Макияж для серых глаз

Birthday makeup: step by step photo tutorial

Beautiful birthday makeup ideas

We have chosen the TOP 5 birthday make-up ideas – and for all occasions!

Bright evening makeup for your own anniversary

Be sure to use a primer to mask visible pores and unevenness, as well as to make the skin smooth and soft. Smokey ice in trendy shades (for example, plum, purple, pink) will visually enlarge the eyes and envelop the look with a mysterious haze.

Delicate nude make-up for a friend’s birthday

girl with nude makeup

Nude does not mean boring and simple! Pastel shades with a satin finish and highlighter will make the perfect company for matte lipstick. Pink or chocolate? Decide yourself!

trendy birthday makeup

Girl with trendy makeup

Use a neon liner or a bright shade of eyeliner to accentuate the inner corner of your eye.

Other interesting options include pink mono-makeup or yellow shadows. Apply them on the eyelids with a careless stroke!

Club birthday makeup

Girl with club make-up

It’s time to give your fantasy a say! Sequins and glitter can be applied to the eyelids, make a scattering of shining freckles or an unusual mask. To keep the sparkles on your face throughout the evening, fix the make-up with a special spray.

Light office make-up for a colleague’s birthday

Girl with light makeup

Classic is always in fashion. In the office, a duet of a neat arrow and red lipstick will look appropriate.

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