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Black French manicure design

French manicure is a classic in the world of nail art. Traditionally, it is performed in white, but, like any classic, it has many varieties. The shape of the nails varies from traditional round to square, and you can “play” with color to your heart’s content.

When creating a French manicure, the edge of the nail plate is formed with a border, which is radically different in color from the main color of the nail. This edging is called french.

The classic style involves the use of pastel colors as the main color of the nail plate, in some cases with the addition of sparkles or mother-of-pearl. Recently, the main tone of the nail is painted in bolder and more saturated colors, up to black. French can also be of non-standard colors, although in the classic version only white is used.

Black jacket

French manicure looks perfect on nails of medium length. If you have short nails, it is advisable to perform a jacket in white or pastel colors. Otherwise, the length of the nail plate will visually become even shorter.

The width of the jacket also depends on the length of the nails. The shorter the nails, the narrower the edging should be.

Today we bring to your attention two options for creating a French manicure with a black jacket.

Getting Started with Design

Consider two options for creating, choose the one that suits you

Option 1

To create a manicure, we need natural, black and silver varnish, colorless varnish or any topcoat and transparent rhinestones. Strasinki we used oblong, in the form of droplets, but you can also stick ordinary round ones. From the tools we need a thin brush or needle, a manicure set and any tool for applying rhinestones.

At the preparatory stage, we use exclusively a manicure set. We perform classic or European manicure according to the traditional scheme.

Next, cover the entire surface of the nail plate with natural color varnish and dry it.

Manicure step by step

After our base has dried, we separate the French area. To do this, dip the brush into black varnish and draw a strip along the smile line with it. Under the smile line is meant a dividing strip that runs along the border of the free edge of the nail.

We draw a strip extremely carefully and evenly so that our manicure does not look sloppy.

Manicure step by step

Now paint over the free edge of the nail with black varnish, starting from the smile line, and let the varnish dry.

Manicure step by step

For faster drying of the varnish, you can use a UV lamp, if you have one. If you prefer to do a manicure at home on your own, and not with a master in the salon, then purchasing such a lamp will be a very justified step. So you can reduce the time to create beauty.

When the jacket is completely dry, it’s time to use silver varnish. With the same brush, draw a thin line along the upper border of the jacket. In the middle of the nail plate, make a line not even, but in the form of a check mark, as shown in the figure below.

Manicure step by step

The next step is the application of rhinestones. To fix them on the nail plate, you can use a special glue or a drop of ordinary transparent varnish. Glue the strassein to the top of the checkmark and gently press it against the nail.

Manicure step by step

Now apply a top coat or a layer of clear varnish to the entire surface of the nail. Such a measure not only gives the manicure an extra shine, but also protects it from rapid wear.

Manicure step by step

You can see the final appearance of the manicure we created in the photo below.

Black jacket

This nail design is amazingly suitable for any evening dress, and the “diamonds” on your nails will definitely not go unnoticed.

Option 2

In the next lesson, we will walk you through creating a manicure exclusively in black. And where is the french, you ask? Don’t worry, it will definitely be.

To create a manicure, we used:

    • basis for manicure;


    • glossy black lacquer;


    • matting agent;


    • strips for manicure.


To begin with, according to tradition, we perform a classic or European manicure and apply a basic base for manicure on the nails.

Manicure step by step

Let the base dry thoroughly and proceed to further steps. Cover the entire surface of the nail plate with black varnish. It is advisable to do this in two layers, drying each thoroughly.

Why just two layers? So the color will be more saturated, and the gloss will sparkle better.

Manicure step by step

After drying both layers, glue manicure strips on each nail. In our case, they are glued without indentation (as in classic use), but on the very edge of the nail.

Manicure step by step

Now we cover the entire remaining surface of the nail with a matting agent.

Manicure step by step

After drying, carefully remove the strips and enjoy the effect.

Black jacket

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