Beautiful natural eyebrows

Choosing an eyebrow pencil in 2022 (with photo examples)

What makes an image complete and well-groomed? Brows. They are no less important on the face than the eyes. And it is they who make the look more expressive. Therefore, a woman’s cosmetic bag should contain eyebrow care products. And one of them is a pencil.

Beautiful natural eyebrows

Why you need an eyebrow pencil

What can this little style assistant do?

He can:

  • Beautifully emphasize the shape, highlight the head, bend, tip of the eyebrow.
  • Fill in the gaps, draw in the missing hairs.
  • Brighten highlight eyebrows, give them gloss.
Eyebrow architecture

Eyebrow fashion is very changeable. More recently, stylish eyebrows had to look like a thread. Today, naturalness is in fashion, but very exotic images appear – eyebrows with a parting, herringbone eyebrows, wavy, round eyebrows – wherever the fantasy of fashionistas goes!

Eyebrow shaping is a highly requested service. Eyebrow pencil is indispensable for creating any image. Eyebrow correction is not complete without it. So let’s get to know him better.

Eyebrow correction with a pencil

What is an eyebrow pencil 2022

This cosmetic product has quite a few varieties.

Here they are:

  • cosmetic regular – looks like an ordinary pencil, it needs constant sharpening.
  • Mechanical pencil. Also familiar with drawing pencils. The lead is not sharpened, but gradually extended.
Mechanical eyebrow pencil

  • Powder pencil. If you have oily skin, then this is your choice. It has a soft core, it is very long-lasting and well pigmented.
  • Wax pencil. It is not bright, translucent, requires additional tinting, but it does a good job of styling unruly hairs.
Eyebrow wax pencil

  • Waterproof pencil. Wax and oils in its composition prevent the effects of moisture and UV rays.
  • Wide pencil applicator – stick.
Eyebrow stick

  • liquid pencil – keep in mind that it can leak, although it is quickly applied.
Liquid eyebrow pencil

  • gel pencil. It will add shine to your eyebrows and moisturize them.
  • Marker pencil. Its clear, rich trail makes applying makeup easy.
  • Pencil paint – Its result can last more than a day.
  • Double ended pencil. May have 2 different colors or complemented by a highlighter.
  • effect pencil microblading improves the shape of the hairs.

And what about the color palette? Here, too, there is plenty to choose from.

Eyebrow correction with a pencil

Manufacturers offer shades:

  • Brown is the most common color, closest to the natural shade.
  • Black – you have to be careful with this. Black eyebrows can make the face look too stern.
  • White is indispensable for eyebrow correction.
  • Black brown.
  • With a red tint – redheads will surely like this one.
  • Grey-brown.
  • Fair-haired.
  • Dark brown.
  • Light grey.
  • Golden.
  • Ashen.
  • Grey.
  • Beige.
  • Dark grey.
Eyebrow makeup with a pencil

The choice is really great, and it can be difficult to find your pencil with such a variety. So, then we will talk about how to choose the right pencil.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil

Making the right choice of pencil is very important because:

  • The appearance and effect of the entire make-up may depend on this.
  • The pencil is in contact with the skin of the face, it should not have a negative effect on it.

Eyebrow pencil should not be too soft. But an overly hard pencil is also an inconvenience when applying strokes. Here, as elsewhere, a golden mean is needed. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the type of pencil. We have already seen that it can be simple classic, mechanical, gel.

It is more convenient to use mechanical ones, but the classic one is sharper, it is easier for them to imitate hairs. By consistency, it can be slate, wax, highlighter – this one will perfectly hide the scars on the eyebrows, gel – not only tints, but also moisturizes the eyebrows.

Beautiful eyebrows with a pencil

Pay attention to the composition of the pencil. As a rule, this is paraffin – it gives viscosity to the texture, lanolin – moisturizes and softens the hairs, talc, silicon – it is needed in order to improve the appearance of the eyebrows, vitamins – they give shine to the hairs, cosmetic oils – nourish the skin, make it elastic.

Before buying a pencil, be sure to test it on your skin. If there is no itching and redness, then it is good.

Eyebrow pencil shades

After you have decided on the type and composition of the pencil, you should choose a shade, and this is one of the most important parameters. Follow your hair color.

  • If you are a dark brunette, then black will suit you.
  • For brunettes with fair skin, it is better to choose a dark gray or gray-black pencil.
  • Brunettes with a reddish tint need a dark brown shade.
  • Brown-haired women will suit golden scale, terracotta or red-brown color
  • If you have luxurious red hair, then terracotta tones, as well as warm golden hues, will suit you.
  • Ashy and red-ashy shades are suitable for fair-haired girls. Cold gray tones will be good.
  • Ash blondes should choose gray.
  • Blondes with golden hair will go with eyebrows with warm shades, wheat color needs beige-gray pencils. Completely colorless eyebrow hairs should be tinted with a light pencil.

When choosing a pencil shade, follow the rule: the color of the eyebrows should not match the color of the hair. Brown-haired women, brunettes choose a pencil a little lighter than their hair, blondes – on the contrary.

Fact about eyebrows

To make the eyebrows grow more intensively, to be thicker, they are combed in the morning and evening with a special brush. Movement – according to the growth of hairs, from the bridge of the nose to the temples.

Beautiful fashionable eyebrow shape

Mistakes to avoid when choosing an eyebrow pencil

Well, now we will try to protect you from mistakes when choosing this cosmetic product. First of all, don’t try to save money, don’t buy cheap products, you can damage your skin if the manufacturer is not very concerned about safe leaving.

Therefore, when choosing, be sure to test it on the skin of your hand. After you wash off the pencil mark, no redness should remain on the skin. The pencil lead does not scratch the skin and does not have any hard inclusions.

Curved eyebrows

What other errors are allowed:

  • The color of the pencil does not match your color type. If you do not know what it is – consult a makeup artist.
  • The texture of the pencil does not match the eyebrows, their needs.
  • You have chosen too soft a pencil. It is easy to apply, but it does not hold its shape.
Eyebrow makeup with a pencil

As you can see, choosing a pencil is a responsible and not very simple matter. Requires consideration of many features and nuances.

How to use an eyebrow pencil

This item has settled in your cosmetic bag. What’s next? We explain how and when to use it. You need to complement your image, emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws, make the eyebrows brighter and neater. A pencil can quite cope with these tasks. The main thing is to choose it correctly.

How to paint eyebrows with a pencil

Well, now – a step-by-step guide.

  1. Soften the skin with a nourishing cream half an hour before makeup.
  2. Apply powder or foundation over cream.
  3. Make a couple of strokes with a pencil at the beginning and at the end of the eyebrow.
  4. Using an eyebrow brush (or a clean mascara brush) comb the hairs …

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