Stylish black pedicure with golden rhinestones

Black Pedicure Fashion Ideas 2022: Top 100 Photos, Trends

Black color is a classic that will never go out of fashion and will always be relevant. A pedicure of this color is universal: it fits any look, so it will be a good choice for any season. Black is appropriate both in the official style and in the relaxed street style. Graceful, strict and luxurious black pedicure is chosen by self-confident girls, full of ambitions and aspirations. They are aware of what they want, set clear goals and always achieve them.

Stylish black pedicure with golden rhinestones

Black color is successfully combined with almost all techniques, suitable for nails of any shape and length. He is able to make wide nail plates visually smaller, emphasizes the well-groomed legs. In addition, every master has a varnish of this color, so you can repeat any design you like.

Black pedicure with silver

Solid black pedicure – style 2022

This is the simplest pedicure option, which at the same time looks stylish and fashionable at any time. If you don’t like to think about the design and color palette of a pedicure for a long time, you will definitely like a solid black finish.

Such a pedicure is not striking, combined with any shoes and clothes. He looks especially interesting with red, white and silver shoes.

Solid black pedicure

The black matte finish looks interesting. For a change, it can be combined with gloss, which will give originality to the pedicure. For example, the nails on the thumbs can be made matte, and the rest – glossy, or alternate coatings.

Solid color matte black pedicure

It is worth remembering that the black color emphasizes minor flaws in the nail plate: cracks, chips, bumps. Before applying varnish, nails must be carefully prepared, eliminating all flaws – only in this case the coating will lie neatly and beautifully.

Black and white contrast pedicure

The combination of these two classic colors always looks advantageous. A black and white pedicure gives room for imagination: here you can use both lace patterns and complex patterns, as well as simple geometry, moon design and, of course, a jacket.

Black and white pedicure

As a rule, they decorate the thumb, since the nail plate on it is the largest. A fairly popular design option is a print in the form of zebra stripes or black and white dots. The marble coating looks interesting and fresh, the base of which can be either black or white.

French pedicure with black color – 2022 classic

French has taken a leading position in nail design and has no plans to go out of fashion. This design visually enlarges the nails, looks concise and discreet. The ideal coating for a black and white jacket is gloss, and to make the design look less boring, it can be diluted with small rhinestones.

Black and white french pedicure

Do not choose large decorations – they are impractical in a pedicure and quickly fall off. The original solution is to decorate the thumb in French style, making the base colored, and cover the rest of the nails with plain black varnish.

Black and red pedicure

This combination looks bold and combines two pedicure colors that have already become classics. Paired with red, the black coating acquires brightness, elegance and solemnity.

Black pedicure with red color

There are several ways to combine these two colors:

  • Ombre. A smooth transition from one color to another makes the pedicure gentle and suitable for both daily looks and special occasions;
  • Monochromatic finish. You can simply alternate shades, and to make the design look more interesting, make black nails matte and red nails glossy;
  • Design. It can be any pattern, but floristry is especially suitable for a black and red combination;
  • Glitter. You can focus on several nails by decorating them with glitter.

Black pedicure with kamifubuki – festive mood 2022

Kamifubuki are sequins of different colors and sizes. They are combined with all colors, so any pedicure is fun and bright.

Black pedicure with kamifubuki

However, on black, kamifubuki look especially interesting and unusual: festive notes are added to the design, and an imitation of confetti is obtained.

Fact about pedicure

The most ancient tools for performing pedicures were recognized as gold items found at excavations in Mesopotamia.

Black pedicure inlay with rhinestones – for luxurious ladies in 2022

This is a design that is performed using rhinestones of various colors, shapes and sizes. In addition to them, artificial stones, chips and other decorations can be used. Such a pedicure will definitely appeal to lovers of luxury and grace. The overflow of pebbles is emphasized by the black color, so against its background they look especially beautiful and attractive.

Black matte pedicure with rhinestones

Before starting work, you should consider how the decor will be located. In most cases, rhinestones are placed in the root zone of the thumbnail, and small nails are completely laid with pebbles.

You can also create interesting compositions, for example, lay out geometric patterns, lace, and so on. This is usually done on the thumb.

Black pedicure with design

Of course, in a pedicure, unlike a manicure, there is much less space for design on the nail plates. However, this does not interfere with creating an unusual design – most often the emphasis is on the thumb, and the rest are left with a plain coating.

Black color goes well with:

  • Patterns. For example, you can draw flowers, simple monograms, or experiment with stencils.
  • Geometric drawings. In black and white design, a chess cage, a strip imitating a zebra, a cage are especially relevant.
  • Sliders. There are already a huge number of options. Drawings can be either black and white or color. The latter will give liveliness to the pedicure and smooth out the severity of the black color.

Black cat eye pedicure is a mysterious trend 2022

Pedicure in this technique looks unusual, mysterious and spectacular. Gel polishes for the “cat’s eye” contain small metallic sparkles, which, with the help of a special magnet, line up in stripes. This technique is suitable for girls who have problems with the nail plate. The cat-eye design helps to hide irregularities and other nail defects.

Black cat eye pedicure

Black pedicure is a great choice for any girl. It is especially popular due to its stylish look, rigor and versatility. On a black background, any design becomes more elegant, more noticeable and more expressive.

The best black pedicure photo ideas 2022 from leading designers and craftsmen

Black pedicure with sequins

Black marble pedicure

Black pedicure with rhinestone decor

Black glitter pedicure

Black pedicure with an accent on the thumb

Festive black pedicure

Black glitter pedicure on thumb

Black geometric pedicure

Black pedicure with a bright pattern

Pedicure in black with decor

Black and white floral pedicure

Black pedicure with white thumb

Black foil pedicure

Black and white geometry pedicure

Black pedicure with yellow

Black emerald cat eye pedicure

Pedicure with inscriptions in black and white colors

Black pedicure with sliders

Black pedicure with silver stripes

Blue pedicure with black

Matte black pedicure with gold

Black pedicure with polka dots

Black leopard print pedicure

Pedicure in dark colors

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