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Bright idea of ​​French manicure for the summer

Summer is a long-awaited time for most people. And this is the time when our ladies want to look the most attractive. And a must-have attribute at this time is a wonderful summer nail design. In particular, French is an excellent choice.

There are no big difficulties in creating a summer French manicure; you can cope with this task at home. To do this, you need to take base coat polish, setting agent, glitter, thin brushes, acrylic paints, nail polish remover and a touch-up brush. You can add rhinestones to all this.

Bright jacket

It all starts with a base coat. Then, on the tip of the nail, using a colorless varnish, you need to glue the sparkles. Alternatively, it can be sparkles of light blue and green colors, with which you can make a smooth gradient transition in the French zone.

The manicure is completed by fixing the coating with the help of a special tool. But you can experiment more if you want. If you have enough experience and imagination, you can complement the manicure with bright floral patterns on the nail plate, which should be in tune with the design made in the previous steps.

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