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Chocolate hair color: photos, news, trends

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

Chocolate hair color is a universal deep color, whose shades are as natural as possible and therefore suit almost all women. As the photos show, chocolate color looks great on curls of any length and texture, giving them visual volume, brightness and a natural glossy sheen. In addition, on chocolate-colored strands, it is easy to perform the now fashionable multi-color American highlights.

Chocolate hair color: photo

The chocolate hair color shown in the photo allows you to get acquainted with the variety of its palette and highlight the most popular shades of noble brown in order to understand who should choose which one.

one. Dark chocolate. An elegant natural tone that goes well with various skin tones and eyes, as evidenced by the photo below.

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

2. Milk chocolate. The soft expressive milky color, as can be seen from the photo, looks great on the owners of the spring and autumn type with fair skin and light eyes.

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

3. caramel chocolate. A rich light brown shade without a redhead will suit girls with a warm summer color type, which is what the photos show.

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

four. light chocolate. This hair color, combining beige and brown tones, will look most advantageous on fair-haired and fair-eyed girls with porcelain skin, as evidenced by the photo.

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

5. chocolate red. An expressive shade that gives brightness will suit girls who have a cold type of appearance: fair skin and gray eyes. The photos below show the result of dyeing hair in chocolate color with a red tint.

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

Knowing your color type and using photo examples, every woman can understand which shades will suit her.

Chocolate coloring will be more similar to the color shown in the picture if the original hair shade is light brown or light chestnut and darker or even subtle if the original hair tone is black.

If the curls were previously dyed black or another dark color and you want to repaint them in a light chocolate tone, then it is quite possible to do this by first washing off the dark pigment from them with a special tool for removing permanent paint – Estelle color off emulsion, and then staining in your favorite color.

“Milk chocolate” – fashionable hair color (photo)

Milk chocolate color is a soft expressive shade, perfect for owners of spring, autumn and summer types with light curls, skin and eyes. A woman with natural red hair, translucent skin and freckles should avoid milky chocolate tones as they make her appearance dull.

The palette of shades of milk chocolate is represented by several tones, among which caramel and light chocolate stand out.

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

The light chocolate tone will be perfect for natural blondes who want to try a darker color, and the caramel tone is perfect for brown-haired women with green or brown eyes.

To achieve one of the tones of milk chocolate, it is recommended to seek professional help in the salon, showing the master the option you like in the photo.

At home, a similar result can be obtained if you choose paints from L’oreal, Wellaton, Schwarzkopf, Estel and others.

Hair color “bitter chocolate” in the photo

The tone of bitter or dark chocolate is elegant and deep, ideal for owners of black, dark brown or dark blond hair, swarthy skin and dark eyes. In some cases, it can also suit the owners of the winter type – whose fair skin and blue eyes will be shaded by dark curls.

Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring Chocolate hair color: ideas for beautiful coloring

A girl who has chosen a dark color should love bright makeup to match the chosen image, otherwise dark chocolate will look too heavy, emphasizing the inexpressiveness of the face and unhealthy pallor of the skin.

An older woman, choosing dark colors, should be careful, because the dark color reveals previously inconspicuous wrinkles, pigmentation, bags under the eyes, and the oval of the face that loses its clarity.

How to dye your hair with henna and basma in chocolate color: instructions

At home, to get a beautiful chocolate hair color or shades, you can use natural dyes, such as henna and basma. To color the curls you will need:
• basma – 1 package
• henna – 1 package

Mix both paints and dilute with hot water to a creamy state. Olive oil or shampoo can be added to the resulting mixture to ensure that the dye is evenly applied to the strands. After distributing the mixture on pre-washed and dried strands, put on a plastic cap and leave for 2-3 hours. Then wash off the basma with henna with water without using shampoo.

By varying the exposure time and the ratio of basma with henna, you can get different shades of brown. If basma predominates in the coloring composition, you get a dark color: dark chocolate, chestnut, if henna is light: milk, caramel or red chocolate. Basma can either be added to henna or used for application to strands previously dyed with henna.

You can make chocolate color at home by mixing coffee with henna:

  • natural ground coffee – 3 tbsp. l.
  • water – 1 glass
  • henna – 50 g

Pour coffee into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. Then combine the coffee solution with henna, mixing thoroughly. Once the mixture has cooled, it should be applied to clean hair for 2 hours. A video demonstrating the staining process will help you perform the procedure correctly.

In addition, different shades of chocolate color will be obtained if you use a mixture of a strong solution of black tea with henna, a mixture of cocoa with henna, or a mixture of hops with henna.

When choosing a chocolate color and its shades, every woman must take into account her skin tone, the color of her eyebrows and eyes, so that the resulting shade not only gives brightness, but also matches her appearance without overshadowing her individuality. Numerous reviews indicate that the correct selection and dyeing of hair in noble brown shades gives elegance and emphasizes the femininity of girls with any type of appearance.

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