Classic extension is the best way to make your look expressive and not lose naturalness.

Classic eyelash extension 2022: how the procedure is carried out and what effects are available, 50+ photos before and after

Daily makeup takes up a lot of free time to start thinking about giving up mascara in favor of extensions. Classic cilia after the procedure is a natural appearance with a slight correction of the length, thickness and curvature of the hairs.

Classic extension is the best way to make your look expressive and not lose naturalness.

This extension option is popular in salons and is a great alternative to decorative cosmetics.


Features of classic eyelash extensions

Classic extensions are loved by many precisely because of the natural effect that is obtained after the procedure. Surely you have seen examples of eyelash extensions when the eyelashes look “doll” and unnatural. This can help create an unusual make-up or complete the look, but for everyday wear it is better to choose the classics.

Eyelash extensions with natural effect

Eyelashes extended in a classic way always look stylish and out of place, do not attract too much attention. You may get the feeling that such a density is natural, and there was no build-up at all.

Eyelash extension 1D

In naturalness and naturalness lies the main difference between classic extensions and other types. It involves gluing one artificial eyelash to each eyelash using a special glue, while volumetric techniques require gluing several cilia at once. The master can skip thin hairs so as not to weaken them.

Classic eyelash extension

Types of eyelash extensions in the classic way in 2022

Many women consider this procedure simple and uncomplicated, but this is a mistake. It is much more difficult to grow a hair on each eyelash than to use bundles, from which volume is obtained.

The extension is carried out one to one, when an artificial hair is glued to each hair.

The classical method is almost a piece of jewelry, the main stage in which is to choose a material that would be invisible and create the desired effect. With the help of classic eyelash extensions, you can correct the look by changing the length, thickness and curvature of your own hairs.

Thanks to the right choice of material, external data can be improved without losing naturalness.

With classic eyelash extensions, the task of the master is to improve the appearance of your own eyelashes.

The length of the eyelashes with the classic method of extension

The easiest way is to pick up the material a little longer than your hairs. The native eyelash at the tip becomes much thinner and lighter, and a longer material will correct this situation.

The artificial eyelash is uniformly colored along the entire length, so it looks spectacular

Usually, medium-sized hairs of 7-12 mm are used for extensions, but the choice depends on the initial data of the client. If your eyelash has a length of 6 mm, then the material should not exceed 10 mm, otherwise you will get not a classic extension, but a serious correction that can adversely affect the health of your hairs.

 The length of the material is chosen based on the parameters of your own hairs

With classic extensions, the length can be made different, based on the desired effect.

The thickness of eyelashes when building according to the classical method

To choose the right material, you need to evaluate the eyelashes of a woman. The thickness of artificial hairs should not differ greatly from the natural format, otherwise you will have to forget about the natural appearance.

The thinner the extension hair, the better it will look on your eyelids.

When using this method of correcting your appearance, you can experiment with the length, and make the thickness minimal.

Eyelash extension according to the classical method is a transformation of natural beauty, and not a cardinal change in its appearance. The average thickness of the hairs is 0.15-0.2 mm and this choice is strictly individual.

The thickness of the eyelashes should be as close as possible to their hairs.

Types of eyelash curls 2022 with classic extensions

There are six types of curvature, but for the classical procedure, the most minimal indicators are taken. The bend of an artificial eyelash should not differ much from a natural one, therefore, options “A”, “B” and “C” are used for extension.

With the help of bending, you can give different effects to the cilia

It should be noted that the greater the curvature of the hair, the stronger the effect.


If a woman seeks to make an expressive look and at the same time not stand out too much, then you need to glue a minimal bend, then it will look natural.

When choosing a bend, it is better to stick to the natural shape of the hairs.

What color of eyelashes is relevant to build up according to the classical method in 2022

If the procedure is carried out in order to improve the external data of a woman, then the classic options are black, and all shades of brown, sometimes masters can offer grayish hairs.

With classic extensions, natural color is more often used.

To choose the right material, you need to take into account the pigment of your own cilia and use formats two or three tones lighter or darker.

Fact about eyelashes

Simple mascara visually lengthens the cilia. The secret is simple – the tips of the hairs 1-2 mm long are almost transparent. It is worth painting them along the entire length, and you get a chic additional volume.

The more natural the color of the material, the more natural the result will be.

There are methods of classic colored eyelash extensions, which will make the image bright and extraordinary. At the same time, artificial hairs can have different colors, they can be alternated with a natural tone or create a rainbow make-up, it all depends on the situation for which the procedure is performed.

Colored eyelashes can only have a shade that transforms the look

Transform your look with angled eyelash extensions

What material are eyelashes for classic extensions made of?

For extensions, hairs are used under the names “silk” and “mink”, they are distinguished by the most natural look, flexibility and elasticity. The monofilament for the procedure is made on a synthetic basis, but as a rule, it does not cause allergic reactions.

For classic eyelash extensions, the thinnest and most delicate monofilament is used.

And if the thickness and length of the cilia are correctly selected, then discomfort will be present only for a couple of hours after the procedure, then the eyes will get used to the foreign body on the eyelids.

Masters often use cilia

Thin and elastic hairs perfectly emphasize the eyes and do not overload the look

What effects can be achieved using the classic eyelash extension technique 2022

Classic eyelash extensions do not provide for an increase in volume, due to artificial hairs, you can add density and increase the length.

The fox effect looks great with classic extensions

Two main effects are available for women to correct their own appearance – this is a fox and a squirrel look. They are created using material of different lengths and curves and help to correct small imperfections in the form of an overhanging eyelid, narrow or far-set eyes.

The squirrel effect creates a more pronounced look, but is not suitable for all women.

Most women do natural lash curl without effects.

Who is classic eyelash extensions suitable for?

The procedure has no contraindications if the woman is not allergic to materials and glue. At the same time, the classic extension option is suitable for any type of appearance, because it does not carry out a cardinal increase in volume and give a pronounced effect.

Classic eyelash extensions are natural looking lashes.

Most women resort to the help of masters when they are allergic to decorative cosmetics or the working conditions do not allow them to be used and look decent at the same time.

The smaller the length and bend, the less the effect.

Classic extensions help women look well-groomed in any situation. This may be a fitness room and a swimming pool, as well as some types of industries associated with high temperature and humidity. Agree that in such conditions, even the most resistant mascara will flow.

Classic extension will eliminate the use of decorative cosmetics

Classic extension is a transformation of appearance that looks natural. An excellent solution to make eyelash extensions when you are going on vacation or on a business trip, where there is no way to carefully monitor your appearance – the procedure will save time and a beautiful well-groomed appearance under any circumstances.

If you still decide to do eyelash extensions, then the classic method is the best …

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