Self-correction of eyebrows

Bending eyebrows on a beautiful face: fashion trends in 2022, recommendations for choosing the shape of eyebrows, photos

Probably the next phrase will be banal. But in all historical times, a woman has remained a woman. The desire to be beautiful and spectacular was always present. The culture of caring for the beauty of the face and other parts of the female body includes interesting pages about the shape of the eyebrows and the traditions of their care.

Self-correction of eyebrows

Much of what is stated in this article may be known to readers, but we have tried to find interesting facts and connect them with the trends of our time.

Trendy eyebrows in 2021-22

Interesting about eyebrows and their shape

I would like to start with physiological facts:

  • eyebrows are necessary for a person to protect against sweat flowing from his forehead;
  • the number of hairs in one eyebrow can reach 250 pieces and their lifespan is 4 months;
  • Eyebrow growth increases in the warm season and slows down significantly in the cold.
natural eyebrows

Along with the eyes, eyebrows are an essential factor for reading the character of a person in the face, which is what such a science as physiognomy does. The fact that a person is most often unable to restrain the movement of eyebrows, and even the sound of a voice can change facial expressions, allows this to be done.

Mimic movement of the eyebrows - surprise

According to scientists, eyebrows are involved in identifying a person. There are many national traditions associated with eyebrows. For example, in Central Asia, a woman can pluck her eyebrows only with the permission of her husband. And often, to make the eyebrows look fused, which is fashionable in these countries, they are corrected with a pencil.

Fused eyebrows in Eastern women

What are the shapes of the eyebrows

Today it is even difficult to name the exact number of eyebrow shapes common in different countries of the world. However, there are a few that are considered the most popular:

  1. Arcuate.

In this form of eyebrows, there are no sharp corners, they look like a gently rising arc.

Soft brow arches

  1. Horizontal or straight.

The line of such eyebrows has neither bends nor kinks.

Straight brow shape

  1. Curved.

The absence of sharp corners and a soft rise in the middle of the line are a characteristic feature of this brow shape.

Gentle arched brow lift

  1. With a break.

The contour of these eyebrows has a recognizable feature in the form of a rise in the middle of the line and then a sharp transition to the end of the eyebrow.

The accent of the form is a break

  1. Ascending.

A smooth rise of the eyebrow from the beginning of the bridge of the nose with a slight decrease towards the end makes this shape elegant.

Rising eyebrows - elegance of the image

  1. House.

The shape of these eyebrows really looks like the roof of a house. Its base is raised up with the beginning and end of the eyebrow line lowered.

Eyebrows with a house with a raised base

Choosing the right eyebrow shape is of great importance for creating a suitable image for a particular girl or lady.

Eyebrow shape in history

At different times there were different preferences. So in ancient Egypt, women preferred elongated arched dark eyebrows.

Eyebrow trend in ancient Egypt

The strictness of the traditions of Ancient Greece ordered married women not to use cosmetics.

The beauty of eyebrows in ancient Greek

In ancient Rome, at this time, the fashionable trend was the presence of unibrows as an indicator of intelligence. The complete destruction of the hair in the area of ​​​​the eyebrows and forehead was considered the standard of beauty in the Middle Ages.

Complete absence of eyebrow hair

In Russia, beauties “painted” their eyebrows with charcoal. And in France in the 18th century they practiced false eyebrows made of mouse hair. In our time, naturalness has come to the fore. Correct the shape of the eyebrows only to create a more attractive appearance, based on the natural features of the shape of the face and eyes. Next, consider what type of face this or that shape of the eyebrows is suitable for.

We select the shape of the eyebrows for the type of face, relevant in 2022

If you make a mistake in choosing the shape of the eyebrows, then the possibility of completely distorting even ideal facial features is always present. Correctly adjusted eyebrows allow you to emphasize the natural beauty or add some charm to the image.

Fact about eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the brightest identifying features of a person. It is worth changing their shape, or removing them altogether, and even good friends can pass by on the street without recognizing them.

The basis of choice is the type of face.

  1. Round face.
round face type

The characteristic features of this type are:

  • equivalence (equivalence) of width and length;
  • visual width of parts of the face;
  • roundness and smoothness of facial lines.

Mild cheekbones diverge quite widely from the chin. The goal of choosing the shape of the eyebrows in this case will be the approximation of a circle to an oval. To achieve this, raise the base and tip of the eyebrow.

An example of eyebrow correction for a round face

Curved and rounded lines similar to the wing of a seagull would be ideal. At home, you can use stencils, but not all of them may be suitable. If there is any doubt about your own possibilities of eyebrow correction, then it is better to contact the specialists in a beauty salon. The professionals working there will create the most suitable eyebrow shape for the face.

  1. Oval face.
Graceful oval face

This face shape is the most proportional and harmonious. Makeup artists in their practice use three forms of eyebrows for an oval face: straight, arched and with a soft break. Therefore, you can try different options for eyebrow correction and choose the most suitable one.

Eyebrow shape options for an oval face

  1. Triangular face.
Eyebrow curve for a triangular face

A wide forehead and a significant narrowing of facial features towards the chin will be corrected by a gentle arch of the eyebrows.

  1. Square face.
Eyebrows for a square face

What is needed for this type of face is smooth curved arches of eyebrows of medium width, the tail of which is lowered down.

Ways to adjust the shape of the eyebrows, which are used in 2022

A beautiful and attractive shape of the eyebrows can be done in various ways: tint with henna or other special paint, mechanically remove excess hairs. In addition, in beauty salons and at home use:

  1. Special tweezers and tweezers for eyebrows, the first of which appeared more than 5000 years ago. The method, which has already become a classic, is quite long and painful.
Traditional eyebrow plucking

  1. Threading is the removal of excess hairs with the help of threads. This method came from the East, painful, but in terms of execution time, it is much shorter than working with tweezers. It is worth noting that there is a long-term effect and insurance against getting infections.
Hair removal with threads

  1. Wax correction carried out with the help of special strips, giving the eyebrows the desired shape. Remove excess hair with a sharp jerk. The effect of the procedure lasts more than three weeks. The downside is the possibility of allergic reactions. The quality of the materials and the experience of the craftsman are also an essential component. both positive and negative.
Applying wax strips

  1. Exposure to the roots of hairs with a laser, which contribute to the death of the hair follicles and the growth of hairs stops. This method allows you to create a beautiful eyebrow line that allows you to give the most expressiveness to the eyes, making them more open and bright. With a high cost of the procedure, the result is stable. Since this procedure requires subsequent restrictions, you should refuse to visit the bath, sauna, and hot bath for three days. It is advisable to use sunscreen and nourishing creams.
Laser hair removal

  1. Photoepilation. The most painless and effective way, which has a number of advantages: …

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