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Blogging trends: what is now popular to post in the feed

Blogging trends: what is fashionable among those who do not part with the phone

Bloggers have become very popular lately, although someone still considers this occupation to be idleness. But today we will not talk about the duties of a blogger, but the trends that they bring to the masses.

What is popular now among our bloggers?

A blogger is a person who actively shares moments from his life and work on social networks. Such people are not afraid to express their own point of view, actively make contact with subscribers, discuss the most acute and pressing problems. In addition, they are a role model and an eternal source of inspiration for an audience that seeks to adopt their habits.

We tell you what is popular among our bloggers today.

Complain to subscribers

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One of the biggest blogging trends of this and last year is whining.

Complaining about life while sitting in a beautiful car, your own apartment or somewhere on the islands is really fashionable today. Moreover, most of the audience accepts and supports this position, not realizing that all this is for the sake of the very coverage that all bloggers are fighting for, and not because a black streak has really come in life.

Speaking in simple human language: there are much fewer people who are ready to rejoice than those who are happy to support a conversation about how bad and dull everything is around. Sad, but the trend.

look strange

Niletto and Urgant

Today, everyone has the opportunity to look good. Stylists now and then talk about how to dress and make up fashionably in order to win over people. But bloggers do everything exactly the opposite.

Popular TV presenters, artists, theater and film actors are increasingly choosing strange and revealing outfits.

What for?

To stand out and once again attract attention. After all, as we said earlier, it is impossible to admire for a long time, but to condemn and ridicule – at least 24 hours a day. And this is all the same reach and popularity that is so necessary to make money on your own blog.

👉👉👉 Photos of our celebritieswhich look strange, although they are actually beautiful.

Constantly lose weight

Gohar Avetisyan after surgery before and after photos

Among bloggers, those who really need to lose weight are extremely few. Many still with the first hundred subscribers put their own body in order to please themselves and others. However, if you constantly brag about your figure, the audience will not be loyal, so bloggers have come up with such a trick as a constant desire to become the best version of themselves.

Popular girls and guys tell and show how they eat, train, limit themselves to look like supermodels. Subscribers are motivated.

dress brightly

Buzova with braids photo

The trend of minimalism in clothes is not about bloggers. The authors of popular social media accounts specifically choose bright things and shoes. Some even dye their hair pink, green or blue.

This is done in order to always be in sight. People around turn around, someone finds out, others are interested, others shoot on the phone and put it on the network, and this is a free way to become even more popular and expand your audience.

hair rings

Ivleeva with pigtails photo

A fairly recent trend in blogger hairstyles is hair piercings. Small rings are woven into thin pigtails with a distance of a couple of centimeters. Looks attractive and easy to replicate.

This trend has replaced the Afro-curls that every second blogger tried a few months ago.

Dynamic photos

Rudova insta

We are accustomed to take the ideal pose for photography: long legs, a thin waist, and several sizes of chest. However, looking at the latest pictures of popular bloggers, it becomes clear that the perfect posing is a thing of the past.

Today, a dynamic tape is in trend. It is characterized by reportage shooting, where you can see the movement and life. People are tired of perfect pictures, so bloggers, realizing this, decided to diversify their accounts and get closer to their subscribers by taking pictures that are familiar to many. You no longer need to rent a photo studio and professionally process the pictures, just take a seemingly random photo.

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