Макияж с красной помадой

Business makeup: step by step instructions and 7 photos of ready-made images

  1. Step 1: Business Makeup Step by Step

    Step 1

    Apply the Affinitone No. 09 foundation (which, by the way, is suitable for all skin types). It is better to use a brush or sponge for this – both faster and more hygienic.

  2.   Step 2: Apply The Eraser Eye under the eyes

    Step 2

    Mask dark circles under the eyes with The Eraser Eye No. 01 concealer (it will also hide small mimic wrinkles). Apply a thin layer of concealer to the area under the eyes with soft driving movements. Let it dry a little and apply a second layer for a flawless result!

  3. Step 3: Shadow Color Tattoo

    Step 3

    To even out the color of the eyelid, especially if there is redness or protruding wreaths, apply Color Tattoo No. 91 shade. Thanks to the gel texture, they are very easy to spread, so light patting movements are enough. Move from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

  4. Step 4: Apply Baby Lips

    Step 4

    Apply Baby Lips to your lips. This should be done at the very first stage of makeup, so that the lips are well moisturized. Thanks to this little trick, lipstick will lie more evenly.

  5. Step 5: Apply Brow Drama Mascara

    Step 5

    Use Brow Drama brow mascara (Dark Blonde shade) to style brows and color fine vellus hairs. Slightly comb the hairs up: this way you will give them volume and maintain naturalness.

  6. Step 6: Apply Colossal Big Shot Mascara

    Step 6

    Apply Colossal Big Shot Mascara. If you’re in a hurry or want to keep your almond-shaped eyes, apply only the top lashes.

    The outer corner can be painted over in two layers – so the look will become open and expressive.

  7. Step 7: Apply Dream Matte Blush

    Step 7

    With a wide brush, apply a little Dream Matte Blush No. 10 on the cheekbones: move from the temple to the corner of the lips, making wide and light strokes with the brush. Use cream blush, because. they are easier to shade.

  8. Step 8: Affinitone Matte Powder

    Step 8

    As a finish, Affinitone No. 03 matte powder is suitable. By the way, if you apply a little directly on the blush, you get the effect of a light haze that will make the blush more natural.

  9. Step 9: Apply Color Sensational Lipstick

    Step 9

    Lastly, apply Color Sensational Countdown No. 001 to your lips (you don’t need to wash the balm before).

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