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Color french on short nails

Now we will look at an example of an attractive French manicure using bright neon colors. It is ideal for short nails and creates a light, relaxed look.

To create this version of the jacket, you need to prepare the base, white opaque, as well as pink, red, lilac, yellow and blue neon varnishes, a thin brush and a fixer.

How to make a colored french

    1. Pre-nails should be processed to obtain the desired shape. The cuticle softened with oil must be moved.


    1. Next, a base and two coats of white varnish are applied. This background is chosen so that other colors look more contrasting.


    1. For the little finger, use pink. We draw the first thin line along the very tip of the nail. Stepping back a little from her, another, and then another. The distances between the lines must be the same.


    1. We repeat the procedure for other fingers: on the middle line should be blue, on the index – purple, on the thumb – red. On the nameless one, we will limit ourselves to only one line of yellow varnish on the edge of the nail. When moving on to a new color, the brush must be washed well in nail polish remover.


    1. In addition to yellow, you need to apply lines on the nameless one with all the varnishes that were used when performing this manicure. This will create a great summer rainbow effect.


    1. To make the manicure last longer, we fix it with a special varnish. A bright jacket on short nails is made.


Color French step by step

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