Black nail design

Black nail design with polish

Black nail design is a nail design with black polish and a lot of possibilities: any color will become even more expressive if it is emphasized with a black pattern. It is enough just to acquire thin brushes of different densities, to develop fine motor skills of the hands and accuracy of execution. By the way, it is not necessary to use black varnish: acrylic paints draw more accurately and clearly, and dry faster. You just need to cover them with a top – they are washed off and torn off instantly. If the varnish without protection lasts a couple of days, then acrylic – a couple of hours.

And decorating nails with canonical drawings, turning an ordinary manicure into a stylish and eye-catching one, is easy. Shall we start?

Just a zebra

In order for the drawing to turn out, you need to degrease the surface of the nail and make it matte. It is best to do this with acetone-free nail polish remover. You can draw both on a clean nail and on a matte white varnish. And if the varnish is yellow, then the print will be tiger.

Zebra manicure

The drawing is done with the thinnest brush, the lines wriggle a little. From above we cover with a fixative.

Leopard print

It’s already more difficult. Predatory nail design is unthinkable without black, the rest is chosen according to mood: it can be brown, and the most contrasting, on a white base, and the spots themselves can be of different colors.

Leopard manicure

You will also need either a special manicure pen, or a brush, or a toothpick – for whom it is convenient to work with.

Let’s get started!

Of course, spots are inconceivable without a base. To make the bonding stronger and the manicure durable, a transparent base is first applied, and the selected varnish is applied in two layers on it. Now let’s wait until it dries. The canvas is ready.

Our spots are drawn with a needle, pen or toothpick. Having dipped the tip into the varnish, we arrange the spots randomly and quickly. The circles don’t need to be perfect and the same size. The edges can be completely uneven, dots do not need to be placed on all nails in the same way.

And now we make the spots look like leopard ones: we circle each circle with black varnish. You can use a needle, you can use a brush – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to be comfortable. Here, too, we forget about even lines and the same width: we draw them jerky, we leave the edges free, but we do not conclude a circle.

Leopard manicure

To make the design look more like a leopard, it is worth randomly placing just uneven dots, circles and checkmarks in black between the spots.
When the “skin” dries, we will cover it with a top – so the leopard will please longer and look more impressive.

Black jacket and more

Where without it, especially since the combination of gold and black always looks stylish and elegant.
A foundation or flesh-colored pink varnish is applied to the nails.

Black jacket

Using a stencil for a jacket (you can also give it the shape of a triangle, by the way), cover the tip of the nail with black varnish.
On the border of the black varnish along the very contour, we glue a gold strip, cut off the extra pieces with scissors.
We cover everything with a fixer.

No less spectacular is the jacket with black nails and gold tips. But it is better if it is a classic jacket with a perfect smile line and glossy varnishes without sparkles.

Reverse black jacket with foil

We cover the nail plate with protection.
We cover the bottom of the nail with a special manicure glue for tips or false nails.
Now apply gold foil to the nail.

To make it stick well, press it firmly and press it. Let the glue dry.

Black and gold manicure

We tear off the rest of the foil from the nail and cut it out so that we get the reverse smile line.
Carefully paint the nails black so as not to touch the foil.
We apply a coating.

The simplest version of a black and gold jacket is a thick varnish with gold sparkles at the tips. There should not be a smile line here, the border between the nail and its tip is well blurred, and there are sparkles on the nail itself, just there are much fewer of them.

Black matte varnish: application features and just features

But the most fashionable black polish nail design reveals the essence of things – no shine, because the black polish has become matte. There is no gloss, it lays down tightly, making the surface of the nail plate velvety and smooth. Black velvet is ideally combined with pearls and rhinestones, and also provides a lot of opportunities for experimentation: it can be combined with classic black lacquer to get amazing effects: glossy with matte black jacket and moon manicure, leopard print, stripes and glossy flowers on velvet … Of course, this is spectacular, but there are several features of applying such a varnish.

Black manicure

Black manicure

    • Firstly, just black varnish, without stickers and colorings, makes the fingers shorter and thinner. Visually, really.


    • Secondly, black matte varnish looks good only on short nails.


    • In addition, before applying it, it is imperative to apply the base, otherwise the nail plates will turn yellow.


    • Such a varnish is very picky about cracks and scratches: if they can be hidden on a pastel-colored varnish, then they cannot be hidden on black. We apply it as carefully as possible. Nothing should get on the skin around the nail, otherwise it will be difficult to wash off.


    • Black matte varnish is applied in only one layer. In addition, a fixer cannot be applied to it: this way it will lose its texture.


    • You can not buy a matte varnish, but simply use a special matting coating.


    • Black matte varnish, like any other, should be stored in a cool place. It cannot be pathologically thickened, because such a varnish cannot be diluted: it will not only lose all its properties, but will become unusable in general. However, such beauty simply will not have time to thicken: this is an amazing field for experiments.


Black matte manicure

Black matte manicure

Black matte manicure

Black matte manicure

Black matte manicure

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