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Clothing trends that ordinary women do not know how to apply

Clothing trends that ordinary women do not know how to apply

Today, every second woman / girl considers herself a stylist, because there is so much information about fashion on the Internet and on the pages of glossy magazines that even additional sources are not needed. However, in reality, when you want to apply this or that advice, it turns out that the outfit looks ridiculous and strange. We tell you which trends from the fashion world are the most difficult to implement on your own.

Combination of textures

Unfortunate and successful image

Today it is fashionable to combine different fabrics in one image. Moreover, they should not only be different, but opposite. For example, knitwear and guipure, cotton and tweed, etc.

For designers, such techniques bounce off the teeth, and it is difficult for an ordinary woman to understand when a dress is combined with a jacket, and when it is better to choose a leather jacket. So we get ridiculous summer-winter outfits that do not fit under any weather conditions.

Combining prints

Unfortunate and successful combination of prints

How to combine prints in clothes told in detail HEREso we will focus only on the main points:

  • If there is only one thing with a pattern in the image, the rest of the details should be of the shades that are found in it;
  • Prints should be repeated at the top and bottom of the image;
  • The sizes and outlines of the print are the same.

Add accessories

Accessories in the image

The advice of stylists to “add accessories to spice up the outfit” usually does not play into the hands of a woman. Many at this very moment spoil everything that was built. Accessories should be relevant, combined with each other and not overload the outfit.

Most women only add beads, pearl threads, plastic earrings to their favorite gold jewelry. It turns out a combined hodgepodge, which has nothing to do with style.

accent shoes

Fashionable and unfashionable leopard shoes

Another technique that makes a familiar outfit sound new is the addition of accent shoes. True, it is important to understand which shoes or sandals are trendy and which are outdated 10 years ago. Not everything that glitters, is studded with stones or adorned with a hundred chains is an accent shoe. Most of these models look ridiculous because they are outdated.

Clothing with slits and slits

Clothing with slits

One of the main trends of this summer is clothes with slits. They can be found on dresses, blouses, jeans and T-shirts. Unusual cuts add spice to clothes, but it is important that the missing fragments decorate the figure, and do not expose places that it would be desirable to hide from prying eyes.

baseball caps

How fashionable and unfashionable to wear a baseball cap

This season, all stylists have reported that it is fashionable to wear baseball caps. Women who are not particularly versed in fashion quickly picked up this trend. And now on the street it is easy to meet a lady in a suit and a cap, or a dress and a sports headdress. After all, no one specified that baseball caps should be worn with casual, sports or sports casual items. In other cases, they are irrelevant.

Palazzo trousers

How fashionable and unfashionable to wear palazzo pants

Among the fashionable models of trousers, palazzos are considered the most relevant. They are characterized by a high waist and a flare from the waist.

Who would have thought that such a simple cut would raise so many questions. The most difficult thing for an ordinary woman is to decide on shoes. It is difficult for most to understand and accept the fact that the trousers not only can, but must be dragged along the ground. They do not need to be rolled up, cut, worn with very high heels.

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Knitted top

How to wear a knit top

Fashionable knitted tops in a shortened version are usually worn without a bra. The fabric stretches well and fits nicely. It is opaque, so the image does not look vulgar. However, it is difficult to overcome one’s own complexes, therefore, for the majority, the images are spoiled by inappropriate models of underwear.

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