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Can eyelash extensions be dyed with regular mascara? [как наносить и смывать]

Can lash extensions be dyed with mascara?

Can lash extensions be dyed with mascara?

In short, and about the main thing, then our answer is … yes! You can paint eyelash extensions with mascara. However, it is important to follow a few rules:

  • A high-quality extension will make the eyelashes thick and long, so it is better to paint them additionally only in special cases: for example, if you are doing evening or studio makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. In a daytime (especially nude) make-up, such eyelashes can look artificial.
  • Is it possible to dye eyelash extensions with regular mascara? Not always! Under the ban means with oils: they can “dissolve” the glue on which the extended eyelashes are held. For the same reason, by the way, it is worth choosing dry eye shadow.
  • Waterproof mascara (and other decorative eye makeup) is better to keep away: it is more difficult to remove, and excessive friction can lead to the extension of eyelashes falling out.
  • When choosing a brush, consider the effect you want to achieve. For example, if the extended eyelashes are long and curled, you can give them extra volume.

On the first day after the procedure, it is better not to touch the extended eyelashes at all. And after you need a clean brush, because. Eyelash extensions are recommended to be combed several times a day. Important: only dry eyelashes can be combed!

Which mascara is suitable for eyelash extensions: a review of products from Maybelline NY

Extended and additionally colored eyelashes give a stunning wow effect! They attract attention, make the look expressive and save time on make-up.

Which mascara for eyelash extensions is right for you? Let us help you choose right now.


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The main bonus of this mascara is the absence of wax in the composition. You can easily wash it off with warm water: you won’t need any cotton pads or make-up remover. The mascara is suitable even for sensitive eyes and allows you to create additional volume without lumps – thanks to the curved brush!

Black mascara is for classic looks, blue and purple for bold looks, and black cherry with a reddish undertone is a must have for green and blue eyes.

The Colossal 100% Black

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The patented mega brush with dense bristles creates a push-up effect for your lashes: it lifts and curls them, while collagen adds volume and fixes the result for the whole day. Due to the increased content of pigments, it is enough to apply mascara in one layer: the eyelashes will become bright and expressive.

The Falsies Lash Lift

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Figure eight brush and double row of bristles – for a salon effect at home! The formula with fibers lengthens the eyelashes, curls and gives them a bewitching volume.

“Dangerous” oils were not found in the composition.

Lash Sensational

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This mascara is a Maybelline NY bestseller in Russia, and for good reason. The curved brush allows you to achieve fan-shaped volume and capture all the hairs of the ciliary row. In addition to the classics – jet black – there are 7 more shades in the palette: including burgundy, dusty pink and vintage gray.

How to apply mascara on eyelash extensions: basic rules

How to apply mascara on eyelash extensions: basic rules

To properly apply mascara to your eyelash extensions, follow the simple tips of our makeup artists:

  1. Do not apply mascara according to the classic “root to tip” pattern. It is generally better not to touch the eyelash growth line (false cilia are glued to it) and only the tips are tinted with mascara.
  2. Many girls like to apply mascara in zigzag motions to give them maximum volume. This can loosen your lash extensions and cause them to fall out.
  3. Movements when painting should be smooth!

How to remove mascara from eyelash extensions

If you rub your eyes too hard with cotton pads, even natural eyelashes can suffer, and extensions need even more delicate care. How to wash off mascara from extended eyelashes and save every single eyelash?

  • Avoid makeup removers that contain oils (including hydrophilic ones) and alcohol.
  • The vacated space on the shelf can be taken by foams, gels, water-based tonics or micellar water.
  • Wash off the mascara from the eyelashes, close your eyes and make gentle movements from the roots to the tips. Use cotton pads or sponge well moistened with makeup remover.
  • Be careful: eyelash extensions can not only fall out, but also break!
  • You can wash your face with water after the make-up removal procedure (of course, with the exception of the first day after the build-up).
  • At the end of your beauty routine, gently, without rubbing, pat your face dry with a clean towel and comb dry lashes with a brush to avoid tangling.

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