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Beliefs that keep older women from being stylish

Beliefs that prevent older women from being stylish

It is generally accepted that fashion trends for young people. The older generation 50+ is not often seen near the showcase with new products.

Style myths that women 50+ believe

How to dress after 50

It is very difficult to persuade a mother or mother-in-law to make an unusual purchase. Going to the store, adult women, as a rule, choose what they already have, since any experiments with images are stressful. Why this happens and what prevents adult women from experimenting with their wardrobe in order to look stylish, we propose to discuss.

Without gold jewelry, a woman looks poor

Image for a woman 50+

We have written more than once about what accessories are now in trend. These are metal chains and earrings in the style of fused gold, metal jewelry with stones, multi-layered chains and very thin under the neck.

All this can be purchased for little money from ordinary materials. Today there is no need to buy precious metals and stones, because fashion is too fleeting.

However, the older generation is not used to giving up gold, so at best they try to purchase something from the precious metals of the current model, and at worst they complement the classic Bismarck or snake chains with beads, a necklace made of stones, a beaded necklace.

It is difficult to convince a woman 50+ that the outfit will not look poor if she refuses gold. But an accessory for 200 rubles could improve not a single image.

Free things make you fat

Stylish look for cool summer

It seems that clothes that fit the figure help to look slimmer. In fact, this is a very slippery slope that can lead to fashion failure.

Stylists recommend using the technique of combining volumes. If the top is tight, the bottom is loose, and vice versa. You can also “save” a dress that pulls the stomach by wearing a loose shirt, a man-style jacket or an elongated cardigan on top.

But how to prove to mom that the second layer will not only not increase the volume of the figure, but also visually stretch the silhouette?

Beige clothes are boring

Woman in a beige image photo

The beige shade is one of the most elegant. It is also popular with those women who are wondering how to look expensive. However, most women attribute it to boring shades and avoid it in every possible way.

So that beige does not look dull, you must follow a number of rules:

  • We put on such a shade with an additional neutral layer;
  • Makes a completely beige look;
  • We follow that. make sure the makeup is subtle.

Who needs unprinted clothes?

Modern spring look 50+

Going to the store, most women 50+ are “led” to marketing tricks and go to the most colorful and flashy shop windows. And here in the closet are 5 blouses with a floral print, the same number of leopard dresses and several multi-colored skirts. Separately, all this looks good, but when the image is made, it turns out that the top and bottom are bright. And the compatibility of prints is a tricky business. In most cases, it looks like a vinaigrette.

What to do?

At least sometimes replenish your wardrobe with neutral things without prints, drawings and inscriptions. It is they who “smooth out” the image and make it more stylish.

Why do I need so many jackets?

What to wear with a striped jacket for a woman 50+

It is impossible not to appreciate the importance of outerwear. It is she who in most cases “spoils” the whole outfit.

Think about how many months of the year you can afford to leave the house without a jacket, vest or coat. So why are there so few of them in the wardrobe? Instead of always looking for versatile outerwear, it is worth buying several options in different colors and styles. This will help you look stylish and modern.

Bag and shoes must be the same color

How to wear a straw bag in the city for a woman 50+

In fact, this rule has long been irrelevant. Today, stylists recommend choosing shoes for clothes, and making a bag an accent spot.


It is difficult for a woman 50+ to fight habits. Due to the lack of understanding of what is currently relevant in the fashion world, many continue to compose images, guided by outdated principles. The easiest way to avoid this is to practice mindfulness. No wonder there are so many fashion magazines, shows and blogs. We can only periodically look into them, emphasizing for ourselves something new and modern.

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