Beige pedicure - elegance itself

Beige pedicure: design features and original ideas 2022, photo

Women’s legs are always in the center of attention, and therefore it is very important that they are in perfect order. Well-groomed feet with an impeccable pedicure can tell a lot about their owner.

Beige pedicure - elegance itself

Advantages of a beige pedicure

Pedicure, like manicure, is subject to fashion. But on the wave of passion for bright and bold shades, calm beige tones are still relevant. Naturalness and naturalness are always in trend.

Gives a well-groomed look to the legs

Moreover, nude shades have a lot of advantages:

  • It is universal, with it, as they say, “and feast, and into the world.”
  • Suitable for any age.
  • Nails look neat and well-groomed.
  • Suitable for any outfit, both for evening and everyday, including in the office with a strict dress code.
  • It looks natural and natural, and not defiant and intrusive.
  • Has a lot of different shades.
  • The perfect base coat for any design.
  • Pairs well with many shades, from dark to light.
  • Appropriate at any time of the year.

There are practically no flaws in this color, and in order to dispel doubts about whether this color will inspire boredom and whether it will be monotonous, get acquainted with the variations of beige.

Varieties of beige pedicure in 2022

The range of beige shades is diverse even in a monophonic version:

milky color

  • If you mix light brown and white tones, you get, depending on the intensity, a milky shade, champagne color, ivory color.
  • Soft and warm sand color and close to it caramel, wheat and golden.
  • Dark tanned skin is very suitable shade of cappuccino.
  • A cool shade of gray-beige is also good for tanned skin.
  • Peach, powdery, beige-pink – some names exude warmth and tenderness.
  • Apply several layers of a colorless base, and you get a neutral, transparent shade of beige.
Nude pedicure with gold

Pedicure merges with skin color - a special chic

Which option to choose from the proposed ones depends on the color of your skin.

Beige shades also differ in texture. Glossy beige is a classic. Any decor is combined with a smooth, shiny surface.

Delicate matte pedicure

Matte beige – creates the effect of velvet nails. Matte finish is very popular and can also be a great backdrop for any design. Mirror – such a pedicure is sure to attract attention.

shades of beige

The chrome-effect coating will shimmer in the sun, revealing the color with new facets. Beige color is self-sufficient. It creates a stylish and elegant look and does not need additional decorations. But this is an everyday option. What if you want a holiday?

Decor and technique of beige pedicure 2022

Let’s talk about the decor of a beige pedicure. The matte beige lacquer is the perfect backdrop for any design. Rhinestone trim is always spectacular. This can be done on a glossy finish, but on a matte finish, the stones will look especially expressive.

Beautiful beige pedicure with sequins

Such a pedicure is usually done for festive events and celebrations. There are a lot of options, designers use stones of different sizes and colors. On a beige background, they all look just fine. Stones can be randomly placed on the nail, “in artistic disorder” or laid out in a pattern. The combination of several techniques looks interesting, for example, stones with sparkles.

Gradient in beige pedicure

The main thing here is to keep a sense of proportion and not overdo it with the amount of decor.

Beige pedicure with rhinestones

Drawing – beige – a great background for applying any pattern. What colors will look most impressive: red, green, black, blue, purple. Of course, you can not be limited to this palette. At the peak of popularity now geometric patterns.

This pattern will look good on nails of any length, it is absolutely universal. It can be a color block technique – a combination of contrasting colors. It can be an abstract drawing.

Pedicure with kamifubiki

Floral motifs are still relevant. In addition to flowers, it can be leaves, stems, buds. Such a pattern will make the pedicure gentle and feminine, uplifting and suitable for any style of clothing. The pattern can be supplemented with sequins, rhinestones, beads.

Classic french pedicure

The “spray of paints” pattern perfectly diversifies flesh-colored marigolds. Do not go out of fashion and “predatory” design. A leopard or snake pattern on a large nail will look especially advantageous against a matte background.

Fact about pedicure

The first professional pedicure school was opened in 1913. She produced masters of pedicure. Moreover, most of the graduates were men: out of the first 14 masters, there was only one woman.

Beige patterned pedicure

Ornament, lace will also be very effective in nude design.


The “cat’s eye” technique, which is distinguished by a diagonal stripe on the nail and delicate tints of color in a beige pedicure, will acquire a special grace. French pedicure – well, of course, nude shades – this pedicure’s favorite feature. It looks elegant and natural even without additional decoration. Today, a multi-colored version of a French manicure is in fashion, when the smile area is painted in different bright colors.

Lunar pedicure in pastel colors

Lunar design, or a reverse French pedicure on a beige background looks especially elegant. The lunula area can be left unpainted, painted with patterns or lined with rhinestones – everything will look very impressive.

Pedicure with rhinestones

Gradient or ombre – with this technique, one color either changes its saturation from one edge of the nail to the other, or goes into another. shade. A very fashionable trend, when the borders of shades are either not visible at all, or slightly marked.

Pedicure with kamifubiki

Kamifubiki – shiny, multi-colored stripes, circles, squares, stars will look good on both glossy and matte backgrounds. They are often combined with rhinestones. Kamifubuki are made of thin foil or polymers applied to the nail in a thin layer and do not interfere with walking at all.

And there are many design options, and you can choose for any image. The pattern with kamifubuki can be either monophonic or multi-colored. Kamifubuki goes well with geometric prints.

foil pedicure

Foil pedicure as an alternative to glitter. The foil can play the role of a glossy coating in combination with a matte finish, it can be of various shades – silver, gold, pink, yellow. It can be an application in the form of stars, butterflies, and so on, or it can just be randomly applied stripes.

Rubbing Pedicure

Beige pedicure with rubbing. – Surprisingly attractive and unusual design. Want to get a mirror effect? Rubbing will help. Pearl, pink, silver will make your nails shimmer and sparkle, and you will not take your eyes off them.

Mirror beige pedicure with rubbing

Beige pedicure has practically no restrictions, it is not constrained by frames. It all depends on the imagination – yours and the designer. And we, to make it easier for you to think, offer a selection of beige nail polish options.

Photo selection of 2022 actual stylish designs of beige pedicure

It is important that manicure and pedicure are in the same style.

Beige French Pedicure

Glitter pedicure

Pedicure with pattern and rhinestones

Popular plant motifs

Geometric pattern pedicure

Stylish pedicure

Elegant french

naughty pedicure

Beige pedicure

original nude pedicure

Beige pedicure with rhinestones

Geometric pedicure

Stylish pedicure

Stamping pedicure

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