Крависый макияж для невесты с зелеными глазами

Chic wedding makeup for green eyes: photos, nuances

Beautiful wedding makeup for green eyes: the subtleties of choosing shades, techniques

In the life of every woman there are several important events for which they prepare especially carefully. And one of these is your own wedding. For a celebration, it is important to think through all the little things in order to get a truly perfect holiday, which you can remember all your life with awe in your soul and a smile on your face.

Wedding makeup for green eyes

The bride needs to take care not only of a beautiful dress and hairstyle, it is also important to choose a beautiful makeup for the wedding to match the color of her eyes in order to emphasize their shade and charm. We tell you what makeup techniques, shades of shadows and lipstick are suitable for brides with green eyes.

Everything about makeup for women with green eyes is HERE.

Wedding makeup for green eyes: we select the hair color

Delicate pink bridal makeup

For wedding makeup, no matter what trends and fashion trends this year, there are several basic requirements.

  • Firstlyit must be persistent, since the bride will have to be active all day;
  • Secondly, it should look good in the photo. To do this, professional makeup artists use special cosmetics that do not give glare during a photo shoot and video shooting;
  • Thirdly, it should be combined with the image of the bride. If a girl is used to drawing wide arrows in front of her eyes every day, but chose a hairstyle and dress that suggests the presence of a gentle and light make-up, it is worth giving up her habits to create a harmonious bow.

Ideas for blondes with green eyes

Wedding makeup for a blonde with green eyes

Blond-haired brides with green eyes, as a rule, prefer delicate wedding makeup. Bright and aggressive tones on girls with this type of appearance are extremely rare.

  • Most Suitable shadow colors for green-eyed blondes for a wedding: beige, brown, sand, gold, peach, pink, brick, olive, cornflower blue, lavender. It is better to shade the outer corner of the eye with the help of shadows or a brown pencil.
  • Matching lipstick shade for a bride with blond hair and green eyes: peach, brown-pink, beige. Suitable lipstick with matte and glossy effect.

Wedding makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women and brunettes

Green-eyed brown-haired women wedding makeup

Brides with dark hair and light eyes usually prefer smoky eye makeup for their wedding. It’s not always black. The most popular shades of shadows for brunette brides: brown, purple, green, burgundy.

The subtleties of a make-up for red eyes with green color

red bride

Red hair color according to the latest trends is on a par with warm blond, so brides who have exactly this shade will definitely turn out to be fashionable.

Wedding makeup for green eyes and red hair can be done in a retro style – arrows and red lips, in brown tones or red-brown. Blue, purple shades are also suitable for girls with red hair and green eyes, but they are not the most preferred option for a wedding.

Retro bridal makeup

Lips of an extreme shade – plum, eggplant, blueberry are better not to do. If you want to choose a rich color lipstick, pay attention to the wine shade, burgundy, salmon, raspberry red.

On a note! Remember that red lipstick at the wedding is not the best option, because after every kiss with the groom, you will have to touch up makeup. But for a photo shoot, you can choose any shade, and at a banquet, change bright lips to a more practical light tone.

Makeup for green eyes for a wedding: types, photos

Idea for wedding makeup

Today, the trend is wedding makeup in brown, gold, pink. Aggressive contouring is a thing of the past. Makeup artists try to keep the image of the bride as natural as possible, masking flaws on the face with loose textures. The use of a highlighter is welcome, but it is better to postpone the bronzer. The effect of a deeply tanned face is less popular today than porcelain.

Light and gentle

Delicate wedding makeup
Beautiful light make-up for the wedding
light make-up
Beautiful and gentle make-up for green eyes

Delicate makeup for a bride with green eyes and blond or dark hair will be the best solution. It is necessary to emphasize the eyes with a pencil and shade it. Highlight the cheekbones, apply the highlighter on the three main areas – the cheekbones, under the lip, the tip of the nose. It can also be used on the area under the eyebrow.

with arrows

Makeup with arrows for the wedding
Beautiful wedding make-up
How to make green eyes for a wedding
Evening makeup with arrows of different colors

Makeup artists often apply wedding makeup on green eyes with arrows. The eyelid is preliminarily highlighted with the selected shade of shadows, and then complemented with graceful arrows. They help create a more expressive look.

Graphic arrows for a wedding is a bold decision, but not practical, as this trend will soon lose its relevance, and wedding shots will remain forever. When choosing makeup, stylists recommend relying not on trends, but on classics, which will be admired even in 50 years.

smokey ice

Smokey ice for a wedding
Smokey ice for the bride
Dark makeup for the bride
Green smokey for the bride

The bride with bright eye makeup looks chic. In this case, it is recommended not to highlight the lips, but to make up with neutral lipstick so as not to overload the image. Popular and fashionable colors for makeup of a bride with green eyes in the style of smokey ice: green, blue, brown, pink, peach, coral.


Retro bridal makeup
Retro bridal makeup with red lips

Retro makeup suggests the presence of a classic form of arrows and red lipstick. This image is harmoniously combined with a wedding dress in the style of “mermaid”, “princess”. If you choose a boho style outfit or a light layered sundress, it is better to give preference to nude makeup. It is more appropriate for such an image.

In brown and beige

Beautiful wedding makeup idea
Beautiful wedding makeup
Original wedding makeup
Beautiful bride

Beautiful gentle wedding makeup for green eyes can be done in a horizontal or vertical technique with brown shadows. This is a universal make-up that goes with any dress and hairstyle.


makeup trend for green eyes
Glitter pink eye makeup for green eyes
Light make-up for the wedding
Golden eye makeup for the bride

The use of liquid glitter eyeshadow is in trend today. Gold, sand, green, blue, purple glitter is suitable for a wedding.


Nude makeup for the bride
Invisible makeup for the bride
Very light make-up for the bride
Beautiful light make-up for the wedding

Wedding makeup for green eyes and blond or dark hair can be as simple as possible and even almost invisible if you give preference to the nude trend. This technique involves applying a make-up in such a way that it is not even clear to others whether it is on the face or not. This is a rather complex and very gentle technique.

You can learn more about nude makeup for brides HERE.


Beautiful makeup for the bride
fashion bride
Makeup for the wedding
Beautiful bride: hairstyle and makeup

Wedding makeup for a bride with green eyes is preferably done in brown, beige or peach tones. It is recommended to abandon several accents on the face, choosing either bright eyes, or lips, or cheekbones.

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