Boy haircut

Boy haircut for girls 2022: types, who it suits and how to care for it (with beautiful photo examples)

Hairstyles with ultra-short hair are a bright trend that has not lost popularity since the days of Coco Chanel. Beauties who decide to radically cut their hair always attract the attention of others. The masters of our salon will tell you everything about haircuts for a boy for girls: what types are there, who they suit and how to care for them.

Boy haircut

Pros and cons of a short haircut for a boy for a girl

Ultra-short hairstyles are chosen by young ladies who want to radically change the image and stand out from the crowd of long-haired beauties. Curls and curls no longer distract the attention of the viewer, so the accents are transferred to facial features. Boy haircuts are preferred by determined girls.

Short elegant hairstyle for a boy

Ultra-short hairstyles go well with feminine looks. The harmonious combination of make-up, accessories and clothes keeps fashionistas pretty. It is important not to go to extremes (rough wardrobe, lack of makeup), otherwise a beauty with such a haircut will turn into a boy.

Women's haircut for a boy

Ultra-short hairstyles need to be washed every day. Hair is easy to care for. During hygiene procedures, less shampoo is used, and balms and masks are not needed, which dramatically saves the budget. The head dries very quickly.

Frequent visits to the hairdresser is the main disadvantage of a boy haircut for girls. Depending on the type of hairstyle you choose, you will have to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks. The styling must not be started, otherwise it loses its shape and looks sloppy. If the beauty wants to let go of the curls again, then the hair grows unevenly and requires regular correction.

Ultra short hairstyle for a boy

Hair needs to be dyed often. For fashionistas who have a minimal transition of tones between native and dyed curls, this will not be a problem. If the color of the hair is contrasting or gray, then you will have to dye it often.

Girl's hairstyle for a boy

Monotony is another drawback of a boy haircut for girls. Fashionistas have a limited choice of styling that the hairstyle supports. Bored bangs from the face can not be removed by fixing with hairpins.

Ultrashort hair is not allowed:

  • curl in curls;
  • collect in the tail;
  • twist into a bun.

A high-quality short hairstyle cannot be done at home. Only a professional salon master is able to cut strands neatly and evenly. During the work of a specialist, the hair will not stick out in different directions or lie in uneven straws. A professional selects the cutting technique and tools for the individual characteristics of the young lady.

Types of women’s haircuts for a boy

The variety of haircuts for a boy for girls is huge. They differ in hair length, texture and the presence of bangs. Masters often combine different techniques, achieving a certain effect.

Extravagant women’s haircut “under zero”

The most extravagant and extraordinary hairstyle of all ultra-short types. The haircut was once worn by Natalie Portman and Demi Moore. The option is suitable for girls with the correct shape of the skull, perfect facial features and clear skin.

Natalie Portman's boy hairstyle

The design focuses on:

  • expressive eyes;
  • long neck;
  • fragile figure.
Hairstyle for a girl

The hair in the haircut can be cut completely (“naked”) or leave a small hedgehog (up to 1 cm). A flatter hairstyle is often worn with a casual style that harmoniously combines comfort with casualness. Elegant trouser suits, mid-length skirts and jeans are appropriate in the wardrobe.

Kristen Stewart with boy haircut

Feminine short haircut “hedgehog”

A slightly modified and feminine version of the “under zero” haircut. Hair length is from 1 to 7 cm. The ultra-short hairstyle sticks out like a hedgehog, so the beauty resembles a teenage tomboy. The elongated options fit slightly to the head. The young lady’s face becomes pretty, feminine.

Hairstyle for a girl under a boy

Emma Watson with a bob hairstyle for a boy

Ultra short hairstyle for girls

Trendy haircut for a girl under a pixie boy

Sharp protruding corners flowing into bangs are a recognizable feature of a haircut for a girl. The back of the head and temples are made as short as possible. Texture and volume are obtained by a combination of asymmetry and layering. Sometimes the master randomly cuts the strands, alternating curls of different lengths.

Pixie haircut for a boy with lengthening

When styling, the hair is tousled, achieving the effect of slight negligence. The pixie has variable bangs. In the classic version, an asymmetrical forelock descends from the top of the head. The element is longer than the rest of the hair. Hair can be laid on the forehead with a tight fence, pushed to the side or lifted up with a perky tuft. In 2022, ultra-short options are in trend.

Women's Pixie boy haircut with a torn edge

Katy Perry with pixie haircut

Stylish female haircut under the boy “twiggy”

A stylish haircut is ideal for girls with oval or triangular faces. There is no aggressiveness in it, as in a pixie or “under zero”. The image is soft, feminine and sexy. The length of the hair at the back of the head is 2-4 cm, the rest of the curls are from 6 or more.

Women's hairstyle for a twiggy boy

The solution is used on smooth, obedient hair. Twiggy haircut is styled with a side parting. The hairstyle has a flat bang that can be slightly bent. Excess hairs from the temples are removed behind the ears.

Supermodel Twiggy

Simple and stylish haircut for a boy for girls “garcon”

A short haircut for girls is performed using the graduation technique. Each next strand should lie on the previous one. In the lower part of the back of the head, the shortest hair is left, the volume is left at the crown.

Women's hairstyle for a boy Garcon

The hairstyle is easy to style, there are many everyday and evening options. The solution is suitable for beauties of all ages and helps to look younger.

Garcon haircut for girls

Naughty short women’s haircut “gavroche”

The haircut for girls combines elongated strands at the back of the head with short temples. The image uses mischievous bangs with jagged edges. The hair has pointed torn edges, which is why the curls stick out in different directions. The forelock can fall on the forehead or to the nose.

Hairstyle for a boy Gavroche

Sometimes there is no tuft in the hairstyle or it is ultra-short. Gavroche – haircut with minimal styling. In the morning, it is enough for a fashionista to ruffle the hairs with her fingers. The design goes well with all types of staining and coloring. The hairstyle looks very elegant and stylish.

Women's haircut Gavroche with long bangs

Stylish haircut for a boy Gavroche

Original female haircut with a shaved temple

Any haircut with a shaved temple looks bright, fresh and unusual. The element can go into a short-haired nape or be the only accent in the image. The length of the hairs varies between 3-8 mm.

Boy haircut with shaved head

A shaved temple is often used in short hairstyles, although fashionistas cut off the original detail for medium and long hair. The structure can be painted. In the shaving area, the master makes a complex pattern or creates a smooth ombre effect.

Women's hairstyles for a boy with a shaved temple

Boy haircut with a pattern on the temple

Women's haircut with a shaved temple and long hair

What girls exactly fit short haircuts for a boy

A boy haircut is suitable for girls and women with perfect facial features and a beautiful skull. Ultra-short hairstyle focuses on the eyes and lips, neck and skin. Too coarse a chin or a low forehead can no longer be hidden under curls.

Harmonious female hairstyle for a boy

The minimalism of the image will have to be compensated with accessories and the right makeup. If you haven’t had eyelash extensions or eyebrow shaping in the salon yet, then with short hair…

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