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Beauty services for which you should not go to the salon

I can do it myself: beauty services for which not everyone goes to beauty salons

Today, all women can look young and well-groomed. If it is not possible to visit a beauty salon every week, do not despair, because most beauty procedures can be done by yourself at home. We tell you what kind of care will not take a lot of time and money.


How to apply concealer on the face

The face is the visiting card of any lady, so you should not refuse to take care of it. One day cream will not be enough, although some celebrities claim that they manage exclusively with this cosmetic product. Professionals recommend to play it safe and pay increased attention to the processes of cleansing and moisturizing the skin of the face.


Typical reaction to peeling

Today, such a cosmetic procedure as peeling is extremely popular. In a beauty salon, they can offer various types of peeling: from light exfoliating to chemical, after which it is better not to appear in public for several days.

It is better not to practice the second option at home, since this is a serious cosmetic procedure that requires skills and abilities. But using a peeling roll 2-3 times a week will not be superfluous. This is a special cream that is applied to pre-cleansed skin, and dirt and dead cells on the surface of the skin are collected with massaging movements.


How to apply the black face mask

In the beauty salon, clients will definitely be offered various masks from soothing to rejuvenating. The composition is applied with a disposable stick, left for a while, and then removed from the skin of the face.

But today there is such a large selection of fabric masks impregnated with a useful composition. They provide puffiness removal, nourish and moisturize the skin, color improves and pigmentation disappears. So why not use them regularly, saving you the time and money you need for beauty salons?

Eyebrow coloring

What do brows look like with a lamination effect?

One of the most popular procedures in salons is eyebrow care. Today, having natural eyebrows is somehow unfashionable. Rather, their shape should be as close to natural as possible, but this requires coloring, care, and correction.

It is not difficult to give the hairs the desired shade with the help of henna or eyebrow paint, so many ladies have already got the hang of doing it on their own. The set of necessary tools is simple: tweezers, cotton pads and sticks, degreaser, paint or henna, a brush with a beveled tail. It remains to carefully apply the composition, hold for the required 15-20 minutes and remove the excess.

The advantage of home eyebrow tinting is that it comes out much cheaper than in the salon. And you can also repeat the procedure if necessary, because henna is washed off quite quickly, although the eyebrows promise that the effect will last from 4 to 6 weeks.

Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow scouse

Another fashionable procedure for eyebrows is lamination. As a result of applying the composition, the hairs become softer and more manageable, styling is facilitated. And the laminating agent stimulates growth and strengthens the bulbs.

But in fact, there is nothing complicated in lamination. It is enough to degrease the hairs and apply all three compositions according to the instructions. You can also style the hairs with special means, without resorting to such cosmetic procedures at all.

About what means you can beautifully style your eyebrows told in THIS ARTICLE.

Face massage

jade face massager

Facial massage is recommended for daily use. You can perform it with special massage partings, or with your hands. The main rule is to follow the massage lines.

Detailed information on how to do facial massage at home HERE.


Beautiful hair is expensive, especially if it is long, because you need to visit the salon every month to maintain color. And quality care is also important, because without it you should not count on silky hair, as in advertising.

Yellow blonde toning

Hair toning

Yellow blonde toning – what every second blonde comes to the salon with. It would seem: she just did the coloring, and the whole head, like the sun, is golden-wheat.

In fact, the cold shade does not last long, so the masters recommend returning to them every 4-5 weeks to tone the length and get rid of yellowness. such a trip to the stylist costs a lot, because it includes tone-on-tone coloring, shampooing, styling …

But you can also tone your hair at home! True, if there is no special knowledge in coloring, paints should not be touched. Today there are a huge number of balms and hair masks that get rid of the yellow tint in just a couple of minutes. It is enough to apply to the length, hold for 5-15 minutes and rinse.

Dark hair toning

How to dye hair roots

Toning dark hair or red hair is even easier than blondes. You need a professional paint of the desired shade (either the same level as it is, or darker. It is impossible to tint in lighter shades!) And a minimum percentage of oxidizing agent. Both compositions are mixed until smooth and applied to wet hair. Wash off after 15 minutes. And now the shade is fresher and juicier, and the condition of the hair has improved: they have become noticeably more silky, shiny, obedient.

professional care

Hair thickening before and after

In salons, masters quite often offer professional hair care to clients who come for a haircut or coloring. The essence of this procedure is the application of several compounds that nourish and strengthen the hair. Serums and masks rich in vitamins and minerals fill every hair, closing voids and making them smoother.

In fact, to carry out such a procedure with hair, you do not need to have the skills of a hairdresser. It is enough to carefully apply the product from the bottle to the length and observe the recommended exposure time.

It is worth asking your master about professional hair care and then you can visit him less often, because all the necessary jars will be at hand at home.


Scheme of lymphatic drainage body massage
Scheme of lymphatic drainage body massage

In a beauty salon, you can put in order not only the head, nails or face, but also the body. Various types of massage, depilation – all this improves the condition of the skin, eliminates cellulite, makes stretch marks less noticeable. And still manage to lose a couple of cm in the waist and hips.


Body massage with natural bristle brush

It does not make sense to visit a beauty salon for a one-time massage procedure, since you need a complex at once, at least 10 sessions. This is not the cheapest pleasure. But you can do yourself a useful massage at home.

It is recommended to start with lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling, improves blood circulation, relieves lymph stagnation. You need to perform it along the massage lines with a brush with natural bristles. you can also use special massagers in the form of rollers or cans.



Wrapping, like massage, must be done in sessions. In the salon, this will take a lot of time and money, and at home you can practice in parallel with cooking, cleaning and other household chores.


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