natural eyelash extensions

Classification of eyelash extensions by volume 2022 (with photo examples)

Today, there are many ways to make the look more expressive, to give eyelashes amazing volume and beauty. If a modern woman is not satisfied with the quality of her eyelashes, she turns to a beauty salon, to a master lashmaker. He selects the most appropriate type of correction, recommends undergoing certain procedures. One of the most popular and safe ways to transform eyelashes is extension.

natural eyelash extensions

The essence of the technique is simple: artificial hairs are glued to natural cilia. At the same time, their shape, color and thickness, fixation scheme, are selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the appearance. A special glue based on natural ingredients does not harm the skin and hair structure.

Equally important is the volume of artificial material. The more hairs the master uses, the more fluffy, thicker the updated eyelashes become.

Volume eyelash extension

However, when choosing the type of extension by volume, you need to remember: an attractive, elegant result directly depends on the number and condition of the fashionista’s own eyelashes. Therefore, do not blindly follow fashion trends. Each beauty eyelashes have their own, unique “zest”. The job of an experienced lash maker is to maximize the natural dignity of a lady.

natural eyelash extensions

About what types of volume are, how to determine the best option, read in this article.

Why you need extra volume of eyelash extensions

If the eyelashes by nature have good splendor, then the half or classic extension procedure is enough for them. They add rich color, extra length and beautiful shape to natural hairs, leaving them as natural as possible.

Expressive look and emphasis on the eyes with extended eyelashes

However, in some cases, additional volume is required, with the extension of several synthetic fibers to each eyelash.

  • The technique is ideal for strong, but rare and short eyelashes. Additional hairs literally transform the eyes, focusing on them. The amount of material depends on what effect the lady wants to achieve – from an elementary, concise underlining of natural beauty to a luxurious stage look.
  • Lush eyelashes help hide the overhanging eyelid, correct the shape of the eyes or minor scars, imperfections in the eyelid area. Reveals small, deep-set eyes.
  • Volume extensions are ideal for celebrations and special occasions – performances, weddings, photo shoots. It allows you to emphasize the eye area as much as possible without the use of cosmetics, to get a stable, long-term effect that is not afraid of bathing and intense physical exertion, temperature changes. Also, lush artificial eyelashes do not lose color, remain perfectly smooth and shiny, with an elegant fixed curve.
Gorgeous, fluffy lashes with Hollywood volume

Additional volume is often combined with popular extension effects: “puppet”, “fox”, “squirrel”, “Kylie”. They look especially expressive in 2D without losing their natural look.

Correction of imperfections in appearance with 2D eyelash extensions

When choosing the type of volume of eyelash extensions, it is worth considering the duration of the session. High-quality building involves careful, painstaking work, which means it is not done quickly. Partial and 1D extensions take 1-2 hours. To make a double and triple volume, you need 2.5-3 hours. It takes more than 3.5 hours for super-fluffy eyelashes with volumes of 4-12D.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelashes begin to grow in babies even at the stage of prenatal development, at 16 weeks. Their length, shape, density and shade, as well as the degree of curvature are individual.

Kylie effect with colored eyelashes in 2D volume

Types of eyelash extensions 2022 by volume

The splendor of eyelash extensions depends entirely on the number of glued hairs. Experienced lash makers make bundles on their own, meticulously selecting the material of the desired quality and type. They track the angle of divergence of the cilia in the beam, the size of the “legs”. In this case, an individual approach and a stunning result are guaranteed, emphasizing the characteristics of a particular client.

Single, double and triple lash extensions

For beginners, manufacturing companies offer ready-made bundles of different volumes. What types of volume are there and how do they differ?

  • Classic extension involves adding an artificial hair to each native eyelash. Allows you to create a beautiful curve of the desired shape, adds length and volume, and also corrects the shape and location of the eyes. Materials with a thickness of 0.10 are used; 0.12; 0.15; 0.07.
    The technique is relevant for girls who naturally have fairly thick eyelashes.
Eyelash extensions classic 12 mm

Natural effect of eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extension procedure

  • One and a half volume – This is a combination of classic and volume building. Part of the eyelashes the master supplements with single hairs, part – with double ones. It turns out an excellent volume while maintaining a natural look that is indistinguishable from natural hairs.
    The degree of density can be evenly distributed along the entire length of the eyelid, or double cilia are concentrated at the outer corners of the eyes. Use hairs with a diameter of 0.05-0.1 mm.
    The technique is suitable for weak eyelashes, allows you to visually correct the shape of the eyes, location imperfections.
One and a half volume of eyelashes with a

Eyelashes in 1.5D

One and a half eyelash extension technique


  • double volume – This is the fixation of two synthetic eyelashes on each natural one. Accordingly, the volume granted by nature doubles immediately and for a long time. The appearance of such eyelashes is still natural, artificiality is not striking.
    Products with a thickness of 0.10 and 0.07 are used.
Double eyelash extensions

2D mocha eyelash extensions

Double eyelash extension process

  • To create a 3D effect lash makers stick three eyelashes 0.07 mm thick on each of their own. Such a volume looks less natural, one feels the hand of an experienced master who created a masterpiece.
    An ideal option for those who want to add drama and passion to the image, make a memorable focus on the eyes.
Eyelash extensions in 3D technique in a beauty salon

3D eyelash extensions

Triple eyelash extensions 15 mm

  • When creating a 4D volume the lash maker fixes four eyelashes, collecting them in bunches. To do this, take the thinnest material, not exceeding 0.07 mm in volume. Thanks to the increased splendor, the eyelash extensions look perfect even after 3-5 weeks.
    The loss of a few hairs or cilia has little to no effect on the overall appearance.
Eyelash extension 4D

Quadruple lash extensions

Doll eyelashes in 4D volume

Colored eyelash extensions 4D

  • Five times the volume – these are five synthetic hairs on one natural. The ultra-thin material, which is less than 0.05 mm in diameter, creates a lush, thick “fan” without gaps. The smooth, gracefully curved shape makes the eyes more open, and the delightful volume will not leave anyone indifferent.
    Volumes of 5D and more are most often made for certain events, as they are too theatrical in everyday wear.
Eyelash extension volume 5D

5D eyelash extension doll effect

Fox effect with five times the volume of eyelashes

Choosing the appropriate effect, you can see photos with examples of eyelash extensions in different volumes. Or listen to the recommendations of the master, who will focus on individuality.

Hollywood lash extensions with extra volume

Eyelash extensions in the salon using the

Hollywood eyelash extensions 5-7D

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