White patterns on a burgundy background - stylish and beautiful

Burgundy pedicure: features, popular techniques, design ideas for 2022, photos

Today, there are many options for the design of nails on the hands and feet. The tricks of fashionistas and designers are amazing. And what colors are not involved in this! We decided to dedicate this article to one of the most popular shades for decades now – burgundy.

White patterns on a burgundy background - stylish and beautiful

Features of burgundy pedicure: luxury 2022

What is interesting about this color? The charm of luxury is hidden in it, it is associated with expensive wine, oriental spices, precious stones. It is suitable for any time of the year, but it cannot be called universal.

Burgundy pedicure

Burgundy lacquer requires a certain style and certain color combinations. This is discussed ahead. But, if everything is guessed correctly, then the burgundy pedicure will be a spectacular completion of your image and your business card.

Burgundy pedicure

It would be wrong to consider burgundy as one of the shades of red. This is an independent color, which also has its own varieties. The main thing in his characterization is richness and sensuality. It is good for both everyday and festive pedicure. It is quite difficult to choose color combinations for the burgundy color, it is friends with just a few shades. Such legibility and intensity are its main features.

Shades of burgundy pedicure, relevant for 2022

Burgundy has two main shades: maroon and wine, or marsala color. Dark burgundy, almost brown color does not need any decor. A monochromatic coating looks noble and expensive, especially in a matte finish.

Matte burgundy pedicure

If you want to attract attention, but at the same time restraint and elegance are your strong point, then this is your choice. For a festive exit, you can add a little decor in the form of black and white patterns or medium-sized rhinestones. Against this active background, the decor should not be provocative and too bright.

Marsala burgundy pedicure

Wine burgundy, otherwise it is also called the color of Marsala is now at the peak of popularity. This luxurious deep shade is good in both matte and glossy finishes. It is associated with warmth, fragrant wine and, of course, is best suited for creating an aristocratic image. It looks great on nails of any length.

What colors are best to combine burgundy pedicure in 2022

Burgundy pedicure will fully reveal itself only in a skillful combination with other accessories and colors. How to use them correctly will be discussed further.

Burgundy pedicure with white pattern

Worthy companions to burgundy can be:

  • White color. The versatility of white is well known. It goes with almost any color and is the personification of purity and rigor. This tandem will be excellent for a festive evening, and for everyday life. Always looks stylish and beautiful. It does not matter whether white is the main, additional or equal shade. Or maybe just as white patterns on a burgundy background. Everything is great.
Burgundy with gold

  • Golden – this combination is luxury itself. Of course, it is for special occasions, not very appropriate for everyday wear. But on any festive evening, your pedicure will look very elegant.
Burgundy with silver

  • Silver is also very good for creating a more relaxed, but breathtakingly elegant look. Everything here is freshness and aristocracy. We hope you understand that jewelry should also be in tune with such a pedicure. Burgundy with gold – gold, burgundy with silver – silver.

Well, here is the list of successful combinations.

Burgundy pedicure techniques

The list of pedicure techniques in burgundy is somewhat more extensive.

Fact about pedicure

In ancient Rome, pedicures were performed not only for beauty, but also for the health of the feet. The Romans noticed that the treatment of the feet eliminates fungi, calluses. And their massage normalizes the work of the whole organism.

Solid burgundy pedicure

  • A monophonic burgundy pedicure is quite self-sufficient. Deep rich color looks elegant and noble. At the same time, it is equally impressive – both in matte and in glossy versions.
Burgundy French pedicure

  • French pedicure. Modern French design is no longer limited to pastel and nude shades. Add burgundy and you will see how brightly fresh and original it will play. Burgundy can be used as a base, leaving the edge of the nail white. In this case, we recommend applying a vertical strip on the nail, it will stretch it out, or a colorless varnish will be the background, and decorate the smile zone with burgundy. But be careful not to use maroon on short nails, they will look messy.
Burgundy pedicure gradient

  • Ombre – this technique seems to be created for thick colors. Saturated burgundy with tints will look amazingly impressive. The transition from a lighter shade of burgundy to darker and even black is absolutely self-sufficient and does not need any additional decor.
Lunar burgundy pedicure

  • Lunar pedicure with burgundy is good if transparent varnish is not used as the main color. The burgundy hole in this case will not look interesting. Use pink, white or purple as a base.

These are the most popular pedicure techniques today, and burgundy will look very organic in them.

Design and trends of burgundy pedicure 2022

As for design, today it is in trend:

  • plant and floral motifs;
  • patterns, lace;
  • geometry.
Burgundy pedicure with a pattern

Against the background of a burgundy pedicure, they are performed with contrasting white, gold or silver varnishes. Drawings can be applied both manually and using all kinds of prints and stickers. Bows, snowflakes will look good on burgundy nails. A glass of wine on a wine pedicure is already a classic.

Burgundy Glitter Pedicure

A burgundy pedicure with sequins is a very simple and effective design. The main thing here is to observe the measure. Saturated burgundy should not be overloaded with bright decor. You can add sparkles to the drawing, decorate the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe lunula with them. Glitter nail design will look more neat and stylish with a matte finish.

Burgundy pedicure with rhinestones

What was said about sequins is also suitable for rhinestones. Rhinestones look more festive and solemn. Rhinestones are especially well combined with a burgundy palette. White stones with metallic elements are a very sophisticated combination. However, it is not necessary to be limited to them.

Pedicure with rhinestones

Designers advise using red, blue, burgundy rhinestones. They can be laid out in a chaotic manner, decorate the base of the nail or create an original pattern from them. The number and size of rhinestones is up to you, the main thing is that it all looks stylish and organic.

Pedicure with rhinestones and sequins

Burgundy pedicure is a stylish and luxurious choice, looks good on short and long nails, improves mood and self-esteem, it goes well with any skin color, from white to dark. and designers are constantly creating more and more designs with this tone. In our photo gallery – ideas for a burgundy pedicure.

Stylish photo ideas 2022 for burgundy pedicure

Burgundy Glitter Pedicure

Glitter pedicure

Burgundy pedicure with a pattern

Burgundy pedicure with rhinestones and a pattern

Burgundy pedicure with broths

Pedicure with rhinestones

Summer burgundy pedicure

Burgundy foil pedicure

Burgundy pedicure for short nails

Burgundy shellac pedicure

Matte maroon pedicure

Burgundy pedicure with gold

Burgundy French pedicure

Dark burgundy pedicure

Burgundy pedicure with rhinestones

Dark burgundy pedicure

Burgundy pedicure with gold

Burgundy with black and silver

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