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Cinnamon hair masks: application features, recipes

Cinnamon Hair Mask Recipes

The dried bark of the evergreen tree, known botanically as Ceylon cinnamon, emits a pleasant sweetish aroma that stimulates the human sense of smell. Because of this, cinnamon is used in cooking and perfumery. But the spice also has a powerful healing potential, so it is also used in official and traditional medicine.

Benefits of cinnamon for hair

Cinnamon sticks and essential oil

In cosmetology, cinnamon is a component of therapeutic masks and other formulations for healing skin and hair. The properties of the spice for the second purpose are less known, but the benefits of cinnamon for hair are undeniable. It includes the following effects:

  • Intensive nutrition of the hair follicle;
  • “Sealing” keratin scales and smoothing the rough structure of the hair;
  • Giving curls shine, returning natural turgor to them;
  • Restoring and moisturizing dry and lifeless hair;
  • Stimulation of blood flow to the scalp.

The spice also has a warming and local irritant effect, which improves blood circulation and increases the rate of metabolic processes in the scalp. Due to this, the regeneration of damaged hair is much faster.

Application features

Mixing the cinnamon mask

An exotic spice can drastically improve the condition and appearance of the hair, but only with the correct use of masks based on it. Features of the use of cinnamon for treatment and cosmetic hair care include several points, namely:

  • If the hair structure is damaged especially hard, the use of cinnamon masks can aggravate the situation. To begin with, you should introduce the ingredient into the masks in microdoses, and when the condition of the hair improves, use more impressive portions;
  • Both cinnamon sticks and powder are suitable for making masks. However, in the first case, you will have to grind the dried bark of the cinnamon tree yourself. If you buy a spice in bags, pay attention to the fact that there are no additional inclusions and components in its composition;
  • Masks are made based on cinnamon powder or cinnamon essential oil. The first option is considered more efficient;
  • The best “foreign” ingredients mixed into masks based on oil or cinnamon powder are honey, egg yolk, kefir, vegetable oils, banana or other fruits or vegetables (apple, pear, pumpkin pulp, etc.);
  • The cinnamon mask is usually prepared just before use and is not kept in the refrigerator. The product must be fresh;
  • Do not mix the spice-based mask in a metal bowl: this may lead to an undesirable chemical reaction;
  • Some people have individual intolerance to cinnamon. In order not to provoke an allergic reaction, apply a small amount of the spice soaked in water to the skin on the bend of the elbow, wash off after 15 minutes and observe the treated area for 6 to 8 hours. If redness and itching are not observed, feel free to use the spice to prepare the mask;
  • Cinnamon mixtures have a rather aggressive composition, so they applied to unwashed hair. Before the procedure, you should only slightly wet them. So that the ends of the hair are not very dried out, apply any vegetable oil to them before the mask. The mixture itself is distributed over the scalp and curls with a brush;
  • The average aging time for a cinnamon mask is 25-30 minutes. If this causes a strong intolerable burning or itching sensation or other uncomfortable symptom, rinse the composition from the hair immediately. For a therapeutic effect enough 8 – 10 sessions;
  • When washing your hair after the mask, it is useful to rinse your hair with herbal infusions. The best options are a decoction of nettle, burdock roots, chamomile infusion, decoction of linden, etc.

Cinnamon masks are used not only to restore and strengthen hair, but also to get rid of the unwanted shade obtained by dyeing and lightening curls.

Recipes for cinnamon hair masks

A variety of options for masks with cinnamon

There are a huge number of folk and cosmetic recipes for improving the quality of hair, in which cinnamon powder or cinnamon essential oil is a key component of the composition. Their goal is to achieve various effects, namely:

  • Lightening and smoothing the tone of the hair;
  • Strengthening hair follicles, reducing the amount of hair falling out;
  • Decreased sebum production;
  • Giving curls shine and natural elasticity;
  • growth stimulation;
  • Hydration and nutrition.

Before applying the cinnamon mask, read the instructionto make the procedure as efficient as possible:

  • Lightly moisten the hair to open the keratin scales: this way the composition will penetrate the hair structure faster;
  • The mask is applied to the strands separated by a comb. Use a brush or cotton swab for this;
  • After applying the composition, comb the strands so that the mass lies evenly;
  • You can collect the hair in a bun, it is convenient and will allow you to wrap it with a film. Then put a cap on your head or wrap it with a towel;
  • Wash off the mask after 30-40 minutes. Do not keep the mixture longer than indicated in the recipe, otherwise you can provoke the development of an allergic reaction on the scalp;
  • When washing off the composition, use decoctions of herbs and be sure to apply a nourishing balm after washing.

We offer some of the most effective recipes for cinnamon hair masks, designed for various medicinal purposes.

Hair lightening mask

Honey with cinnamon for lightening hair

To achieve a lighter shade of hair, which is 1 – 2 tones different from your natural color, you can not only in an expensive salon. It is not necessary to expose your hair to artificial chemicals, natural products can also be used.

To lighten curls at home, a mask with cinnamon and honey is widely used. It’s easy to prepare. Take natural honey and mix it with cinnamon powder in a one to one ratio.

The number of products used is determined individually in…

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