Revitalizing Brazilian Pedicure

Brazilian pedicure 2022: features, technique, (200 photo ideas)

A high-quality hardware or edged pedicure takes time, which is not always available. With the development of the nail industry, new, gentle ways of caring for the legs and nails, and their restoration, have appeared. It is to such innovative technologies that the Brazilian pedicure belongs.

Revitalizing Brazilian Pedicure

Unlike mechanical methods, it does not require steaming, it is extremely simple to perform, and is done within 30-40 minutes. It is about this interesting technique that we will talk about today.

Brazilian pedicure after procedures

Well-groomed feet with fashionable pedicure

What is the difference between Brazilian pedicure and other methods

This technique was first used in Brazil, hence its name. To reduce the consumption of precious drinking water, a special emulsion was invented.

Restoration of skin and nails with a Brazilian pedicure

Thanks to the components it contains, it not only softens dead and keratinized skin, but also acts as a nourishing, healing and regenerating agent.

Brazilian pedicure: the cuticle is moved with an orange stick

The emulsion contains the following substances:

  • keratin, calcium;
  • tea tree oil;
  • vitamin E, beeswax;
  • witch hazel, allantoin;
  • urea, bleaching and leveling polymer.

Depending on the manufacturer and the claimed action, the composition may have an antibacterial, pronounced hypoallergenic, antifungal effect.

Brazilian pedicure - treatment of the free edge of the nails

Due to the fact that professional tools and precision of movements are not needed for Brazilian pedicure, the technique is readily used at home, as well as beginner masters who are just getting their hands on.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Brazilian pedicure

The Brazilian technique is rapidly gaining popularity due to significant advantages:

  • a one-time set can be used not only in the salon, but also on the road, on vacation or at home;
  • the procedure has a pronounced SPA effect, is very pleasant and does not cause any inconvenience;
  • in the process, the master conducts a professional massage, dispersing the blood and relieving fatigue from the legs;
  • with regular use, the effect is clearly pronounced – the risk of cracks, fungus and ingrown nails is reduced, the skin takes on a healthy appearance, becomes smooth and velvety;
  • feet sweat less, and the nail plates do not exfoliate, they become stronger;
  • the technique does not require the use of softening baths, caustic compounds, milling cutters;
  • there are no contraindications, except for allergies to the components of the emulsion;
  • since no sharp instruments are used, the risk of injury and infection is minimal.
Perfect feet and nails with a Brazilian pedicure

There is only one drawback: high-quality sets from trusted manufacturers are not cheap.

Fact about pedicure

For the first time, mass paid pedicure services were offered by David Low, in 1780, in London. He removed calluses and corns, which caused discomfort and prevented normal movement.

Disposable Brazilian Pedicure Sets

How to perform a Brazilian pedicure in 2022

Since the technique belongs to restorative and care, it is best to do a Brazilian pedicure on a day or evening free from worries. The legs and feet must be allowed to rest after the procedures.

The technique itself is quite simple, but very effective.

  • The feet are washed and treated with an antiseptic liquid.
Foot disinfection before procedures

  • Old coatings, decorative elements are removed, freeing the nail plates.
Removal of old coatings with a Brazilian pedicure

  • The free edge is trimmed or filed, giving the nails the desired shape.
  • The skin of the feet is treated with hardware or any other method. Remove corns, dead skin, smooth cracks. At the end, young, clean skin is carefully polished.
Brazilian heel treatment

  • The restoring emulsion is squeezed out into plastic thermal socks, evenly distributed over the entire area, and put on the legs.
  • The master performs a foot massage, which improves blood circulation and promotes the absorption of the emulsion.
  • After half an hour, the fingers are freed from plastic, the cuticle is treated with orange sticks or tools.
  • Socks are removed, softened dead skin is removed with a fine-grained pumice stone or file.
  • Feet are wiped dry.

At the end of the procedures, the master applies a protective transparent composition, or makes a full-fledged pedicure with a nail design.

Brazilian pedicure: feet before and after

Brazilian pedicure: applying the base

Application of a decorative coating

Fashionable photo ideas of decorative coatings 2022 with a Brazilian pedicure

Revitalizing Brazilian pedicure is an excellent basis for bringing interesting ideas to life. Nail design can be concise or airy romantic, bright and businesslike.

Abstract pedicure in floral theme

Beautiful ladies just have to choose the best option that will make their legs unforgettable and delightful. This season, the following colors are relevant:

  • bright, fiery colors;
  • variety of colors;
  • pale pink tones;
  • white and nude shades;
  • warm chocolate brown;
  • cool mint;
  • blue, cyan and turquoise palette.
Unusual pedicure with abstract stains

Brazilian pedicure in a short time brings the toes and nail plates, moans and heels into perfect order. The skin becomes smooth, healthy shade, and the nails delight with a smooth surface and a neat free edge.

Multi-colored pedicure with foil

It is on such legs that the most extravagant, fantastic nail design looks great. And soft pastel colors emphasize their naturalness and grooming.

Bright scarlet pedicure with a pattern

Bright festive pedicure with a pattern

Summer orange pedicure with holes

Summer pink and peach pedicure with butterflies

Light pink pedicure with rhinestones

Spring pale pink French pedicure

Unusual summer pedicure in a flower theme

Summer white and blue pedicure with flowers

Turquoise Foil Pedicure Design

Fashionable mint pedicure with silver

Beautiful gentle pedicure with modeling and caviar

Unusual mint pedicure

Chocolate pedicure with lace

Brown pedicure plain

Original milk pedicure with pictures

Beautiful nude pedicure with gold

Monochromatic pedicure

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