Luxurious fluffy ombre lashes

Colored eyelashes 2022: what materials to make and how to correctly combine shades with eye color (50+ photo examples)

Russian fashionistas were swept by a boom in multi-colored eyelashes. A couple of bright strokes in the corner of the eye or full coloring of the hairs in the right color is a great way to color gray everyday life with paints, to give the image an unusual “zest”. It is not surprising that more and more girls and women decide on bold experiments. And beauty salons and eyelash cosmetics companies offer various options for translating ideas into reality.

Luxurious fluffy ombre lashes

The basic rules for creating a fashionable look are a sense of proportion and the right selection of shades. Theatricality and underlined luxury are good for special occasions – New Year’s holidays, carnivals, stage performances. In everyday life, a modest accent that emphasizes the shade of the eyes is enough to transform. To get a harmonious combination, master lashmakers use Itten’s color wheel.

Bright blue-light green eyelashes in triple volume

The contrasting shade, located on the opposite side of the scheme, perfectly highlights, highlights the natural color of the iris. To learn how to choose the right colors, what materials to use, read this article.

Multi-colored eyelashes for stunning effects

Why do you need colored eyelashes

Why is it worth taking a chance and trying colored eyelashes? The trend gives incomparable pleasure from an updated, unique image.

Coloring eyelashes with multi-colored mascara

Its merits are undeniable:

  • even a few “feathers” in the corner of the eyes give a pronounced effect;
  • you can use not only bright shades, but also discreet ones – the color of milk chocolate, amber, dark malachite or dark violet;
  • color emphasizes and complements the shade of the iris, gives the eyes additional depth and saturation;
  • colored eyelashes allow you to do without shadows, eyeliners and other decorative cosmetics for eyelids and eyelashes;
  • on ordinary weekdays, an element of exoticism and magic is introduced. The mood rises, and the surrounding reality plays with new colors;
  • colored eyelashes are the best way to emphasize the festive mood, stand out from the crowd.
Expressive brown eyes with multi-colored eyelashes

Often ladies are afraid of experiments, they hold on to classical schemes. However, today public opinion is no longer driven into a rigid framework. You can treat yourself to a color extension, or purchase a couple of bottles of mascara with your favorite shades.

What tools can be used to create colored eyelashes in 2022

There are many ways to create unusual eyelashes. Beauties of all ages can choose the option that is suitable for them in terms of price, quality and durability.

  • colored ink Can be safely used at home and while traveling. Since it is easily removed, you can freely experiment with shades, creating iridescent and solid cilia, ombre and other fashionable effects.
    It is worth noting the shortcomings of the material – fragility and ugly lumps. Also, mascara will help little with rare, short hairs.
Different shades of colored mascara

Festive eye makeup with amethyst mascara

Sapphire eyelashes for brown eyes with mascara

  • Colored eyelash extensions is a growing service. The master will help you choose the best shades and combinations of colors, develop a scheme that will emphasize the individual features of the face, the beauty of the eyes. Such cilia last from a month to two with proper care.
Colored eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

Eyelash extension procedure in a beauty salon

Wide range of colored eyelash extensions

  • Coloring eyelashes with special paint in a beauty salon or at home gives a lasting, long-term effect. The hairs are stained evenly, without lumps and bald spots.
    Keep the chosen shade under the scorching sun or after water procedures. You can paint in one tone or combine different colors.
Coloring eyelashes in a beauty salon

  • Color lamination of eyelashes includes hair coloring in selected shades. It turns out the most natural, unsurpassed result, which lasts for a month.
Colored laminated eyelashes

  • Colored false eyelashes is a ready-made, stunning eye makeup that you just need to select and stick. Such eyelashes are removed in the evening, in the process of make-up removal. In extreme cases, keep 2-3 days.
    Products are produced in a huge assortment, with different colors and shapes. Most often they are used as expressive accents for significant, solemn events.
Sapphire feather false eyelashes

Lush false eyelashes in different shades

When choosing a method for performing or creating multi-colored eyelashes, ladies rely on their own preferences and features of the created image. Take into account the specific situation, time and financial possibilities.

Fact about eyelashes

Eyelash tinting has a very long history. 6000 years ago they already used an analogue of carcass made of soot, lead, honey and burnt almonds. Eye paint is mentioned in the Old Testament and the Talmud.

How to choose the right lash shade for your eye color

To fully reveal the natural shade of the iris, the masters use contrasting shades. There are several traditional, time-tested and millions of fashionistas combinations.

Elegant eyelash extensions with beads and rhinestones for the holiday

What color eyelashes are suitable for brown eyes

For light brown, brown-amber, chocolate and dark eyes, the following tones are relevant:

  • the whole palette of green, from light green and bright green to emerald and malachite;
  • cool blue tones – sapphire, turquoise, bright blue, rich sky;
  • delightful lilac shades – amethyst, lavender, purple, pinkish-lilac.
Intense sapphire eyelash extensions for brown eyes

Emerald green eyelash extensions and brown eyes

Combination of blue and green mascara for light brown iris

Colored eyelashes 2022 for green eyes

For green irises, warm colors are selected:

  • red palette – from bright scarlet and ruby ​​\u200b\u200bto dark red;
  • burgundy-wine, pomegranate tones;
  • delightfully magical purple, violet shades.
purple lashes for green eyes

Scarlet eyelash extensions with a greenish-gray iris

colored eyelashes for blue eyes

The best combinations for gray and blue eyes:

  • neutral warm brown gamma – cocoa with milk, bitter and milk chocolate, beige;
  • walnut tones;
  • yellow, golden, amber colors.
Brown gold eyelash extensions for blue eyes

Yellow-blue colored eyelashes with a blue iris

Cocoa eyelash extensions for grey-brown eyes

Golden green tint on lashes for gray eyes

In case of a holiday, extended or false multi-colored eyelashes are decorated with sparkles, foil elements, beads and rhinestones. Choose a stunning design or luxurious volume with an extended length. For everyday life, it is enough to add a little color to natural or extended eyelashes at the tips or in the corners of the eyes.

Golden false eyelashes

And, of course, following the recommendations of experts, do not forget about your own tastes and individuality! If a girl looks amazing with a non-standard combination of colors, then she has found her own style.

Photo gallery of amazing colored eyelashes 2022 for inspiration

Luxurious blue-white eyelashes with a caret-blue iris

White-lilac shades for gray-blue eyes

Colored arrows for extended eyelashes

Glitter colored eyelashes for the holiday

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