last one in more detail. So, time is a resource that everyone strives to save. If there is a master who can do both hair and makeup, a woman will sign up for him so as not to waste time traveling from one salon to another. It is this trend that makes makeup artists take additional courses and learn the basics of hairdressing. Namely – the creation of evening and cocktail hairstyles.

In order not to miscalculate and immediately be in demand as a master, you should initially study as a stylist-make-up artist, and not just a make-up master.

Master of nail extension

Very long red nails

The demand for extended long nails continues to fall, as the fashion for authenticity and naturalness does not plan to recede. Against the background of such requests, professionals working with sustainable nail products have a wider customer base. And those who continue to repeat that it doesn’t work with gel polish (and other coatings that are less resistant than gel) will soon be completely left without customers. It’s time to hurry up and expand your own knowledge in this area, becoming more loyal.

Depilation master


Getting rid of unwanted hair once and for all is the dream of every woman. And now such an opportunity has appeared – laser hair removal has become available. And it has also been proven that such devices do not harm the body at all.

So why go every month for depilation with wax or sugar paste, if you can get rid of hair once and for all?

Depilation masters should think about their own future, because modern hardware procedures are stepping on their heels.

Keratin hair straightening master

Keratin hair straightening involves giving them a smoother structure. However, if before that you do not do a good coloring and cutting the tips, the result from the work of the master will not be so attractive.

Keratin straightening
Keratin straightening: before and after

That is why the profession of a master of keratin hair straightening is losing its relevance, giving way to more progressive specialists who understand not only the structure of the hair, but are also able to competently design it.

Have you joined the ranks of beauty specialists yet?

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