Women have a choice of what kind of eyelashes they want to see on their face.

Choosing a comfortable length for eyelash extensions in 2022 (with 50+ photo examples)

The expressiveness of the look is considered the main “weapon” of every woman. And it is long and lush eyelashes that give the effect that is needed, but what should the fair sex do if nature has not awarded such an appearance – extension. The procedure is in demand in salons, because it gives the necessary volume and bending of the hairs in order to increase or correct their external data.

Women have a choice of what kind of eyelashes they want to see on their face.

What types of eyelash extensions can be offered to us in the salon in the current 2022

The master can give eyelashes any volume and length, there are even non-standard hair formats that can create an extravagant or puppet look.

With the help of a curve, girls can recreate a doll look with a naive look.

In addition, the extension material can have a different palette, which will allow you to choose exactly the tone that will best match the appearance of a woman and not introduce an imbalance with your color.

Eyelashes are selected not only by bend, but also by color to the appearance of a woman

There are multi-colored formats that are often used by young girls instead of daily makeup or by women for going out.

Eyelashes can be given any color depending on the wearing situation.

1. Partial extension

The procedure allows you to transform the look and at the same time look natural. Artificial hairs are glued with a gap or only in the corners of the eyes, they can have different lengths or completely duplicate their cilia.

 Partial eyelash extensions give the most natural result

2. Full extension

Eyelashes are glued to each hair, which gives the desired volume and expressiveness to the look. Full extension is more often used by women, it gives a pronounced effect that will last for quite a long period.

Full extension creates a pronounced effect

3. Volume extension

Quite an extreme type of improvement of external data. During the procedure, from two to seven artificial ones are glued to each hair, which gives the desired volume. In this case, maximum bend and length can be used, which is often used by actresses in theatrical circles.

With the help of volume extensions, you can completely change your appearance.

In order for the eyelashes not to cause discomfort, it is necessary to choose the right physical parameters of the hairs, which will not only give the desired effect, but will also be worn with pleasure.

Comfortable wearing of cilia determines the length and curvature of the hairs

Why choosing the right curl and length for eyelash extensions is so important

Some women want to radically change their appearance and order unnatural eyelash formats from the masters, but this is more likely to harm than transform the look.

Too bright effect and unusual length can give the opposite result from building

With the choice of bend, you need to be careful, while taking into account the shape of your eyes, the length and thickness of the hairs, and how thick they are by nature.

The bend and length of the eyelashes should not cause discomfort when wearing eyelashes.

Properly selected material will reduce the risk of discomfort and transform the appearance. The bend directly affects the effect retention time, the health of your hairs and naturalness, you must agree that in everyday life a too unusual format will look out of place.

The closer the lashes are to your hair, the longer the effect will last.

To choose in the salon, you will be given nine options for bending eyelashes, while the master will always advise the best option, you should listen to his opinion.

The master will immediately determine what length and bend is best to use for eyelash extensions

What the masters can offer:

Fact about eyelashes

For the first time, eyelash extensions using modern technologies were carried out in Korea in 2004. It was there that an innovative method of fixing artificial material to natural hairs was tested.

  • “JB” – has a minimal curve that looks natural and will not irritate the eyelids;
The curve of JB lashes is almost indistinguishable from natural hairs.

  • “C-D” – the most popular format, which looks natural, and allows you to abandon mascara and curling devices;

  • “M” – the bend gives a visual volume to the cilia, which have the same length as the extension hairs;
The “M” bend visually increases volume and expands the look.

  • “U” – suitable for young girls and will allow you to abandon decorative cosmetics, while it has a puppet effect;

  • “L” – is divided into three groups and allows you to completely adjust the appearance due to a strong bend.
With the “L” curve, you can achieve different effects with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension is an art that is taught and only a professional is able to adequately assess your appearance and choose the right hair format. Young girls are allowed to experiment with options, but for older women, the puppet bend will look clearly out of place.

If you want to achieve naturalness, then you should choose the minimum bend and length, a little more than your own hairs.

Choosing the length of eyelash extensions

How to choose the right one – this will tell your hair. It is worth measuring the length of your own eyelash and adding 2-4 mm to the result, which is considered the standard of beauty.

Adhering to the reference eyelash formats, it is difficult to spoil your appearance when building

If you choose an option within 5-18 mm, you can get the desired effect, for example, “fox or squirrel”. Also, longer hairs are used when building on the corners of the eyes.

The optimal length of eyelashes is considered to be up to 18 mm.

A length of more than 18 mm has a “theatrical” effect, which is acceptable only at parties or photo shoots, but in everyday life it will look out of place.

Eyelashes that are too long can cause eye irritation

Eyelashes 10-14 mm are considered an ideal and universal choice for extensions, this format will not bother the eyes, look natural, and at the same time it gives optimal volume.

Optimum lash length for a naturally beautiful look

To create a good result, the masters use from three to five hairs of different lengths during the procedure, which is why salon eyelash extensions are significantly different from home ones.

With the help of eyelashes of different lengths, the masters give the desired effect.

Effects that are used in eyelash extensions in 2022

Thanks to the use of different lengths of hairs on the eyelids, you can achieve not only the desired volume, but also slightly modify your appearance. There are extension options, which are designated 2D-3D, which indicates the thickness of the eyelashes after the procedure.

Hollywood lash extensions

Also, masters can offer a “Hollywood” volume, which corresponds to the 5D effect, but you can also choose other options that will help brighten up imperfections and give a playful or languid look.

These include “fox and squirrel”, “puppet” or “rays” effects. But before ordering the image you like from the master, you should evaluate it visually, for example, in the photo and decide whether it suits your appearance.

Different effects of eyelash extensions in our photo selection 2022

Pronounced puppet effect of eyelash extensions

natural effect

fox effect

wet effect

squirrel effect

sparse effect

When choosing the effect and length of eyelash extensions, you need to take into account many factors – the color and shape of the eyes, the type of appearance and even the shape of the eyebrows. The master in the salon can tell you what to choose, but making a decision on your own, you can make a mistake.

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