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Collected hairstyles for the wedding: photo hairstyles

Collected wedding hairstyles: photos, ideas, front and back views

Fashion for wedding hairstyles changes quite often, but some trends remain. For example, collected hairstyles have been relevant for many years. The reason is not only their beauty, but also comfort.

It is much more convenient for the bride to have fun and dance all day when her hair is gathered in a neat bun, braid or ponytail. But loose curls, as a rule, lose their attractive appearance by the middle of the celebration, so they often lose to the assembled options.

We tell you what collected hairstyles for long and medium hair are popular today.

Features of the collected hairstyles

Hairstyle for a brown-haired woman for a wedding
Beautiful wedding hairstyle

Before choosing a hairstyle model, it is important to understand what all options have in common.

  • First of all, texture matters. Today, not smoothly collected hair in the style of Latin American dancers is relevant, but textured. Masters highlight strands, creating lines and waves.
  • The second important point is lightness. Hairspray sticking together is a thing of the past. Modern masters use a liquid spray that fixes the curls, but does not stick them together, and does not create a sticky glossy effect.
  • Thirdly, the wedding hairstyle should be simple. Complex works are suitable exclusively for competitions and exhibitions, and for a celebration it is best to collect straight hair or curls. Even wedding accessories should be at a minimum.

Beautiful collected hairstyles for the wedding

Neat bridal bun
Hairstyle without bangs for a wedding

When choosing a hairstyle for a wedding, the bride needs to consider several key points:

  • the style of the dress and the celebration itself;
  • own anatomical features: height, physique, face shape;
  • hair length, as not all collected hairstyles are suitable for medium and short hair. Many can only be made from long strands.

Low knot

Low volume beam
Elegant bridal bun

At the peak of popularity, collected low hairstyles. These include bundles and knots made of straight hair, curls, flagella or braids.

The beam can be fixed with stealth and hairpins. If you use a frame in the form of a donut and a roller, you can add extra volume to your hairstyle and create the illusion of thick and long hair.

Usually a roller and a bagel are used to create a voluminous collected hairstyle from curls. If the bride has chosen a smooth styling, the master collects her hair with the help of invisibility, without using additional accessories.

high beam

Weave high bun
Wedding hairstyle for long hair

A stylish hairstyle with collected hair for brides who have bangs is a high bun. It can be supplemented with a crown, diadem, tiara. A high bun is in harmony with a long veil, so girls who choose the image of a princess or a mermaid often opt for this hairstyle.

Braided hairstyle

Beautiful braided hairstyle
High bun with bangs for wedding

Modern styling for a wedding can be done not only from curls or flagella, but also braids. Usually, masters complement the hairstyle with a “bun”, “tail”, “shell” braids in the French style or “fish tail”. They can be located on the side, behind, start at the crown and smoothly move into the bundle.

The bride’s tidy hair is not only beautiful, but also aesthetically correct. The bride should look neat and well-groomed. Despite the fashion, do not be with an overly relaxed hairstyle.


Shell hair with pearl hairpins
Half-loose shell hairstyle

The shell hairstyle is an ageless classic. The peculiarity of this option is that it can be created from both long and short hair.

In the first case, there will be no difficulties with fixing. And in the second, the master uses a roller of the appropriate shape, on which he will attach the strands. A veil to such a hairstyle is attached from below so as not to overlap it. It is necessary to give guests the opportunity to see enough of the styling, because this is a really elegant option.

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Greek style

Wedding braid in the Greek style
wedding spikelet

In the Greek style at a wedding, there can be not only a bride’s dress or braid. It is also possible to create a hairstyle with collected hair in this direction. Characteristic features of hairstyles in the Greek style are curls near the ears, wreaths, gold accessories with leaves and stones.

Hairstyle with pearls

A bunch of flagella for a wedding
Bundle with weaving for a wedding

In the 2020-2021 season, pearl-embellished hairstyles have gained particular popularity. Beads can be woven into a braid, wrapped around a bundle, fastened to the hair along with a veil. Wedding crowns and headbands with pearls are also relevant.

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Braided tail
Unusual tail for the bride

The tail is a luxurious collected hairstyle for a wedding. There are several options:

  • high and voluminous;
  • low, decorated with accessories in oriental style;
  • from curls;
  • with weaving.

Any of the proposed ideas is combined with a veil and bangs, so the bride may not change her usual image for the sake of celebration and not refuse a straight or asymmetrical bang.


Bride's beautifully styled hair
Bundle with long bangs

Hairstyles collected for long hair and medium hair look luxurious with a multi-layered veil, lace or tulle. They help the bride look elegant and feminine during the celebration. In the photo, a girl with collected hair can demonstrate in all its glory not only her makeup, but also her emotions, because her face is as open as possible.

The collected hair of the bride with a braid
Neat bridal bun

Fashion trends tend to change, but femininity will always be relevant. Therefore, when drawing up a wedding image, it is important to take into account not only current trends, but also personal preferences. Try to emphasize your own individuality, because wedding photos are for life.

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