Business manicure

Business manicure

Business manicure is a struggle of opposites. On the one hand, it should be discreet and not distract from work, or at least not interfere with the production process, on the other hand, it should be elegant and feminine, because, spending half your life in the office, it is important to remain a woman, moreover, stylish and fashionable. How to combine the requirements of the dress code and craving for beauty?

Primary requirements

Every major company has such requirements and may vary slightly. But in any case, the hands should be well-groomed: no broken nails and burrs, perfect cuticles, soft skin. And it doesn’t matter what kind of manicure you prefer: European, classic, Japanese or any other – just the hands should be beautiful.

The design itself is no less important, because gestures play a very important role during communication, so too bright decorations that cause varnishes and other feathers with rhinestones will only distract attention, and can also create the impression that their owner is much more interested in entertainment than in work.

Nail length. The question is moot. The protruding part can be as much as one third of the total length, and not exceed three millimeters: some very important people, for example, ladies of royal origin, have such a rule. But the shape is not limited to anything: oval, almond-shaped, square, round. You should not choose only extravagant catwalk options. And nails simply should not interfere with work on a computer and with papers, as well as with office equipment.

[quote_box_center]And what the dress code will definitely not allow is groomed, broken and gnawed nails.[/quote_box_center]

All of the above does not mean that no liberties should be allowed – fashion has a place even in offices.


Who said that neutral pink beige and nude polishes are out of fashion and look boring? Not necessary! You can also use darker shades, such as gray or coffee. But dark varnishes on long nails are the height of bad taste. So, even if you like long nails, for dark varnish they should be shortened. What can I say, even green shades can be used for a business manicure. But not poisonous, but almond, creamy-pistachio, milky-mint … They look quite neutral, but fashionable. In addition, even with the help of such colors, it is quite possible to create a fashionable ombre manicure.

Painting and nail art

In many companies, nail decoration is prohibited, but sometimes it is quite possible to decorate nails, for example, by repeating the pattern on a suit. The decor may well be, but it should be low-key and soft, and not too pretentious, without too noticeable contrast. In addition, you can decorate your nails with the company logo. The main thing is that it does not look like an advertising poster, but as a manifestation of dedication to your work.

And, of course, no one forbade a jacket, even if a little extravagant, as well as a moon manicure: the classics are always allowed and appropriate.

Extension, etc.

Why not? Gels and acrylics make nails stronger, so they will not break at the most crucial moment: when shaking hands, exchanging business cards, etc. But this is if a good master has done it. And no one says that you need to make meter-long claw-shaped nails: elegant nails of not the longest length look stylish and serious, and an extended jacket will always be perfect. Those who do not like extensions can resort to gel polish. Again, the dress code does not prohibit it, the nails will be strong, and the varnish will not peel off during negotiations or an important meeting.

Going to the salon for a biogel coating will eliminate the need to do a manicure for two weeks, but the nails will look well-groomed.

A variant of a completely strict manicure

But at the same time beautiful and boring. To complete it, you will need:

    • Beige lacquer and black acrylic paint.


    • Protective base for the nail plate.


    • A thin brush with a hard bristle.


    • Clear polish or top.


We perform a hygienic manicure in accordance with all the rules and degrease the nails.

We apply a base coat on our nails. Best of all is “smart enamel”, which will prevent the nails from breaking and prolong the life of the manicure.
When everything is dry, paint the nails with beige varnish. Two coats are best, with a few minutes between coats.

While the varnish dries, we do not waste time, but dilute the acrylic paint to the density of sour cream. By the way, you can even use gray or brown.

Beige manicure

Now we draw the drawing itself. At the bottom of the nail we put a couple of squiggles that will be the center of the rose. Moving in a circle from them, we draw more and more rose petals, drawing them overlapping the previous one.

Beige manicure with a pattern

As a result, a rosette should turn out on the nail. With the same paint, we paint on a petal to it (see photo). We draw veins on the sheet.

Beige manicure with a pattern

On the other hand, draw a branch: pull the line up and paint on leaves for it, two or three pieces on one side. And now we wait until the drawing dries, and cover it with a drying-fixer or just a colorless varnish. Quite businesslike, but elegant manicure is ready.

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