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Bright eye makeup: ideas, techniques, photos

How to make bright eye makeup?

Every woman wants to look special, and creating a bright image helps her in this. Applying a multi-colored palette of colors to the eyes gives a special charm and grace to the girls. The main thing when applying makeup is not to overdo it with color shades and flight of fancy.

Features of bright makeup

Bright eye makeup

Applying bright makeup includes a number of features. In this case, a palette of nude colors will not work. How put on bright makeup, but not look vulgar and defiant? Here are some tips:

  • Keep the line between bright and tasteless application of decorative cosmetics.
  • Choose a color scheme according to the color of the skin and eyes. Not everyone suits bright eye makeup. For example, if you make up a red-haired girl in this style, she will look like a clown. And if the blonde uses bright shadows, then she will look vulgar.
  • When applying makeup, the emphasis is on drawing the eyes. There should be no circles underneath. The maximum number of colors in the palette is 3. They must be combined with each other or be in bright contrast. The main rule for applying shadows is that light shades are applied under the eyebrows and on the corners of the eye from its inner side. Color saturation increases gradually. Let’s not forget about shading.
  • If a woman wants to focus on her eyes, then lipstick is applied in light shades – peach, coral or pink. But if the attention of others should be focused on the lips, then lipsticks are chosen in bright and saturated colors – scarlet, wine, fuchsia and others.

When applying bright makeup, lips are painted in rich shades.

The color palette for bright eye makeup is selected according to their color. If a woman has Blue eyes, then rich and juicy shades will suit her. To create a bright image, brunettes can combine light lilac and dark blue colors. The appearance of blondes will be shaded by purple and rich pink shades. If the owners of blue eyes do not focus on them, then a juicy shine of bright colors is applied to the lips.

The lighter the eye color, the deeper the shades of the color palette should be.

Bright makeup for blue eyes

To create a bright image, the owner brown eyes use burgundy and crimson shades. To avoid the effect of tearful and tired eyes when applying makeup, avoid using light pink colors. Women with brown eyes should choose lipstick to match the shadows. A dark pink shade on the face will enhance the warmth and attractiveness of brown-eyed girls.

Bright makeup for brown eyes

To create harmony and contrast, when applying bright makeup to women with green eyes red and purple shades of the palette are used. If the eyes are painted in a brick color, then the lipstick is selected in the same tone or pale pink.

Bright makeup for green eyes

Ideas for bright eye makeup

Bright makeup should look stylish and neat. We offer several ideas for creating an unusual image.

Monomakeup in bright colors is a modern trend. The technique of its application is to use 1 color. It looks beautiful on the eyelids and is called art makeup.

Monomakeup in bright colors

Applying bright make-up in style bottom eyeliner implies the drawing of the lower eyelid. An arrow is drawn with shadows under the contour of the eyelashes. It can also be drawn with shades of shades that a woman has not used before when applying makeup on her eyes. To soften the drawn line, its contour is shaded.

Makeup with shadows

Another idea for creating a bright image – colorful smoky ice. For their formation, rich shades of the palette are used – blue, emerald, red, plum and others. A feature of smokey ice when applying bright makeup is unlimitedness in the color palette. You can apply all the fantasy, but to make the face look beautiful.

Bright smokey ice

How to create a bright image using the Smokey Ice technique? Let’s talk about this further.

Bright smokey ice: step by step

Among makeup artists and girls, the most popular eye makeup technique is smokey ice. To make bright eyes, follow the following step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1. Applying shadows. For a bright smokey ice, shades such as blue, green, brown are suitable. Shadows are applied to the mobile and lower eyelids.

Apply shadows on the mobile and lower eyelids

Step 2. Drawing the upper and lower eyelids. They are drawn with a black pencil to give expressiveness to a woman’s look. Lines are also applied to the space between the eyelashes and the mucous membrane. After they are shaded.

Drawing a pencil on the upper eyelid

Step 3. Applying black shadows. Using a brush, they are evenly distributed on top of the applied lines on the lower and upper eyelids.

Applying black shadows

Step 4. Formation of the crease of the eyelid. It stands out with brown shadows. Do not forget about shading the borders between different shades of the color palette. A blue-violet shadow is applied to the center of the eyelid. After that, blue iridescent shades are added. The last color emphasizes the lower eyelid.

Drawing the eye from the lower and upper eyelids

Step 5. The final one is applying mascara or false eyelashes. A characteristic feature of smokey ice makeup are false eyelashes, but in their absence, you can use lengthening mascara. Eyelashes are painted over in several layers to give the effect.

Bright smokey eye makeup

Bright smokey ice makeup is complete!

Monomakeup in bright colors

Applying one color mono-makeup feature

Monomakeup is a modern trend that involves the creation of makeup with only one decorative cosmetic. For example, if you want to create a bright mono-makeup, you can use a palette of shadows for a moving eyelid, creating a shimmering effect on the cheekbones and giving a healthy shine to the lips. Although, most often this technique is used to create everyday nude makeup. It is easier to create a bright image using the Smokey Ice or Butterfly technique.

colored arrows

Colored arrows look beautiful when applying bright makeup

To give expressiveness to bright makeup, arrows are drawn. It is they who visually enlarge and highlight the eyes of a woman. To draw them are used:

  • liners;
  • liquid eyeliners;
  • shadow pencils;
  • markers;
  • pencils.

The effect of the arrows depends on the choice of cosmetic product. Using a pencil, both bright and translucent arrows are created. It all depends on the intensity of applying it to the eyes. To create the effect of a light haze, the applied arrow is shaded.

When applying bright arrows, the color of the eyes is taken into account. If you choose the right shade, then the makeup will be spectacular and emphasize the beauty of a woman.

For example, blue-eyed orange, pink, yellow, blue and silver shades are suitable. Girls with green eyes can use plum, bronze and purple flowers.

When applying bright arrows, makeup artists prefer blue, which suits every girl.

Owners brown eyes when applying makeup, lilac and green shades are used. Gray-eyed girls fit any color of the arrows.

colored ink

When applying bright makeup, colored mascara is used

When applying bright makeup, colored mascara is used. Preference can be given below to the following brands.


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