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Brown hair and brunette is what hair color?

Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair?

What a blonde looks like is clear even to those who do not understand anything in colors and shades. But a rare man knows the real difference between a brown-haired woman and a brunette. Many are even sure that these are different names for the same color. But really – a brown-haired woman and a brunette, what is the hair color? On this topic today, we propose to talk in more detail, and those who still do not know the difference between brown-haired women and brunettes, having studied the proposed source, will be able to easily understand the issue and see the real difference in the photos presented.

Brunette and brown-haired: a photo to understand the difference

Among men, there is an opinion that a brunette is the owner of black hair, a brown-haired woman has a red or light brown color. But is it really so? Most women will chuckle at ignorance of things that are simple for them to understand. But in this version, not everything is so simple – often the real difference is hidden not so much in the color itself, but in the shade.

Literally translated from the language of the trendsetter, brown hair means brown, and brunette from the same French is translated as chestnut. The difference to the uninformed eye is sometimes almost invisible, but still it exists, which once again proves the photos and pictures presented to your attention. It looks like it’s time to talk about this topic, so let’s understand the intricacies together.

Brown hair – what hair color is this?

You can draw a parallel between brown-haired women and brunettes based on the main truth – the latter include darker shades in their palette. If a girl chooses which shade to choose, then preference is often given to more delicate tones, since they conceal age, fullness and do not require bright makeup. Perhaps that is why brown-haired women are the most common form of hair coloring precisely because of their special charm and grace. So what color is it? It includes a huge palette of shades:

  • red caramel;
  • dark and light cognac;
  • walnut also of all shades;
  • blond from light to dark, etc.

In other words, this is an intermediate version of the transition from blonde to brunette. Due to the blurring of the norm, this can be any variation, it is enough to emphasize the hair color with the right makeup and you can conquer any peaks. The main thing is that it emphasizes the character and combines with the rest of the details. The photos perfectly demonstrate all the richness of the color palette of the amazing brown-haired color.

It is important to note the current fashion trends – today naturalness in all its manifestations is in fashion. And, since brown hair is associated with natural hair color, we can safely say that brown-haired women are number one today. In the photo you can see how simple and at the same time luxurious and beautiful brown-haired women look.

Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair?

Masters of hairdressing offer many techniques that further emphasize the naturalness of (even dyed) hair. A striking example is the ombre technique, with the help of which a burning brunette with a slight movement of the master’s hand turns into a charming brown-haired woman. Similarly, you can transform a blonde – just mix the chocolate and nut tones of the paint and apply the composition to the hair or individual curls. It is worth noting the fact that it is much easier for a blonde to transform. The photos perfectly demonstrate what such variations can look like.

Brunette is what hair color?

Traditionally, a natural brunette is a dark-haired girl with dark skin and dark eye color. However, it should be noted that this is not always the only correct definition, since variations are possible here:

black (any shade);

  • chocolate;
  • all shades of chestnut from dark to light;
  • dark blond;
  • brown;
  • coffee.

It is important to distinguish between types, cold and hot are inherent in this color. The first includes dark-haired beauties with pitch black hair, the color of the raven wing (blue-black) also belongs to this type. Hot brunettes include dark-haired girls with chocolate, chestnut or golden-copper tint of hair. As a rule, these are sensual girls with a playful look. These attract the most attention of the opposite sex. On the proposed photos you can see how charming and mysterious they can be.

Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair? Brunette and brown hair what color is this hair?

Products to help you keep your hair color for a long time

Beautiful coloring, regardless of whether you become a brown-haired woman or a brunette, requires competent care.

  • Firstly, in order for the color to last for a long time, it is necessary to minimize the use of hot styling devices, such as a hair dryer and curling iron. Under high temperatures, the hair is lightened. It is also important to wash your hair not with hot water, but with warm water.
  • Secondly, you need to use good hair styling products. Here are some of those that are popular with stylists:
SILK HAIR - hair serum


This is a hair growth serum that costs little money, but thanks to its use, hair loss is reduced. Also, the strands become silky and soft.

Hairogane foam for hair growth

Foam Hairogane

This is a tool for hair growth and restoration after dyeing, because any dye, even the most gentle, leads to dryness and brittleness. What can we say about household paints.

Scalp Active Toner hair tonic

Scalp Active Toner

Hair tonic will help not only restore vitality to the hair, but also renew the color, since after its use the shade (especially dark) becomes more saturated.

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