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Black sheath dress: fashionable images, accessories, photos

What to wear with a black sheath dress?

A little black sheath dress is a model of a classic women’s attire that is relevant for any event. It must be in the wardrobe of every lady, as you can easily go to work or a party in it, while always looking perfect. This dress model requires the right selection of accessories.

Style features

Black sheath dress

The little black sheath dress was given to us by Christian Dior just two years after Coco Chanel discovered the famous little black dress in 1926 – an immortal classic. It is distinguished, as a rule, by strict minimalism, restraint and elegance. Only such a style creates ideal outlines and emphasizes all the advantages. It will look great with bright or classic accessories, as it will add the right accent to the image.

Under a sheath dress, especially midi lengths, you should consider pumps as fashionable shoes to add a little femininity to the look. Long gloves are an original addition to the image. A thin belt at the waist will accentuate the waist.

Sheath dress with strap

Complete the look with an elegant handbag or clutch in any color, dark (red, black, gray) or beige will look the most advantageous. The clutch can be chosen in plain color or with decorations.

Sheath dress set

In cool weather, picking up the top will not be a problem. Silk boleros and leather leather jackets are combined with such a dress. Tights should be chosen either in flesh or black, other colors, unfortunately, will look unsuccessful and “tasteless”.

Set with a jacket for a sheath dress

Apply makeup in accordance with the event and the desired image. Remember that rich red lips and neat arrows – the classic solution in this case will look the most advantageous.

Suitable look for a sheath dress

With a black little sheath dress, you can create different combinations of a fashionable look. Choose a top with a V-neck or thin straps, a closed neck or collars that are fashionable in our time.

Strapless Sheath Dress Set

Guipure inserts, lace, peplum are also very popular now. Designers offer to experiment with the length: from mini to maxi, but the main fashion trend this year will be the length just below the knee.

With this outfit, you can create both an elegant look by wearing pumps, and a sporty one by trying on sneakers or slip-ons. These two looks are very popular today, as they look very advantageous.

Set with a scarf for a sheath dress

It is also important to choose the right color combination for a black sheath dress. Since the most fashionable color of the 2019 season is cold red, it will be quite relevant to use accessories of this particular color. However, stylists recommend diluting the combination with a third shade, for example, high gray boots.

Fashionable combination for a sheath dress

The little black dress is a hit of all seasons and therefore an essential part of any girl’s wardrobe. Surprisingly, it will make you the most stylish and sophisticated at any party, whether it’s a wedding or birthday, going to the theater or going to the office.

Accessories for sheath dress

Sheath dress with fashion accessories

Sheath dress can be both everyday and evening option. But each of them requires a careful selection of accessories. We advise you to choose discreet, not vulgar and not flashy accessories, especially if the outfit itself already has a decor. To

For such models with drapery or additional decorations, choose accessories on a thin chain or black strap. If the case is classic with a high neck, then massive decorations and bright colors. With a deep neckline – a choker or small discreet pearl beads.

Bags can be chosen in a variety of shapes and the most unusual bright colors. Shoes should also match the place: for a party or going to a restaurant, we choose classic boats, for a walk or shopping – comfortable bright slip-ons or sneakers.


Discreet look with a sheath dress

Depending on the purpose of the outfit and its style, decorations for the sheath dress are also selected. However, there are general recommendations for the selection of accessories. When choosing jewelry, pay attention to:

  • The purpose of the dress;
  • dress neckline;
  • The length and shape of the sleeves.

When creating a casual look or for work, it is necessary to adhere to a certain dress code, as well as show restraint in the choice of accessories. For example, short chains with a small pendant and hoop bracelets are suitable for a V-neck. You can also complement the image with a few thin rings, and it is recommended to wear shoes in a neutral shade.

Elegant look with a sheath dress

In cases where the dress code allows the wearing of jewelry, you can pick up sets of rings of various sizes. It is best to combine with a sheath dress with thin rings with small stones or rhinestones.

Ring sets

For a corporate evening or a business dinner, you can use a more weekend option. For example, pick up massive earrings with trendy geometry. Other decorations in this case will be redundant.

Earrings with geometry

A more evening version and a boat neckline imply the absence of jewelry around the neck. Instead, the most relevant will be the choice of massive earrings, especially with links. Depending on the length and type of sleeves, you can choose an elegant bracelet.

Boat Neck Sheath Dress

Jewelry sets look interesting on such dresses. Jewelry with chains and massive stones is in trend. Similar options for a strapless dress are suitable.

fashion jewelry set

Under the now popular style of a dress with a neckline, you can also pick up beautiful jewelry. In this case, it is better to do with only earrings or chains. Moreover, both those and others should be long or medium length.

Decorations for a dress with a neck

Long and massive decorations are suitable mainly for evening events and celebrations. However, they should also be chosen with care, according to the style of the dress. It is best to use a set of jewelry, or just one, to enhance the beauty of the dress, rather than outshine it.

Massive decorations

When choosing jewelry for a sheath dress, you must also focus on the material of manufacture. So, the most relevant will be precious and semi-precious metals with a small scattering of stones or small rhinestones.


Fashionable bag for a sheath dress

The choice of handbags suitable for a sheath dress is huge. However, it is recommended to give preference to the most fashionable and stylish options:

  • Klatcham;
  • Handbags-chests;
  • Cross body;
  • Mini bags;
  • Backpacks.

Large handbags or bags-bags will not look with this style of dress. The color scheme directly depends on the chosen accessories and shoes. A black handbag with a chain is considered a classic.

Black bag under the sheath dress

Black color is also relevant for clutches. With the help of such an accessory, you can create a stylish and at the same time strict image. Depending on the make-up and other accessories, this image can be used for more solemn events.

Long black clutch and sheath dress

The black color is suitable for a business image. The combination of a handbag on a chain and a sheath dress will allow you to stand out, while not violating the dress code on…

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