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Bedroom interior in modern style: 9 ideas

9 bedroom tricks to make it stylish and fashionable

So that after the repair there is no feeling of understatement and desire to do everything differently next time, you need to initially come up with a project. It is important to pay attention not only to practical solutions, but also to modern moments. Having built an old-fashioned interior, you will not want to be in it for a day.

We have collected for you the ideas of modern design for the bedroom, which will charm and conquer not only all family members, but also guests who come to admire the changes in the interior.

Idea 1: wall lights

Wall lamps for the bedroom

We are used to the fact that in the bedroom there should be a lamp on the bedside table. On the one hand, it creates comfort in the room, and on the other hand, it occupies half the surface of the cabinet. In order not to share a tabletop with a lamp, choose a stylish wall lamp.

Idea 2: no tulle

Curtains for bedroom

Bedroom textiles deserve special attention. Firstly, shades are of great importance, and secondly, the texture of the fabric. It is important that the material is both soft and practical at the same time. By the way, this also applies to curtains.

Today it is fashionable to decorate bedroom windows with thick curtains that do not let in sunlight. At the same time, there is no need to combine them with tulle. during the day it is enough to open the window, getting rid of the Soviet habit of hanging everything with tulle.

Idea 3: slab tables

Slab bedroom table

Bedside cabinets are a thing of the past. This is exactly what most of the interior designers involved in decorating the bedroom think. But not to completely abandon a piece of furniture on which you can put a book, a smartphone, a cup or an alarm clock?

Instead of the usual and boring bedside tables, designers suggest installing original, eco-friendly and stylish slab tables next to the head of the bed. The legs can be made of wood or metal, depending on the design of the room. And the color is natural. Slabs are not repainted, they are only covered with oil or varnish to protect and add life to them.

Idea 4: different cabinets

Bedroom with different nightstands

If the previous idea is not quite what we would like to see in our own bedroom, we return to the option with bedside tables.

To make the sleeping room modern, instead of the same bedside tables, we choose stylistically similar ones. Color, design, size may vary. The main thing is that the style is uniform! If one cabinet has elements of gold and silver, they should also be on the second piece of furniture.

Idea 5: headboard to the ceiling

headboard to ceiling

When ordering a bed from proven masters, you can realize any ideas and dreams, although it is better to follow the trends. Experts assure that the real hit of this and the next few years will definitely be an elongated headboard. In order not to violate the boundaries, it is best to raise it to the ceiling. It looks really unusual, don’t you agree?

Idea 6: geometric headboard

Bed with geometric headboard

It’s time to understand that in addition to the carriage screed, so popular for the head of the bed, there are many other options. One of the current trends is stripes and squares. This design is easy to combine with the previous idea and raise to the ceiling.

Idea 7: Hidden Wardrobe

Hidden wardrobe in the bedroom

Not everyone has the opportunity to allocate a separate room for a wardrobe, but installing a bulky wardrobe on the side of the bed or at the door is not the best solution.

Designers suggest considering the option of a hidden wardrobe at the head of the bed. This is a complex design, which, on the one hand, reduces the space in the room, and on the other, eliminates clutter.

A hidden wardrobe is not conspicuous, does not interfere with movement, looks stylish and is a decoration of the room, eliminating the need to decorate the main wall in the room.

Idea 8: wardrobe bed

For small bedrooms, the ideal solution is transformer furniture. The bed located on the podium rises, it is impossible not to use the properly formed space. Drawers and cabinets are convenient, practical, economical, because you do not need to purchase a cabinet, allocate space for a dressing room.

Idea 9: multifunctional headboard

Bed with solid headboard

Many are accustomed to supplementing the bedroom with shelves, on which there are paintings, books, souvenirs and other decorative elements that create a unique atmosphere in the room. Instead of ordering them separately, choose a stylish multifunctional bed with a solid headboard. Shelves and other niches for storing various items will be initially thought out in it.

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