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Casual hairstyle trends for summer 2021: photos

Casual hairstyle trends for this summer

Summer is the time when you want to look as light and airy as possible. This applies not only to clothing, but also to hairstyles. We collected the top everyday hairstyles that are relevant this year. Choose what you like!

What hairstyles for every day are in fashion for the summer of 2021?


For several seasons in a row, the trend is simple and authentic. Fashionistas stop dyeing their hair in unusual shades, refuse bright makeup, and nude tones prevail in wardrobes. Hairstyles also strive for simplicity.

The fashion for perfect curls, complex weaving and false strands has passed. Better rare and well-groomed, but their own, than hair extensionswhich are very different from the natural appearance.

Trend 1: imperfect curls

Hairstyle light curls
Stylish curls for the summer

Summer is the time for light hairstyles. One of the most trendy is curls.

In order to feel at ease and airy every day in the spring-summer season, we remember beach curls. The essence of styling is to create light curls that look natural.

To create such an image, styling products are used that do not weigh down the hairstyle. Details about what varnish and cream to use for fashionable summer curls were told IN THIS ARTICLE.

Trend 2: Long bangs on two sides

Long bangs on two sides
Hairstyle with long bangs

If you don’t know how to update your hairstyle, try making your own bangs. Stylists recommend paying attention to the fashionable option – elongated on two sides.

You can even make such a bang yourself by choosing one of the simple schemes. The advantage of a curtain bang is simple installation and maintaining an attractive appearance in wind, rain and fog. It neatly splits into two sides, frames the face, covering the cheeks and visually stretching it.

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Trend 3: Low ponytail with a classic braid

Fashionable tail with a scythe photo
How to style long hair in summer

The fashion for complex weaving and unusual braids is a thing of the past. Now simple classic braids are again relevant.

To prevent the hairstyle from falling apart 5 minutes after leaving the house, it is recommended to fix it at the top with an elastic band. This trick gives the hairstyle an elegant and modern look.

Trend 4: Focus on the face

Fashionable strands on the face
Hairstyle with strands on the face

The most current trend of this season is accent strands on the face.

It is recommended to highlight stripes up to 2 cm wide. They can be dyed in a different color, braided, decorated with rings (they are also called piercings) or styled with a gel to create a wet effect on the hair.

Such strands can give any boring everyday hairstyle a fashionable and modern look.

Trend 5: Smooth braid buns

Fashionable bun hairstyle
bun hairstyle for summer

In summer, it is extremely difficult to be outside for a long time with long hair loose, so the fashion for buns always returns during this period.

This year, two types of beams are in trend. The first one is easy to do. It is necessary to make a classic pigtail, and then fix it into a ring with hairpins or invisible to match the hair.

Trend 6: Messy Buns

Careless bunch photo
Hairstyle "bun"

Another relevant one is careless. By the way, it is created somewhat more complicated than smooth. To do this, it is better to pre-curl the curls and comb them. Then, with the help of invisibility, create the desired design.

Another option is to tie your hair into a low ponytail. We do not complete the last turn, leaving the hair in a half-bun. We hide the tail under the elastic band and fastens it with invisibility.

Trend 7: Loose hair under a bandana

How fashionable to wear a bandana photo
How to wear a bandanna with your hair down

While the capital’s fashionistas are mastering the baseball cap, foreign beauties have already returned the bandana to fashion. To keep up with the trends, try it on and you!

Stylists assure that the bandana is best combined with loose hair. You need to tie it like a regular scarf.

Trend 8: Bulky elastic

Malvinka with voluminous hair band
Malvinka with a voluminous hair band photo

Previously, hair stylists asked to get rid of bulky elastic bands, but now they strongly recommend wearing them every day. The main thing is that the accessory is simple and combined with the outfit.

Trend 9: Natural Curls

natural curls
What do natural curls look like?

Girls with wavy hair can forget about straightening irons, because this season, natural, careless curls are at the peak of popularity. To keep the curls neat, stylists recommend not blow-drying your hair, but applying a structuring cream to wet strands, giving your hair the opportunity to dry naturally.

Trend 10: Crab Hair

How fashionable to collect crab hair
How to collect hair with a large crab

Huge hair crabs are another hit of the season. True, there is one clarification: the hair must be clean and neatly combed beforehand. A careless navel with roots shining due to sebum is not at all the same.

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