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Brown eyelash extensions: pros, features and choice of shades in 2022 (50+ photos)

Brown eyelash extensions are the best option for those ladies who want to bring something new and unusual to their everyday style, but are not yet ready to shock the public. In the beauty salon, the master will help you choose the best shade, draw up an individual scheme, with the most suitable effect for the type of face. The fashion trend for brown shades in makeup and eyelashes allows you to create a natural, sophisticated look. Give the eyes more expressiveness, emphasize their beauty, without losing naturalness.

Eyelash extensions

Dark brown mocha eyelash extensions

Brown eyelash extensions

Benefits of brown eyelash extensions

The main trend of the past and coming seasons is naturalness, naturalness in appearance, clothes, make-up.

Natural effect with brown eyelash extensions

What are their advantages?

  • Brown synthetic hairs allow you to correct and enhance natural cilia, remaining almost invisible. Of course, if the client wants to make a wow effect with voluminous extensions, foil elements, decorations, then the skillful work of the master will be obvious. But, even in this case, the cilia look more natural than the black standard.
  • In the process of growing your own eyelashes, the difference between them and artificial fibers is almost imperceptible. This allows you to extend the period of wearing without correction or removal.
Expressive look with brown eyelash extensions

The material is carefully selected according to the color type of hair, skin and iris of the eyes. Such eyelashes perfectly complement and emphasize the beauty of a woman.

Fluffy brown eyelash extensions

Brown voluminous eyelash extensions for brown hair


Double brown lashes

Lush eyelash extensions

How to choose the right shade of brown for eyelash extensions in 2022

The palette of brown shades is surprisingly diverse.

Different tones can be obtained by mixing:

  • green and red;
  • orange and gray, blue;
  • yellow and purple.

From which base shade is greater, cold and warm shades are obtained, with chic undertones. The saturation of tones also delights, from dark, almost black, to light golden, almost milky. Accordingly, magnificent prospects open up before the lashmaker and the fashionista.

Dark brown eyelash extensions for brunettes

The brown range, in contrast to the monotonous black, allows you to fully reveal the natural charm and beauty of the lady. With its help, it is much easier to create a unique image. You just need to choose the right shade or combination of them.

  • The base tone is selected according to the color of the hair roots. It is imperative to observe harmony: ash blondes and fair-haired ladies are more suitable for cold tones. And red, golden blondes and ladies with chocolate brown curls are warm. For platinum ladies and burning brunettes, there are no such restrictions.
  • Do not use too dark shades with delicate, fair skin and hair. Gray-brown, golden brown options will look harmonious.
  • It is not necessary to choose a single shade of artificial fibers. A light ombre effect looks more natural, a combination of hairs with different shades.
  • Darker tones allow you to make an expressive accent in the eye area, attract increased attention. Light hairs are a good basis for nude, daytime makeup.
  • For a lady over 50, a brown palette is the best option.
Light brown lashes for blondes

When choosing a shade of material, you should pay attention to the usual style, the image of a lady. If she loves bright makeup colors, catchy outfits, too light tone will be lost against the background of all this splendor. In addition, experienced lash makers pay attention to the color of the iris.

Classic brown eyelash extensions for light eyes

With the help of a shade of cilia, you can emphasize it, make it deeper and brighter.

Fact about eyelashes

Simple mascara visually lengthens the cilia. The secret is simple – the tips of the hairs 1-2 mm long are almost transparent. It is worth painting them along the entire length, and you get a chic additional volume.

Reddish brown eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions

What glue is better to use for brown eyelash extensions

Modern manufacturing companies offer the widest range of adhesives for eyelash extensions. They are made on different bases, have different properties. However, not all compositions are equally well suited for brown eyelash extensions. Traditional glue with black pigment can be used for dark brown shades. But for light hairs, this material is not suitable.

A drop of transparent silicone glue for brown eyelash extensions

For eyelash extensions in a brown palette, it is best to use transparent silicone types of glue. They do not contain paint, so they do not affect the appearance of glued hairs. In addition, such glue has the advantage that it does not cause allergies in women who are intolerant to dyes.

Brown eyelash extensions

Features of makeup with brown eyelash extensions

A non-standard shade of artificial cilia in brown tones implies compliance with certain makeup rules:

  • with all brown shades, the green palette is harmoniously combined – this is a natural, natural combination. Such eyelashes look amazing with bright malachite, muted marsh shadows on the eyelids and eyeliners. You can show your imagination and make a colored extension of brown eyelashes with several hairs in green;
  • decorative cosmetics and general make-up in natural, nude shades are a great option for every day, in the office or for a formal meeting. Muted, beige-pink tones look great with brown lashes;
  • for special occasions, the most successful choice would be shadows and pencils in golden, bronze tones;
  • beige, milky and brown shades are a natural combination for such eyelashes.
Golden arrows on the eyelids with dark brown eyelash extensions

The best way to focus on eyes with brown eyelashes is a nude make-up. For him choose soft, warm shades of shadows. Lips are tinted with light pink, coral or light brown lipsticks. And the cheekbones are slightly emphasized with light blush.

Brown eyelash extensions

Photo collection of 2022 chic looks with brown eyelashes for all ages and occasions

Faux lashes in all shades of beige, chocolate and gold are a great base for experimenting with your look. You can safely translate dreams and fantasies into reality, creating chic options for the holidays. Or limit yourself to a modest volume for weekdays, emphasizing the beauty of the eyes with a graceful curve and optimal effect.

Eyelash extensions in brown shades for the holiday

Experienced lash makers recommend: don’t be afraid of brown on your eyelashes! These warm, neutral colors go great with any style, look, and age. Do you want something new? Photo examples will prompt interesting ideas and unique solutions for brown eyelash extensions.

Dark brown and orange eyelash extensions

Brown eyelash extensions with fox effect

Fluffy dark brown eyelash extensions

Classic brown eyelash extensions

Gorgeous classic eyelashes in brown

Brown eyelash extensions

Chocolate eyelash extensions with ombre effect

Brown eyelash extensions with fox effect

Brown eyelashes for gray-blue eyes

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