Manicure and pedicure duo in blue

Blue pedicure: 160 photos of stylish ideas and color combinations in 2022

Blue has different associations for different peoples. For some, it is a symbol of heaven and eternity, for others – fidelity and constancy. Many Slavic peoples associate it with grief and sadness. Psychologists believe that blue and its shades relieve tension and promote calmness. For many, the blue color evokes memories of a cloudless sky, meadow flowers (cornflowers and forget-me-nots), and summer vacations at sea.

Pedicure for healthy feet

The blue color in pedicure has long taken a leading place in the nail industry. It is suitable for application to the toenails at any time of the year, both warm and cold. Switching to closed shoes with the onset of cold weather should not mean giving up a pedicure. After all, foot pedicure is done not only to make the legs look beautiful and well-groomed, it is primarily a concern for their health.

Manicure and pedicure duo in blue

And men’s feet need a pedicure no less than women’s. Ingrown toenails, fungal infections, corns, calluses, these are just some of the things that a lack of constant foot care can lead to.

Shades of blue in foil pedicure

Features of the blue color of the pedicure

The blue color is quite complex. It refers to one of the three primary base colors. On the Ponton scale, it has 180 shades. Blue is very popular among nail designers. Almost all collections of spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons contain varieties of blue coatings.

Pedicure with winter landscape

The most popular in terms of popularity are:

  • Dark blue colors as an example of refined taste, luxury, aristocracy, a sense of stylistic orientation.
    A chic combination of dark blue with a gold ornament in a pedicure

  • Midnight blue, dark and warm, with thick pigmentation, they have many combinations with other shades. Deep blue nails, decorated with gold and silver glitter, look especially rich.
  • The colors of the Black Sea, combining all the richness of the colors of sea waters. The unique color contains blotches of green, watery white, black tones and undertones.
  • Cobalt shades of blue, the rich color of which is simply impossible not to notice. Nail polishes with cobalt color combine the royal luxury of blue and emerald green tones.
  • Sapphire, cold and discreet, with a striking blue that draws attention to itself. The sapphire shade goes well with colors that enhance their visual perception (contrasting).
  • Denim, at first glance, is simple and at the same time stylish. Classic colors are always at the peak of popularity, suitable for any season, combined with bright colors.
  • Prussian blue colors, partially reminiscent of denim shades. Mixing muted burgundy and mint tones, a dark-colored pedicure is suitable for a warm or cold season.
  • Klein, the peculiarity of which is that with its help the illusion of an expensive velvety coating is created. The color was obtained in 1960 by French artist Yves Klein. Since then, it has been the standard of classics and harmony.
  • The colors of blue dust, as the most harmonious, have incorporated impurities of violet and azure tones. They evoke calm, look noble and majestic.
  • Ultramarine shades with a caustic acid tone. Only white and deep blue, used as a base, can balance it.
    Ultramarine pedicure

  • Electrician, bright and saturated, a real charge of cheerfulness and positive.
blue shade chart

Blue pedicure options in 2022

Nails can be covered with plain blue varnish in different tones or decorated with beautiful decor. Any option will complement the chosen image of a young girl and an aged woman. There are a lot of ways to decorate nail plates with shades of blue. Let’s consider some of the options.

Elegant pedicure in blue

Pedicure is decorated with sparkles not only for special occasions and New Year’s holidays. You can decorate cold shades with small and large sparkles at any time of the year. Glitter looks good on the entire nail plate, on its part, as a decoration for a drawing or a selected fragment.

Azure Glitter Pedicure

The azure base coat with a marble effect looks original, where the entire azure base is dotted with subtle streaks of white or beige.

Blue marble effect pedicure

A pedicure decorated with rhinestones looks elegant and discreet on the nail plates. Faceted small pebbles look especially beautiful placed in the central part of the nail plates in the places of their growth.

Fact about pedicure

The first professional pedicure school was opened in 1913. She produced masters of pedicure. Moreover, most of the graduates were men: out of the first 14 masters, there was only one woman.

Pedicure with rhinestones on the nail plates of the thumbs

Large size rhinestones can be seen not only on garments, hair clips, but also as decoration for fingers and toes.

Pedicure with glitter and large stones on the big toes

In summer, light shades of blue, diluted with white, beautifully set off the tanned skin of the legs.

Stylish blue with white pedicure

When going on vacation to the azure seashore, you need to take with you on vacation not only light clothes with a marine theme, but also decorate the nails on your hands and feet to match the style with them. Stripes in different shades of blue, images of anchors, fish, seaweed testify to the marine style.

Manicure-pedicure with a marine theme

Marine pedicure is not limited to the colors of the sea waves and paraphernalia. French and moon designs have been and remain timeless classics of all time. On the nails, you can highlight the line of a smile or paint their tips blue.

French pedicure with blue color

You can give the atmosphere of a holiday to your nails not only with rhinestones, glitter, stones, but also with foil. Holographic patterns with elements of foil create an imitation of broken glass fragments. Nail plates with this design attract the views of others.

Broken glass pedicure design

When choosing varieties of blue, they are guided by the style of clothing and accessories, the shade of the skin, and the seasons. Women with warm skin tone are more suitable for light blue tones. With a cold skin color – saturated blue colors.

Actual photo ideas of a blue pedicure in 2022

Solid blue pedicure

Matte blue pedicure

Marine style pedicure

Winter blue pedicure

New Year's pedicure

Summer blue pedicure

Pedicure with white snowflakes on a blue background

Blue manicure with stucco

Marine themed pedicure

Beach pedicure in shades of blue

Blue glitter pedicure

Starry sky pedicure

Blue pedicure with silver sequins

Pedicure in light shades of blue

Blue matte pedicure with rhinestones

Blue pedicure with dot pattern and large rhinestones

Pedicure in yellow and blue with kamifubuki

Sand pedicure in shades of blue

The combination of nude and blue shades in a pedicure

Space pedicure design

Blue pedicure with glitter and stones

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