colored eyelashes

Choosing the color of eyelash extensions, current photo examples of 2022

Modern masters take up eyelash extensions not only in black, but also in other brighter, more saturated ones. It turns out an original result that can add attractiveness and juiciness to the image. And it is a mistake to think that colored eyelashes are only suitable for holidays and parties. If desired, you can harmoniously fit them even into a strict everyday look.

colored eyelashes

Black eyelash extensions are considered standard. But this is not the only popular option today. On sale, it turns out to find eyelashes also in red, green, pink, yellow, purple and any other color.

Set of colored eyelashes

With the help of extensions, a woman wants to draw special attention to her eyes. It lengthens the eyelashes, makes them fuller, thicker, adds color. As a result, the eyes become more beautiful, more expressive. But not all girls choose black eyelashes for themselves. It is interesting that on some ladies they look too pretentious. For example, on fair-skinned blondes.

Red and purple eyelashes

It is important to remember that the color of the raven wing (rich black) is only suitable for brunettes. In other cases, it may look unnatural, stand out too much. To fix this, the masters offer a mixture of black eyelashes with brown, gray for extension. With proper combination, a very interesting result is obtained. He looks natural.

Blue eyelash tufts

And this advice with black is relevant for all women, regardless of their age. It must be remembered that it draws attention to wrinkles around the eyes, makes other age-related changes in the face noticeable. Especially if, in addition to black hairs, the same glue is also used. Experts advise to abandon this extension option if a woman has a lowered eyelid.

Blue lash tips

When is eyelash extension appropriate?

When arguing whether color extension is suitable for a certain girl, you should not think that it always involves attaching all bright pink, red or blue eyelashes at once along the eyelid. It is possible to choose less catchy options. For example, decide on a neutral primary color – black, gray, different shades of brown. And to complement it with bright eyelashes. But be sure to those that only emphasize the main advantages of the girl’s appearance.

Bright lash extensions

Modern lash makers offer very unusual bright extension options. For example, those in which colored hairs become visible only when exposed to sunlight or spotlights at a party.

But in daylight they are almost invisible. This is an actual option for women working in the office.

Purple lashes

Experts note that young ladies can choose for themselves any extension options – from pink to light green. But for women after 40 years, it is better to stay at less bright ones. An excellent solution would be to seek help from a master who will select the most successful shade – not emphasizing wrinkles and other age-related changes.

Green eyelash tufts

How in 2022 you can adjust your appearance by choosing a certain color for eyelash extensions

If eyelash extensions are performed by an experienced, competent master, then the procedure will help not only decorate the girl, but also correct some shortcomings.

For example, the shape and size of the eyes:

  • Close-fitting eyes. With this feature, the emphasis must be placed on their outer corners. To do this, it is decorated with darker bright shades. For example, dark blue, chocolate. But for the inner corner of the eye, light colors are selected. It is important that the master uses only transparent glue.
  • Wide eye position. Visually, they need to be moved apart. For this purpose, the same principle as described above is used. Only the emphasis is completely shifted to the inner corners of the eyes. The way it is done is changing drastically. In this case, the use of black glue is also categorically inappropriate. Only transparent is taken. It is especially important to observe this rule when making the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Deep set eyes. To visually correct this feature, a completely different technique is used. The master uses immediately eyelashes of two different tones – dark and light. They mix with each other. The extension is carried out again using a completely transparent adhesive. In this case, it is not recommended to use very dark black eyelashes. From them, the eyes will appear smaller.
Blue eyelash extensions

Examples like this show that classic extension colors are not always the best option. Sometimes it is worth moving away from them and venturing into experiments. The result may well exceed all the expectations of the girl.

Two tone lashes

What is the current color to choose for eyelash extensions in 2022

Today on sale you can find eyelashes of almost any color and shade. Therefore, the girl only needs to decide on her own preferences and tell the master about them.

Black eyelash extensions


Gray eyelash extensions

Gray eyelash extensions always look as natural and natural as possible. They are not conspicuous. At the same time, they make the look bright, beautiful and expressive.

Bright yellow lashes

This option is especially suitable for blondes. For them, it becomes perfect. It is only important to choose the right shades and, if necessary, correctly combine them with each other.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelash curlers, which modern fashionistas use to curl hairs every day, break them. It is much safer to go through the procedure of lamination or Botox eyelashes, with the formation of the desired bend.

Blue makeup and eyelashes

Who will suit the color of mocha eyelash extensions

This is another versatile color. It allows the girl to emphasize her natural beauty, look natural and natural.

 Mocha eyelash extensions

Most often, women today choose dark brown shades. This is because they are perfect for any eye shape and color. They manage to fit even into strict office images.

mocha eyelash extensions

purple eyelash extensions

This extension option is perfect for dark-eyed brunettes.

Purple lashes at the corners of the eyes

And also girls with gray and green eyes. For example, it will give the color of the latter extraordinary depth and saturation.

Purple eyelash extensions

Purple eyelashes - alternation

Rare tufts of purple eyelashes

The option that combines purple and chocolate-colored eyelashes looks stylish. It is perfect for evening make-up.

Pink and purple eyelash extensions

Long purple extension

What eye color goes with blue eyelash extensions

It is a mistake to think that this option is ideal for girls with gray or blue eyes.

Blue shimmery eyelash extensions

With such eyelashes, on the contrary, they fade, become less expressive.

Two blue extensions

Bright blue lashes

But blue color looks great in combination with brown eyes. Such a “company” refreshes the face and even hides signs of fatigue.

Blue eyelashes only at the tips

Blue Holiday Eyelash Extensions

What eye color is suitable for a green shade of eyelash extensions

Experts recommend choosing such colored bright eyelashes for girls with red eyes. Eye color doesn’t matter anymore. It remains only to choose the right shade of green.

Green eyelashes in the middle of the century

For example, emerald is suitable for brown eyes. With this combination, you can completely …

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