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Bob caret graduated photo and video

Haircut caret graduated for short and medium hair

When exactly the bob haircut appeared, the masters themselves will no longer be able to remember. But one thing is for sure, this unpretentious on the one hand hairstyle today has a lot of shapes and styling options. Therefore, in this article we propose to discuss a graduated caret, consider a photo on the topic and find out how beautifully and correctly to lay the strands.

Graduated caret for short and medium hair photo

When visiting a hairdresser, masters often ask the question: Do you want a graduated, straight, long or standard haircut? But many visitors simply do not know what this means. A graduated haircut implies a technique in which sections of curls are made with a stretch at a certain angle, degree, hence the name. This technique slightly modifies the hairstyle itself, makes it more volumetric and magnificent. Therefore, this option is so fond of both the masters of the salons and the clients themselves. How it looks and possible variations we offer to look at the proposed photos.425 453245 2453 four 45254 23

Graduated caret for medium hair photo

The most common option is the average length of hair (with lengthening or in the standard). It is comfortable, beautiful and elegant. Masters offer clients (both men and women) several options for graduated haircuts: with and without bangs, with asymmetry and a straight cut. At the same time, the bangs do not have to be straight, they can also have an asymmetric (beveled) and / or graduated shape in any variation. In this case, much depends on the oval of the face:

  • for the correct oval shape any option is suitable;33
  • for round – choose the shape of the haircut that visually stretches the oval of the face, i.e. with elongated tips;78
  • for a narrow face (triangular, rectangular, etc.) you need to choose an option that will add the missing volume, for example, twist the ends, make a light pile, etc., these techniques also help with thin hair.dressya-kopiya

The presented photographs clearly show the dynamics and styling possibilities: classical strict form, slightly disheveled and a little careless, etc.55 32 one

Haircut graduated bob for short hair

Stylish beauties who are open to experimentation choose such a variety as a bob for short hair. In this case, age in this situation does not really matter: this option makes young girls more mischievous, mature women visually rejuvenates. This is a personal choice, but please note that this option reveals well the features of the face and neck. If a woman hasage problems (the most common – folds on the neck) they should be more carefully hidden: wear beautiful, stylish scarves, do the right makeup and styling. Yes, yes, styling can help hide wrinkles on the face. It is enough to slightly let the curls into the problem areas and the distraction is ready. The photos perfectly demonstrate the possibilities.

bob with bangs

bob haircut – one of the high works of masters, which has not lost its position for a long time and does not leave the tops of popularity.

Below are variations with photo illustrations: graduated bob with bangs for medium hair photo and graduated bob with bangs for short hair photo. A haircut can be done without a bang, but it is the bang that gives more audacity and outrageousness to the overall image. The bob goes with any style of clothing: it looks organic in a sports uniform and in a classic office worker suit. See for yourself by viewing our photo selection.175 421 eleven 425

Kare with lengthening

In this embodiment, the extension is considered facade (lateral front) strands. It can be curls on one side (one or more) or on both. The length of these strands can reach the shoulders or chin, but an important condition is that they are definitely longer than the main strands (along the general contour). Haircut in this version looks luxurious and elegant. In this case, the presence of bangs does not play a special role. Either way, it looks great. A bob haircut graduated for medium hair photo gives a better idea of ​​​​this option.3 2 one

Laying for graduated caret video

The option of laying a graduated caret depends on the desire of the owner:

  • to create voluminous hair use mousses or foams;

  • help to add volume and techniques such as light bouffants, they allow you to create a variety of images and experiment with hair, at the end of such styling it is recommended to use hairsprays;
  • for the classic lay strands with gel;
  • it is permissible to twist the ends and/or bangs with convenient means: curl, hair dryer, ironing, etc .;

  • to create a bold look it is not necessary to use the schemes or the aids proposed above, it is enough to scatter the strands carelessly after washing and dry without combing.

The photos presented to your attention will open the world for you fantasies from the masters of their business, who are able to make luxurious options for every day (for a walk or going to work) or for special events (weddings, graduations, etc.) from a standard haircut.

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