Color French manicure French

Color French manicure French

Manicure plays an important role for every woman. It is well-groomed nails and hand skin that make a woman neat and attractive. A huge variety of manicure options helps to choose the most suitable one and make the image irresistible.

Bright jacket

French manicure (french) for 40 years remains a classic, which is preferred by millions of women around the world. However, now they have figured out how to embellish a classic manicure a little. In summer and spring, a jacket with bright shades of gel will look great.

Classic bright jacket

The most colorful and simple option, which is ideal for the warm season of the year. It is enough just to choose the right shades that you will like specifically. It does not hurt to show creativity and express all your desires.

    1. We apply a base on the nails, which allows you to create an even and ideal basis for manicure.


    1. Then you need to apply the gel (either transparent or beige).


    1. At home, it is better to use special stickers to create a smile. This will give you the perfect outline. We paint over, gradually turning into a different shade.


    1. After drying, apply a fixative to the gel.


Art French

The most creative option that will appeal to brave and confident girls. It is important to choose jewelry that will only emphasize the beauty of a natural manicure, but will not interrupt all attention to yourself. Only balance will help to get the desired result.

    1. The first step is to even out the tone and shape of the nails. For this we use the basis for manicure. Let’s let her dry.


    1. Apply the main shade of the gel (nude or transparent).


    1. After the main shade has completely dried, using a special tape, draw a smile of the desired bright shade.


    1. Additionally, using a sticker with the required pattern, we apply the pattern with the same colored gel. We do this only on one nail on each hand.


    1. We apply a manicure fixer.


    1. If desired, rhinestones can be applied to one nail.


Double Smile French

Double bright smile is a very popular option, which is preferred by many girls. It looks great on nails and makes them unique. The main thing is to apply varnish on a smile evenly.

    1. We use the base for manicure so that the gel looks more even and beautiful.


    1. We apply the main shade (it is better to use a transparent gel).


    1. After drying, using a sticker for a smile, draw two lines of different shades.


    1. After drying, apply a fixer.


French with a bright base and a white smile

As a great option, you can consider a French manicure with a colored base, but it is better to choose a classic white smile. This contrast is perfect for the summer season.

    1. We apply the base to create the perfect shape of the nail plate.


    1. We apply a bright gel base. It is better to choose pink, blue and yellow shades.


    1. After the main layer has dried, use a sticker to draw a white smile.


    1. After the manicure has completely dried, for its reliable fixation, we apply a fixer.


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