Coated manicure 500 photos

Coated manicure (500 photos)

Manicure refers to cosmetic procedures. It implies care not only for the nail plates of the fingers, the whole hand must be well-groomed. After all, it is the hands that give out the age of women.

Coated manicure 500 photos

Only regular care gives a woman healthy, tightened skin on her hands and a beautiful shape on her nail plates.

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This is especially true for those who have thin, brittle nails. Modern methods of cosmetology have a wide range of services for the improvement of nails, giving them a beautiful look.

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The first thing that the masters of beauty salons pay attention to is the condition of the nail plates and the skin of the client’s hands. Nails are processed only with a tool that has been disinfected. After examining the hands, they are placed for some time in a bath with a special solution, treated with an antiseptic to protect against pathogenic microorganisms and infectious diseases. The procedure is obligatory for the hands of both the client and the master, despite the work in protective gloves.

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Treatment of the client’s hands begins with cuticles and nail folds. Then the master proceeds to the correction and polishing of the nail plates.

Coated manicure 500 photos

Types of manicure in 2022

There are several types of manicure. All of them are aimed at giving the nails a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

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1671052912 221 Coated manicure 500 photos

Hygienic manicure

The hygienic look is aimed at processing cuticle nails, giving them a beautiful shape, ending with polishing the nail plates and coating them with varnish.

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The procedure takes an average of half an hour. It all depends on the experience of the person doing it. Regular hygienic treatment allows you to keep your hands always well-groomed and your nails healthy.

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classic look

In terms of time, the classic view takes about an hour.

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It includes all hygienic manicure procedures, but before treating the nails and applying a coating on them, the hands are dipped in a bath with a softening solution, in which vitamins, products that help strengthen the nail plates, and moisturize the hands can be added.

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European look

The European manicure differs from the previous types in that it does not use softening baths, the cuticles are processed not with cutting tools, but with the use of special compositions, in which it peels off on its own.

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The layers that the product could not cope with are removed with a thin stick carved from an orange tree, beveled on one side and pointed on the other. The shape of the nails is given with a nail file. The entire procedure usually takes up to half an hour.

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Type of spa manicure

This is a whole system that includes moisturizing, peeling, nourishing the nail plates and hand skin.

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With this type of manicure, aroma oils, various vitamins and minerals are used, fingers and hands are massaged. The procedure takes up to 2 hours.

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hardware view

This is the most popular and safe way to care for nail plates in beauty salons.

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With a hardware type of manicure, care is carried out using a milling machine.

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With its help, not only the procedure of manicure and pedicure is performed, it files artificial nails, removes the old coating from them. Milling cutters are produced by the industry of different capacities and configurations of nozzles. On average, the procedure for processing nails with the device takes 30-40 minutes.

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Additional time is allotted for artificial nail plate extension, work with gel coating, and drawing.

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Types of nail coverage

Coatings can be divided into 2 types: hygienic and decorative.

The first invented varnish is about 100 years old. He wasn’t particularly resilient. Regardless of the cost, all types of varnish began to peel off already on the second or third day after their application.

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Modern coatings include many components, the basis of which is a mixture of gel, acrylic, shellac. Their application to the nails does not differ from the procedure of ordinary varnishes, they are colorless, with a peach or pink tint of enamel, which, after applying them to the nail plates, harden.

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They have hygienic and medicinal properties, help to strengthen and level the nail plate, prevent the appearance of cracks and chips.

1671052915 950 Coated manicure 500 photos

diamond coating

A protective coating is used when applying any type of manicure. This is one transparent thin layer, on top of which, after drying, the main one is applied. Coating with diamond powder is used for maximum protection of the nail plates from chipping, tarnishing, and abrasion. It gives the surface of the nail smoothness, levels it. The diamond protective coating prevents the penetration of harmful chemicals contained in gels and varnishes into the structure of the nail plate.

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diamond coating

Diamond coating is used when they want to protect varnished nails from discoloration, chipping, and mechanical damage. A manicure with a diamond coating, dries quickly, has an incomparable shine, does not lose its original radiant, fresh look for a long time.

Fact about manicure

In the Middle Ages, during the heyday of witch-hunting, one could pay with one’s life for a beautiful manicure. Well-groomed, painted nails were considered a sure sign of witches.

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Finish coat

Among the clients of beauty salons, a finish coating with a matting effect has recently become very popular. It gives the decorative coating strength, protects against damage. The matte effect of the finish coat can make any manicure fashionable, remaining in trend for any season.

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shellac coating

The beauty industry does not stand still. Simple low-strength varnishes have been replaced by a new resinous substance, extracted from plants in tropical and subtropical climates, called Shellac.

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Gel polish hybrid strengthens thin, brittle nail plates, protects them from aggressive detergents and cleaners, stays on nails for a long time without losing their qualities. Shellac-coated nails are not prone to chipping, retain their beautiful appearance on the hands for at least two weeks. Toenails do not lose their attractiveness for 4-5 weeks.

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In addition, under covering with shellac, preliminary grinding of the nail plates is not required. The gel-lacquer hybrid is odorless, non-allergic, easy to apply and remove, and dries under a UV lamp within two minutes.

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When removing shellac, cutting is not used, its coating dissolves in 10 minutes with a special liquid that breaks the artificial nail coating into separate grains, which are easily peeled off from the nails with an orange stick.

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permanent coating

Along with shellac, permanent staining has a long-term result. Nails with a permanent coating look beautiful and well-groomed, they do not lose their color brightness for a whole month, they do not exfoliate, they are not prone to chipping.

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The layer of permanent gel with varnish is thin, the appearance of nails under it is not…

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